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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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  • 12/11/16--14:02: Over write translation
  • Hello,

    I installed Project Server 2013 in English language, then I have installed another language pack.

    Some labels are horribly translated, Can I over write the translation?  How?

     and how does Microsoft translate content? can we as partner as to change this in the product? because this is frequently asked.


    Twitter : @MShoubaki |

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    Hi, can we access PWA url hosted in domain A exposed on internet, from a Project Client installed on Domain B; however with Domain A login creadentials? Am receiving following error : Project was unable to establish a connection with "PWA URL". This could be caused by a loss of network connectivity or inadequate permissions to connect to Project Web App. Request guidance. Thanks Tushar

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  • 12/13/16--23:44: ms project server
  • Hi,

    After submitting the timesheet still the timesheet is in open and i can see the process status as not submitted .how to fix this kind of issue

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    Hi Experts!!

    One of my Project Server admin has accidently deleted the original "Project Server Workflow Tasks" list. Now all the approvals are lost. How can we recreate it?

    Also, we checked into the Recycle Bin and its not available there, also we tried to create a custom list with content type as "Task" and "Workflow Task", but the approvals are not appearing in this list.

    Any help is appreciated.



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    I am facing a tricky challenge.

    In Resource Portfolio Analysis, there is a feature where you can change the start date of a Project and then directly see the impact on resource availability. 

    We have a custom code already in place that automatically populates custom fields based on each year's financial cost.

    e.g. Custom Field FY17 = $26,000

    Custom Field FY18 = $30,000

    Custom Field FY19 = $50,000

    What we want is the ability to see the impact on cost change if we change the start date of a Project from say, Jan 17 to Sep 17. We need that functionality on Cost Portfolio Analysis screen. Basically, trying to simulate what resource portfolio analysis does, but for cost instead of resource availablity.

    Has any one done anything similar?

    Hammad Arif EPM Advice Blog

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    I have a group that will have a Project Master and 3 project mgrs. Anyone can check out and check in (minor Versions) but we want only the Project Master to "Create a Gold Version" or Major Revision.  How would you go about doing that.  Since we have no access to the Site Assets MPP file that is created and the check in / check out is uncontrollable, I'm stymied. 

    We thought of putting an mpp file in a documents library under the project site, but we haven't found a way to check that out and synchronize it on demand to the mpp in the Site Assets Library.

    So any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Lastly, we want to be able to access the sql server database of the project from o365 but are loathe to use ODATA instead of direct sql.  Is this at all possible?  RIght now, all roads lead to on premise project server, but fear msft isn't going to support that long term.  Thoughts?

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    Hi guys!

    I've just come across an issue with our enterprise calendars in our installation of Project Server 2013.

    The enterprise/standard calendar has been updated with the necessary bank holidays and closure days/non-working for our organization via the "Enterprise Data/Enterprise Calendars" section in PWA settings. This calendar is showing all the correct closure days, yet when a new project is created the standard calendar appears to be an older version with none of the closure days/non working days.

    Has anyone come across this? Or make any suggestions on how I might fix it? Or maybe make suggestions of where to look to locate the problem?!

    Your help is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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  • 12/15/16--08:59: Custom Filters Dropping Off
  • In the Project Center (my environment has thousands of projects), I have users who rely heavily on creating custom filters. Often times they are filtering on several different owners maybe 20+, so it is time consuming to set up. From time to time, it seems random, these filters will get erased or deleted and the user has to go back in set up their filters all over again. 

    Does anyone know why this happens? Is there an action that would trigger this? Were these filters intended to stick as long as you want or is there a time limit. Is there anything I can tell users to do to keep these filters as long as they want?

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    Hi all,

    I am working on a PS2010 environment at the moment and noticed there are variances between resource timesheet and actuals in project plan for that particular resource. It is not for all the resources or all project plan and it is intermittent hence struggling to pinpoint where exactly the issue maybe coming from.

    I recall there was a Cumulative Update that fixed this issue. Please correct me if it is was PS2013 and not PS2010. 

    The PS2010 environment I am currently working on is SP1 and November 2014 CU.

    Would anyone know the Cumulative update number I need to apply?

    Thank you,


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    Half of our teams do not use Project Online TimeTrack while the other half does. Currently I am using the % of Work Complete tracking method and have it locked down. I have not clicked of SEM.

    Recently I am seeing that if a PM sets a task to 100% complete, Project Online is auto entering time into the timesheet of the resources assigned to the task. However, the resource can override the entry.  Is this a bug?

    If not, I am wondering if I have my TimeTrack and Task Progess  chosen the right way given I want time entered to not affect % complete and vice versa.  I want the PM to enter the %complete and the resources who need to enter time to do that.  I do not want managers or PMs to ok time entered.

    Can I have timesheets drive progress but still let Project managers set the %Complete on tasks?



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    In PWA, an available field when building a view is the "Active" field (a system field?).  When added to a view, its default value is "Yes". When exposed in a PDP, it is not editable.  Any idea how to edit this field?


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    I am hoping someone can assist with the error we are encountering when trying to edit a project from the PWA in Project Server 2013.  I can click on the project name and go to the detail page and I can click and see the schedule.  However, if I click on a task in the schedule and attempt to edit it, I receive the following error:

    'An error occurred while opening your project. Give us a few minutes and try again. If this happens again, contact your administrator.'

    At this point I must click cancel twice to get rid of the error pop-up message.  At this point, I am no longer able to look at the schedule of the project either.  Can someone assist with this issue?


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    I recently ran into similar issue, where If I click on "Active Directory Resources Pool Synchronization" nothing happens and page doesn't get refresh. I am were getting "Unknown error occurred" error while saving the active directory group under Manage groups page.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Abbas Khan

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    I have an issue where some resources in my AD group for resources are becoming inactive after the AD Resource Sync process. The user is active in Active Directory and so I cant figure out why this is happening. If I manually activate the user in Project Server and then run the sync, the deactivation happens again. Is this by design for some reason??

    Thanks in advance,

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  • 12/18/16--12:18: Windows Live Mail
  • I am having a trouble sending e-mails out with a PDF attachment. It sends a large number of e-mails which are unreadable. The e-mail and PDF attachment are converted into a word file which when opened is just a list of meaningless letters and symbols.

    Just standard written e-mails are delivered fine.

    I also have no problem receiving e-mails with or without attachments. But again I can not forward the ones with attachments.  

    Can anyone help me correct this problem




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    We have project 2003 server and we need to run resource assignment report in PWA. Currently some tasks name are similar in each project and it’s desirable to show the task and level 1 summary of assigned tasks. I'm looking for MS project vba/macros that will display the name of summary outline level1 of each tasks in a text field. Level 0 is our highest level.

    The difficult part is just displaying ONLY “outline level1” parent/grandparent/great grandparent etc. of each tasks. I have created macros in the past to display parent tasks and grandparent tasks but I have not been able to get result for just displaying level 1 hierarchy parent name for each tasks.

    Thank you

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    my laptop model lenovo g580 and it's support wifi direct & intel widi, i try to share my pc videos content and stream it by wifi direct to my smart tv, when go to setting\ add device the pc detect my tv and when press connect keep appeard connecting but it doesnt then show like this what should i do now?

    btw: the tv detect my pc too and when try to connct from tv ask confermation from pc but the pc not show that message

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  • 12/21/16--02:19: Predecessors
  • Hi,

    I will tell my problem with an example;

    Consider there is an A job and a B job. The A job for example starts 21.12.2016 and will finish 26.12.2016 and I need B job start one day after start day of A job. Up to this point there is no problem but I also need B job has to finish 5 days after A job finish. At this point when I made two predecessors in ms project 2010, it gave error. My question; is it possible to do as below? 

    No Title Start  Finish Predecessors
    1 A 21.12.2016  26.12.2016  
    2 B     1SS+1;1FF+5

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    There were a large number of standard reports in Project 2010.  They seem to be replaced with graphic reports and a completely un-usable report creation module.  I don't need fancy formatting, I need 'working' standard reports, such as a report by resource that lists all of their assigned tasks for the complete project.  This was a standard report in Project 2010.  When attempting to create this report in Project 2013, it ended up being useless because I could not get a printable report because of fancy formatting.  With a project that is only 132 lines, the report was over 50 pages because it could not be formatted for printing.  I guess I need to revert back to Project 2010.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Created and loaded Schedule Template from Project Professional 2016

    Template shows up and is selectable on EPT

    When I create a New Project Type for that EPT, the schedule is the default one not the one entered on the EPT.

    1.  Is it a problem to create the template in 2016 for use with PWA 2013?

    2.  If not, what could I be doing wrong?  Note - my schedule Template has Custom Fields at the task level.

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