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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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  • 11/10/16--00:51: Custom Project cost fields
  • Dear Project Server users,

    I have created a custom project cost field, representing the cost of a project for a particular sector, and entered a random value of 5000$.
    But when I open actual costs, or costs or budget field for that project it is always showing 0$.

    My question is, where are these custom project cost fields shown or summed up?

    With best regards,

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  • 11/10/16--01:58: Risk List in Project Site
  • Hi,

    I have deleted some fields from Risk list in Project Site and have made some custom formulas in Risk list's fields.

    Now I want to remove this Risk list from Project Site and add a fresh Risk list - and "Save site as template"

    I couldn't find Risk in "Site Contents" and even in "add an app"

    How can I add this?


    Noman Sohail

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    i have not able see any terminal services or remote desktop services,

    In that we need to configure below setting in Server 2012 R2 Standard

    • The following settings are set on the Terminal Services server (client),
      • Forced encryption level – High
      • Always prompt for password – Enabled
      • Override user settings: Enabled
      • Idle session timeout configured.

      please help me to come out from this.

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    Is Project Server 2010 Compatible with Windows 10?

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    Bug in Project Server 2016

    Resource Capacity Chart does not display resources where the checkbox Team Assignment Pool is set. The checkbox needs to be removed (from all generic resources where it is usually set) for them to appear in /PWA/_layouts/15/PWA/RM/CapacityPlanning.aspx again

    Tried positing in UserVoice, always resulted in "Sorry, we couldn't submit your request."

    Best regards,

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    I want a lookup table to be in sync with sharepoint list. Not sure how this can be possible.

    Thanks, Kunal

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    Is it possible for an assigned resource to update planned work by day in PWA timesheet or tasks.

    I know the % complete and remaining work can be changed, but it would be really useful for the resource to be able to modify which days they plan to complete the work on.



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    Hello, is there any way to bulk edit Project 2013 users? Main goal is to change all the Timesheet managers on all users. Has anyone accomplished anything like this using an overlooked Powershell cmdlet, API, or some other method?  Thanks.

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  • 11/03/16--01:32: Grouping projects by RBS
  • Hi,

    In Project Centre view I am able to show projects that are owned by descendent of the user as per RBS.

    I want to create multiple level grouping based on RBS values.

    For ex. All projects owned by Team lead to be grouped under respective Project Managers and similarly all projects under Project Managers to be grouped under Portfolio Manager.

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  • 11/15/16--01:41: All Publishes Failed
  • Hi,

    When i tried to publish (post approval) the status updates, i got the message as "All Publishes failed".

    Is it because i selected too many no. of tasks to publish? Please clarify.

    Thank you,


    Siva Chaitanya

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    Dear Project Server users,

    I have a query that I am using to extract data from the SQL ProjectWebApp database via PowerPivot:

    I want to fill the existing query with Resource Departments column. But, I cannot validate the query. Can anyone help?

    SELECT        P.ProjectName
       , T.TaskName
       , TP.TaskName AS ParentTaskName
       , T.TaskIndex
       , T.TaskOutlineNumber
       , R.ResourceName, R.ResourceGroup
    ,A.AssignmentActualWork, A.AssignmentActualCost
    FROM           dbo.MSP_EpmProject_UserView AS P 
    LEFT OUTER JOIN  dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView AS T
     ON P.ProjectUID = T.ProjectUID 
    LEFT OUTER JOIN  dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView AS TP
     ON TP.TaskUID= T.TaskParentUID
     -- do not show parent task for tasks on level 1 (their parent task is project summary task)
     AND TP.TaskIsProjectSummary = 0
    LEFT OUTER JOIN  dbo.MSP_EpmAssignment_UserView AS A 
     ON A.TaskUID = T.TaskUID  
    LEFT JOIN dbo.MSP_EpmResource_UserView AS R 
     ON R.ResourceUID = A.ResourceUID
    -- only "normal" projects
    ORDER BY P.ProjectName
        , T.TaskIndex

    With best regards,

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    I had made an ASP.NET project which uses Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for managing my database and its requests. Now,I want to upload and host the project on Azure but I am unable to do so since, it is asking for billing details.

    P.S. I am running azure on free trial. 

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    I have a requirement where i need to update Notes of a Task from SharePoint using REST or JSOM. But i am not aware on how to update a task note.

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    Hi Team,

    we are using 40 EPT's in our environment, unfortunately one of the project EPT got changed to a default one, After end user compliant we had verified by the time we checked the end user published that project. We couldn't able to trace why it got modified.

    End user not sure when it got changed, I tried to check the queue jobs in the draft database if i can find anything but i can able to fetch only last few days data.

    Is there any possibility to find out when it got modified / by whom from back end/ from front end or only by manual intervention it will change or is there any possibility for automatic changing???

    Environment: PS 2010 

    3 Tier Architecture

    4 APP --- 2 WFE -- 1 SSRS servers with SQL Cluster.

    Please respond asap as it is high priority for me.


    Geeth If you feel that the answer which i gave you is Helpful please select it as Answer/helpful.

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    I have 2 project tasks in my timesheet say task1 and task2.

    for task1 i filled 8,8,8 hours and for task2 4,8 hours and submitted the timesheet and apporved.

    But later i decided to move the hours from task 2 to task 1. so I  recalled and submitted the timesheet by setting 8,8,8,4,8 hours to task1. Here the problem is the updated hours are not coming in task center as per time sheet. It was showing old hours values in task center.

    Do you have any idea on this type of issue..

    How to match the hours in time sheet with task center?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • 11/16/16--10:41: Project Server
  • Hi everyone.

    My organization is standing up Project Server 2013 and they're having non-tech, business analysts do the install.  It's been over 6 months and I wanted to see everyone's thoughts on how feasible this is.  Personally, I'd get multiple groups involved; security, applications, EA, networks..Anyone who has anything to help, rather than business analysts with little technical background..

    In a nutshell, the people who are charged with this effort don't even know what SQL, OLAP or latency is?  So, thoughts?  Can this be done?



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    I have a custom field defined on a task level that is calculated using the value of another task-level custom field. 

    The value of the calculated field, "Completed" (Text field) is either 1 or 0, based on the value of the other field "Completed Date" (Date field). If Completed Date has a value, Completed = 1, else Completed = 0. 

    I am currently having a problem where in a handful of cases, Completed is 1 when Completed Date has no value. 

    The formula for Completed is 

        IIf(IsDate([Completed Date]) = True, 1, 0)

    99% of the values calculate correctly, but the 1% is causing problems. The only way to correct the value of Completed is to put a value in Completed Date and then remove the value from Completed Date. 

    Has anyone else experienced Project calculated fields calculating incorrectly like this? Are there any fixes?


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    I have seen Project Server 2016 banner in the Microsoft Products website.

    Is any one having any idea whether the Project Server 2016 is available in MSDN subscription or not?



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    We have a scenario where a SSRS report embedded in PDP is not working. The SSRS report is working fine directly but if we open it through PDP it displays blank. There are 2 webparts on the page: 1 is the report and 2nd is the query string filter. Query string is connected to report to provide Project UID so when both are connected the report is blank but if I remove the connection from Query String to Report and explicitly provide the Proj UID in PROJUID parameter the report just loads fine.

    Any ideas what might be causing it?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Hi All,

    I have a Product Master (Sharepoint List). When I select a Product Name in a custom field in a PDP, I want it to auto fill other fields like Product Managar, Product Release Date based on lookup to Product Master.

    Is there an approach to achieve this.

    Thanks, Kunal

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