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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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  • 01/14/10--13:51: Failed to Build OLAP Cubes
  • When we attempt to build the cubes, we receive the following message:

    Failed to build the OLAP cubes. Error: The attempt to build the OLAP database on server pma-poc-sql01 failed, the SQL Server Analysis Services Analysis Management Objects (AMO) client software may not be installed on this server, please install/update the client on this server and retry. The underlying exception was: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.AnalysisServices, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

    We did install the "Microsoft Analysis Management Objects" from the page

    Any ideas?

    Gokul Rajan

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    Hi All

    I was looking at my approvals history on the Approvals page and found that I can see history for timesheet approvals as well as task updates. These however exclude approvals for Administrative Time line item approvals. Does anyone know whether I can find the history for this somewhere (without custom reporting etc)?

    Kind Regards

    Coenraad Swanepoel


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    Hi Experts!!

    I have come across a trickiest (atleast for me) problem, it will be of help, if you can suggest something.. TIA. I am an admin for a PWA sayhttp://servername/sites/PWA. But a requirement came to me, for changing the URL. I extended the web application with a different Host Header on the same port. A new IIS site did get created and also Alternate Access Mapping did get updated.

    checked the PWA with new url which was something like , and yes it was indeed working. It was all good, when suddenly a Project Manager bring to my notice that MSP is unable to connect to the new URL, and its happening with all the users.

    The error is as follows:

    "Project was not able to connect to Project Web App because of the following error:

    Project Web App could not be contacted.

    If you retry and are still unable to connect, try the following:

    • Verify that you can connect to other Web sites.
    • Make sure that the Project Web App URL is correct.
    • Make sure you can connect to Project Web App with Internet Explorer.
    • Contact your server administrator for more help.


    Has anyone faced such problem earlier? Please revert.



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     We have a Project instance called ABC1 and in the same server We have another instance called ABC2, We want to move few projects from ABC1 to ABC2.. is there any possible way to reach requirement please help us out...

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    Hi All,

    We are using PS 2010 SEM. Initially when we implemented PS 2010, there were certain Custom Fields created at the Project Entity and were visible when filling the Project Information in PWA & MSP. Recently we added more custom fields and used the Department field to differentiate the Businesses. I can see the fields in the MSP when creating/modifying a Project but they are now not visible in the Project Information of PWA. None of the Custom fields are visible. I could see only the Project Name, Description, Owner Name, Start & Finish dates.

    Kindly help.

    Cheers, Amit Wairkar

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    when I create a project in project server, I would like to set Status Manager to be the same person who created project. In some situations, it sets some other person...

    So, my question is also: how microsoft project server define Status Manager on creating new projets?



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    Hi sir,

    when I have try to fetch the value of project start date and finish date and some other field value , I have recived error message like The property or field 'StartDate' has not been initialized. It has not been requested or the request has not been executed. It may need to be explicitly requested.

    I have used client context for project server 2013.

    I have also load and execute query.but fail to resolve it Please suggest me and provide solution.


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  • 12/01/16--10:04: Set Calendar Project Online
  • I have 2 calendars and one to be as "Cheked-out". I had a problem and needed restart my Project Online and after that, never more I got edit or delete this calendar. How can I to edit this calendar and put it in a status thar dont will be "check-out"?

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    In PWA, when looking at the project center, if you click on the Owner column dropdown arrow, you see the options to sort and such, but you dont see individual project owners who you can click to directly filter by. 


    However, as soon as you have a custom filter applied to the project center, the Owner column dropdown arrow now also shows individual project owner names


    Any ideas why it needs a filter applied first??

    Thanks in advance,

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    How do I change the currency on the Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard.  It seems not to inherent Project Online's  currency.

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    The Resource Utilization by Project view is not working properly in MS Project Online. The graph is only showing the Capacity line but not the bars for the Projects' Assigned work. 

    Have tested in multiple browsers and multiple environments. Looks like an issue with Microsoft.

    Can someone confirm?

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    We are using project server 2010. I observed one of the scenario that resource has filled 5 hours for the task and in published db it was reflecting as 4.9999 hours.

    In project plan 5 hours are showing correct.

    Anyone has idea what can be the cause for this?

    I have again published the project and but is't not working at all.


    Bhagyashri Deshpande

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    Hi all,

    I would like to know which table of the draft schema is the draft version of the MSP_EpmAssignmentByDay?

    There could be a synchronization issue between draft and publish, so I need to know the table name to troubleshoot the issue.


    Sam Lam

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    Created project in MS Professional 2016.

    Tasks are assigned to resources with booking=committed and assignment owner confirmed (as per suggestions in some of the related threads).

    Project was saved, published and check in to PWA.

    Issue - Assigned resource is unable to view assigned tasks from PWA task tile and Quick Launch.

    Please Help


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    Hi all,

    When provisioning a new site I am getting the message that the feature below needs to be activated.

    I don't see it in either the Site Collection or Site features list - any ideas?

    Thanks for any advice




    Site Feature

    SharePoint Portal Server Local Site Directory Capture Control

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    My supervisor wants to be able to use is line by line summary view (1 row per project)  to edit project fields instead of clicking the project hyperlink and editing the field in the project details.

    He wants to be able to click on Status, or a Detail column like in the example below and chage it without leaving the view to edit in project details.


    Example view and rows:

    Project                        Detail1                           Detail2                    Status  

    Building a house           Bought tools                 Hired help                 in progress

    Building bridge             Bought supports            Hired Bob                 not started

    Building a pool             Dug hole                       Found water              in progress

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    I would like to know if there is a tool or a series of PowerShell scripts that will migrate or merge a Project Server Site collection to a new Site collection possibly on a different farm.

    What I need to do is merge several existing PWA site collection into one site collection.

    The idea is that once completed all I should have to do is send users the new url. They should then be able to see all of the combined projects and resources.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Mike Tichenor

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    A very interesting scenario. I would too the whether the task is overallocated with resource/time/work. The graphical icon in Indicator can be view pictorial by an human. whereas as in Robot(VBA Code) requires a field to identify whether the task is overloaded.

    A simple project with two tasks (T2 & T3) has same start date and assigned to same person. Why is it Overallocated field in respective row showing Over-allocated as No. {I am sorry guys, i am a beginner for Project Server}.

    Screenshot 1:

    Now i will show you the resource usage view why isnt showing overloaded for T2 & T3.

    Screenshot 2:

    I would to check the task level whether the task is overloaded or not. Show in screenshot1, i would see the overloaded value in some field. so i can write VBA code based on this field.

    Things which i tried are below:

    I have written a VBA code to read all tasks and in each task go to all assignments and check each assignment whether it is overloaded. Even this approach didnt work for my scenario.

    PFB for VBA pseudocode.

    For Each t In ActiveProject.Tasks
            For Each assign In t.Assignments
                If assign.Overallocated = True Then
                    Resource_OverLoadText = Resource_OverLoadText + assign.ResourceName + ", "
                End If
            Next assign
    Next t
    MsgBox (Resource_OverLoadText)

    Let me know if you need more information to understand my scenario.


    Murali Krishna

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    After I publish a project after making changes to Baseline data, the reporting publish job is failing.

    It looks like an issue all through Project Online. I have tested and was able to reproduce in multiple environments.

    This is part of the error message

    ReportingProjectChangeMessageFailed (24006) - Unable to cast object of type 'TaskBaselineDataRow' to type 'TaskBaselineDatasetRow'.. Details: id='24006' 
    QueueMessageBody='Project UID='xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx'. PublishType='ProjectPublish'' 
    Error='Unable to cast object of type 'TaskBaselineDataRow' to type 'TaskBaselineDatasetRow'.' 

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    We are finding differences in data between our draft tables and reporting tables in Project Server 2013.  Specifically, actual work is correct in the draft  table but not correct in the reporting table.  We can delete the project schedule and then re-load it to re-synch the tables but of course that is not a sustainable process.  This happens 2 or 3 times a day, not consistently nor have we been able to recognize a pattern when this happens.  Any idea?



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