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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    we find these 3 services getting disabled automatically by itself on Application Server 1 which host Central Admin.

    we have cluster (2 DB- 2 AP- 2 FE)

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    we have a Master Project with 3 sub project which are save & publish successfully.

    but the master project getting saved but not publish can edit & save only.

    not find any error log or Queue messages.

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    DeaR Experts

    Can some one confirm that, can we set the approver for Resource Engagement in Project Server 2016

    In my PWA 2016, i  have 5 Resource Managers, Is there any way to set 

    All the resource engagement request which is pertaining to Project1 it should go to Resource Manager 1 for an approval

    Similarly all resource engagement request belongs to Project2 it should go to Resource Manager 2 for an approval



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    Hi All,

    We are using PS 2010. I am trying to create a project plan in PWA. When I start scheduling a task, it takes 1 day duration but the finish date is the next date. When I assign a resource to the task, it changes the work to 9 hours and makes the duration as 1.06 days. When I change the work to 8.5 hrs, then the duration shows correctly for 1 day. But at the top level the duration shows 0.88 days. Below is the screenshot for the same. 

    Note - the resources working hrs per day is 8.5. When I open the plan in MSP, the time for start - finish date is correct and the duration for the task is also showing correct. But at the summary level it is not rolling up correctly.


    Cheers, Amit Wairkar

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    Hi Team,

    in project online , approval page view is different from default view for one of the user

    default view:


    Current view:

     Is there any settings to change the ribbon template in approval page?



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    We have purchased licences for Project Essentials, Pro, and Premium 2016 but are running into compatibility issues between click to run and MSI.  Could we run Project pro on prem for some of the team and still utilize the cloud sever (premium?) for those needing the portfolio features?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • 02/03/17--05:50: Multiple Generic Resources
  • Hi, This is first time I will be working with Generic Resources. If I want to have 5 BAs do I need to create 5 different generic resources, or is there another way to capture demand.

    I created one BA (Generic Resource) and gave Max Units to 500%, but then allocating FTE 1 multiplied hours allocated by 5. Please suggest the best practice in such situations.

    Thanks, Kunal

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    I did some research on the Internet but didn't find a clear process for this (if at all). The default task notification that are sent out dont have a link back to the task in PWA. I would like to customize the email to include this. One reference suggested changing xslt content in the SQL database and another talked about creating brand new SharePoint notifications tied to workflow. Is there a more straightforward solution to this need?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I have a server setup with TFS 2012 in it and more than 20 users are using the TFS for different projects. I recently found that when doing check-in if the project found conflicts then auto merge is not working properly.


    There is a 2 workspace of a project of 2 different users say user A and B. Initially user A edits the function 'Func1()'. Before incorporation of editing done by user A, user B take the same project to his workspace and starts editing 'Func5()'. Now the user A does the check-in without any problem. After user A checks in user B tries to do check-in which gives the conflict. Even though the user has never touched a single line of code in Func1() the conflict comes and auto merge is not working correctly. Some part of the code in merged and some part is not. Then I have to merge manually.

    Please help me on this, how can I make the tfs recognize these conflicts.

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    We have around 3500 projects in our environment and we are maintaining the project sites in 2 site collections. 

    Now the client want to have all the project sites in a single site collection, Do we have any separate process for this ?

    Or taking back up of the database and over write the exiting one which will update all the data into that single database, then if i run bulk update of project sites using that site collection will work ? or any other approach you suggest to follow?? Request you to reply asap on this.


    Geeth If you feel that the answer which i gave you is Helpful please select it as Answer/helpful.

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    We use Project Server 2013 and Project Professional 2013.

    We have three projects, each in a file of its own. It isn't convenient to put all the projects into a Master file and using external links doesn't always work after doing Resource Levelling.

    Each project owner would like to see when the Finish date or the % Complete of various tasks are modified in the other projects.

    The easiest would be if we could see "Date last changed" of the Finish and/or % Complete fields. Can this be done in project server?

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    I want to delete the olduser profiles in the remote server. I am taking the input from csv file and after providing the path it deletes the profile in remote machines.

    But this script takes long to execute. May i know the reason. script and the csv file attached.

          [Parameter(Mandatory = $True)][string] $path
    $erroractionpreference = "silentlycontinue"  
    $a = import-csv $path
    $list = $a |?{$_.Status -eq "delete"}                                                                                    
    $Computers = $list.ComputerName
    foreach($computer in $Computers)
    $s= New-CimSession -ComputerName $computer
    $profiles = Get-CimInstance win32_userprofile -computername $Computer -Verbose 
     foreach($profile in $profiles)
        $objsid = New-Object System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier($Profile.sid)
        $objuser = $objsid.Translate([System.Security.Principal.NTAccount])
        $objusername = $objuser.value
        if($objuser.value -eq $list.ProfileName)
           $incno = ($a |?{$_.Status -eq "delete" -and $_.ProfileName -eq $objusername }).IncidentNumber
           $computer1 = ($a |?{$_.Status -eq "delete" -and $_.ProfileName -eq $objusername }).ComputerName 
           $logFileExists = Get-EventLog -ComputerName $computer1 -logname System | Where-Object {$_.source -eq "UserProfile"} 
           if (! $logFileExists) {
           New-EventLog -LogName system -Source "UserProfile" -ComputerName $computer1
           $confirm = Read-Host "Are you sure want to perform this action?[y/n]"
           Remove-CimInstance -InputObject $profile -confirm -Verbose 
           if($confirm -eq "y"){
           Write-EventLog -ComputerName $computer1 -LogName system -Source "UserProfile" -EventID 101 -Message "$objusername with incno $incno got deleted." 
           Write-EventLog -ComputerName $computer1 -LogName system -Source "UserProfile" -EventID 102 -Message "$objusername with incno $incno not got deleted."
    Remove-CimSession $computer 


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  • 06/18/18--04:38: A question about server
  • hi guys 

    Is the site below on a Windows server?


    How can I get it?

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    On Sunday in Australia (5-13-2018) there was a 25 minute Microsoft update on my Windows 10 Computer.

    The Computer 'freezes' after about 5 minutes use and can only be restarted if power is disconnected.

    It's also very slow on start-up.

    Can Microsoft help ?.

    The machine was working well beforehand.

    Please advise me.

    It's possible the problem effects other Computer users as well.

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  • 06/25/18--03:19: MS Project 2016
  • I created a custom text column so that I can have a percent sign and now I want that to be included in graphs in reports section but I am not able to do it Because it is a text column, if I convert it into a number column I can't insert the percent symbol.

    How do I do it?

    Achieve both the things that is, insert the percent symbol as well as create a graphical report of that custom column

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    I am using project server 2013. I have one issue with one of my resource. That he cannot see his assigned task on his Task page. But when I am checking on resource assignments on resource center I can see those task. What could be the issue anybody please help me on this?

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    My organization is using cloud MS Project Pro Online. We launched Project Center and built only SharePoint tasks project type because the project title in the Project Center web part sent users to the project site. In contrary to Enterprise project type, the links were sent to a project details page. Recently we notice that the project titles in Project Center are landed into the project details page regardless if the project is SharePoint tasks project type or Enterprise project type. What has caused this and how to correct the project URL link of SharePoint tasks project type to go directly into the project site?

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    As it appear in the image below , i cannot add a new Task unless it is a non-project line a personal or existing one

    kindly advise what is the issue


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    I have a Webservices written in VB .net.
    Intermittently I am seeing below issue on one of my servers, when I call the webservices from my client. 

    System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 

    The applciation on the server is running without any issues from past 3 years. 
    I have the same code deployed on another server aswell, which is running without any issues. 
    During the issue, I could see the application on the IIS server was in hung state. Until we manually reset the IIS and recycle the application pool, the server will be in hung state, and throwing the same error.
    Both the servers are in same configuration and same patching being applied on both the servers.
    Struggling to find the Root Cause, any help on this?

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    Would like to have a project center view with a column showing project health, however we want that health indicator to not be manually changed, but be dynamic based on these requirements:

    • If all project tasks are on time = green
    • if 20% project tasks are late = yellow
    • if 40% project tasks are late = orange
    • if 60% project tasks are late = red

    How can I create this enterprise custom fields to accomodate this?  thanks!


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