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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    I am trying to get values from Lookup Table which is used in Projects PDP forms .I need to fetch that data and need to bind on html control.

    I am using Project server online.

    Guide me how to query Lookup Table.

    Amey Pusalkar

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    My customer is having an issue with MS Project.

    He gets this message:

    Project cannot find this file

    Try the fallowing:

    Check your network connection

    Click ok, and then on File Menu, click Save As to a save file with a different name or location

    He can save the document by manually navigating to the folder he wishes to save to, using "save as" but he cannot simply open the document, make changes and save it.

    We have tried what the error has suggested but still nothing.

    He is having the problems when trying to do this via a network drive.

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    Hi all,

    NT\ active directory name does not synch up on column Res_name of Msp_resources table in the project server database

    Please advice.



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    Dear Folks,

    In our system multiple users have access to publish each project schedule .. now when the user publishes the project schedule .. project owner gets changed automatically to that user's name.

    Could anyone tell me what's the reason behind ... Why PS 2010 is behaving like this?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Mohsin Raza

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  • 11/07/16--00:26: Project server 2016
  • is there any table in project server 2016,that i can see task of every resource before approve or deny

    tasks that every resources fill on server as actual work and after that send status for approve by manager

    in other word i want table that show me real time actual work for every resources (before approve or deny)

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  • 11/07/16--05:10: Timesheet Weekly Totals
  • Hello,

    I saw an older thread which indicated that there is no "native" way to see weekly totals in the timesheet for work entered.

    This is mind boggling, that a time sheeting system does not tell you how many hours you have entered for that period.

    Surely there is some way without custom coding or 3rd party plugins to do this?



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    I need to use MS Project as a 'Status Tracker'.  The method is as outlined below:

    I will enter all tasks / sub-task associated with a project -  each with scheduled start and finish dates, assigned resources etc.

    The assigned resources associated with each task will then edit the document to detail 'actual' status of task(s).

    An alert system can then be generated based on which tasks are behind schedule.

    Each individual project will have a defined deadline date - The aim is to create a generic task list (as discussed above) and then project this information back from a specified project end date (which the user will enter).

    Can you please advise on the best method to 

    1) Set up a MS Project Document so that status can be easily tracked through assessing scheduled dates and actual dates

    2) Project back a stored list of tasks (each with their own deadlines etc.) from a user defined project end date.

    Many Thanks!

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    Dear Project Server users,

    If I enable choosing mulitiple values from a department lookup table, will I be able to change this option to only allowing a single option later?

    Also, what implications does multiple values custom field have on reporting? I have read that by doing so I will not be able to use this department custom field in for example OLAP cubes. Is this confirmed?


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    Is there any OData table that will allow me to query calendar exception s for a resource?

    IO would like to pull holiday/vacations data for each resource.



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    1. Our Organization work with Project Server. I can't pull resource report for all resources  from all the projects . Any help or ideas would be appreciate.
    2. In Our Project Servers, there a lot of projects, divided to 9 R&D teams - each team workplan is unique , with relevant access . 2 of the 9 teams have Master Projects, which gather all the team's projects. The projects been monitored and updated by the PMO. We started to have more and more common projects, which combine 2-3 teams for projects. The project's tasks are divided between the relevant R&D teams . Would it be possible to create R&D Master project which include all R&D's projects, which enable the PMO to manage and see from the entire picture ? If so, is there a limitation to set an individual project to more than one Master Project ?


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    Can any one help if it is possible to create timesheets for other users programmatically (PSI or CSOM) ?

    Even with the admin rights I am unable to create timesheets for other users. I always get SecurityAccessDenied error.

    Is there any setting to be changed on the server ? Note I can programmatically create timesheet for myself but I need to do for other users as well.


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    I am a project server 2013 admin and need to do a certification on the same, can someone guide me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance! 

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    Dear Project Server users,

    I have a PowerPivot Excel workbook connected to the PWA SQL database, and have oppened the EPM Project User view table. When I create a new project custom field in PWA and refresh all connections in the workbook, the new custom field is not visible.

    When I create a new connection to the PWA SQL database I can see the new custom field.

    Is there a way to somehow refresh and get the new custom fields or I have to make a new connection every time.


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    Does PWA not support Notes field update?  We have tasks in PWA that we would like for people to be able to put notes in the notes field but in edit move, you cannot enter data into it.  I have search for "Pwa support of notes field" but no hits.  If it does not support it, do you know of a potential alternative solution?


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  • 11/07/16--22:12: Excel Web Access Web Part
  • Hi,

    I am using Excel Web Access Web Part for showing reports in Project Server 2013.

    I have large data behind excel (using SQL Query), I have set the data is refresh in query window when file is opened (or I can set manually refresh data when select "Refresh Data Connection" from web).

    I want the Data is refreshed once in a day in Off peak time so that the report load is minimized when every time the report is opened. How can I do that?


    Noman Sohail

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    My workflow updates an ECF but the value changes in the custom field only when I Edit the project and then save. As a result my Project Centre View does not update on its own till then.

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    Dear Project Server users,

    I want to create a simple pivot table that contains a project name with the list of all tasks assigned to it and the list of all resources that are either on the project or on the task.

    But I somehow cannot find a relationship between the MSP EMPTASKS and MPS EPMResources tables.

    Am i looking at the wrong place?

    With best regards,

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  • 11/10/16--07:40: Unwanted Actual work
  • Hello

    we have project server 2010 sp2, in some project some resource have actual work that they dont enter them in timesheet or my work !

    has anyone this problem?

    i cant understand why & from where, this actual work is automatic insert in task

    Single Entry Mode is on

    Only allow task updates via Tasks and Timesheets is on

    Allow future time reporting is off (but in some days, some project had unwanted actual work in future)

    and There is no history for this assignment in task detail

    I am disappointed

    please help

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    Publishing a Project Plan causes a full crawl of all Project sites in the collection.  This causes memory on the WFE running the crawl to slowly creep up (takes about 15 mins) until all server memory is used.  This in turn causes PWA client timeouts\errors as there is no available memory to process other requests.  I've checked ULS while this is occurring and the following entry is logged thousands of times "GetSecurityChangesFromSharePoint : Site Id = '77415162-5a9c-461e-9c36-6f5aded60c4b'. db id = '4fed8194-d804-47aa-ba81-58e92a168c03'. Group membership/security policy changes detected. All furls in the in the site collection will be crawled."

    Even though we are load balanced users connecting to the second WFE may still experience slow response while the crawl is running.  To make matters worse if another project is published while the first crawl is running the whole process may be kicked off again; imagine what happens on Friday afternoons when everyone is trying to update their plans before the weekend.  I've seen the memory peak for over an hour at a time as multiple projects are published, adversely affecting PWA and publish performance.

    I've checked the "Project Server: Synchronization of SharePoint Server permissions to Project Web App permissions job for Project Services"timer job it is scheduled to run every minute (out of the box).  It obviously isn't running every minute otherwise this process would never end as a full crawl takes about 15-17 minutes to complete.

    Why is a full crawl being done with nearly every project plan publish, this makes no sense.  It should only be crawling the specific site for the project you just published rather than crawling the whole collection each time.  Complete site collection crawls should only be running after midnight when user traffic is low.

    Is anyone else seeing this issue?  I've been hitting the web and forums to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue and I haven't found a single hit.  I started noticing this behavior about two weeks ago however it could have been going on for sometime as PWA performance isn't affected every time the memory peak occurs.

    I don't recall seeing this behavior prior to installing the September 2014 CU.  I've checked all the published CUs after September 2014 and it isn't mentioned as a fix in any of them.  The only way I can see to prevent this is to disable the Project site sync feature and then do manual syncs as needed.  This is obviously not a fix as I have no desire to be a sync monkey. 

    If I don't get any helpful responses from this forum I will open a ticket with Microsoft as this is not desirable behavior.

    Frank Miranda Florida Hospital MIS

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    Project created, assigned tasked to resources, resource work on task and update 20% work complete, submit task. Owner get update of task, approved the task updates.

    Now problem is that project % Complete status not being updated.  In projects still showing % Completed as 0. pls guide what is the issue and how to get %complete updated.



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