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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    a kind of strange problem: I created an OLAP cube on my Project Server 2010 - no errors - data is in the Reporting database. If I create an empty excel file, connect it to the server/database I can see some of the data, i.e. the capacity. This means for me there should not be any problem in the connection to the SQL server. If I look at the "Work" field in the "Assignment Timephased" section there is nothing in. But in the Project Reporting database I can see it in the SQL Management Studio. I do not have any clue where to look at now.

    So if my post is wrong here - please feel free to move it to where it belongs ;-)

    A big THANK YOU to the community for any tips or help!


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  • 08/20/10--12:46: Team Assignments Question
  • I've gotten what appears to be some conflicting information regarding team resources.  I figured before I got too heavily invested in experiments, I'd ask you wonderful folks. :)

    I've read a few articles regarding team assignments AND I have the Orange and Blue MSPE books.

    The MSPE books and two of the articles (also MSPE) say to set up the Team Resource as a generic resource, and check the Team Assignment Pool checkbox for that resource.  However, the other two articles I've read, which I'll list here, suggest otherwise:!88E61D218103A246!620.entry?sa=894299011
    These articles say to create the resource as as a regular resource (non-generic) and assign a "Team Leader" by setting the Default Assignment Owner.  This sounds like what I was thinking would be a better option.

    It looks like both methods would be functionally correct, so can anyone out there maybe tell me what the pros vs. cons would be for going one way or the other?  Itlooks like the difference between the two methods would be that the tasks would show up in either the PM's task page (MSPE method) or the Default Assignment Owner's task page (other method).  Is that it?

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    Hi All,

    I have got an issue when I am editing any project with the option edit in <g class="gr_ gr_24 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim Grammar only-ins doubleReplace replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="24" id="24">browser</g> in Project Server 2013, but the same is working when I am editing the project  in Microsoft Project. The Schedule page shows as loading but can't view the WBS plan of that Project in edited mode. I have 4 PWA instances but its working in the other 3 PWA instances. Can anyone help me with this <g class="gr_ gr_9 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim Punctuation multiReplace" data-gr-id="9" id="9">issue.</g>

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    Since there is a Published version and a Working version of a Project on Project Server 2016, is it possible to open and edit the published version? If I make a lot of changes and save a Working version, then realize I don't like the changes, it would be nice to be able to "roll-back" to what has been published previously and discard the Working version.

    Is it correct that there is no way to do this even though both versions are saved in the database?



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    hello guys,

    i faced a problem with my project server 2013 that is too annoying. 

    we have an instance of project server 2013 with sharepoint permission mode.

    ever i add a new link in quick link or add a general application to the pwa the connected sharepoint site of projects get out of service and i face this

    sorry, something went wrong....

    i can access to the sites with adding this query ?contents=1 but others cant do it..

    i search a lot but i couldnt find any correct solution. anyone can help me?


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    Hello experts, a project manager from my team receives this email everytime he publishes.

    Your CreateWssSite job failed.  Its current state is FailedNotBlocking.  It was 0% complete.  It entered the queue at 09/27/2016 14:59:48.

    To get more information about the job failure, please go to Project Web App.  Select Personal Settings from the left menu.  Then select My Queued Jobs.

    The errors returned from the queue are as follows:

     Error ID: 20010

     Error ID: 26000

    Detailed error below - send it to the administrator for more detailed troubleshooting.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>



        <class name="User does not have permission to create a WSS site.">

          <error id="20010" name="GeneralSecurityAccessDenied" uid="061a34b3-18b2-4121-9e96-ee31ccede4af" />


        <class name="Queue">

          <error id="26000" name="GeneralQueueJobFailed" uid="9019215f-83ad-4437-9fea-32ce1409303d" JobUID="3e3030ed-17c1-4a6c-92f2-06b3d4336e85" ComputerName="WEGSFESJ9062" GroupType="CreateWssSite" MessageType="CreateWssSiteMessage" MessageId="1" Stage="" />




    How can I stop this from continue happening?

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    Hi All,

    In my environment I have two pwa instances(Project server 2013) hosted on different different web applications. Now what I want is two merge these two pwa instances into one of them. Is it even possible? If yes please guide me to follow the steps.

    Thanks in advance.

    Abbas Khan

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    Hello all,

    in our Company we would like to work with Deliverables and Depandancies.

    We publish a deliverable in Plan A and create a Depandancie in Plan B.

    So in Plan B we can accept the Suggestion!

    In some cases we dont want to accept the Suggestion and create another Suggestion that we want to send back to plan A.

    Is this possible?

    All in all we want to work bidirectional (A <-> B) so that Plan A and B communicate with eacht other!

    (not unidirectional from A -> B)

    Thanks in Advance!

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    We have installed Project Server 2013 for one of our client. they are having two offices, from one office when we access PWA it opens quickly, but if try to open the same site from other office it opens very slowly. And the same is the case when we take RDP of the server.

    It's a single box with following configuration:

    1. CPU: Intel Xeon, 8 core 3.5 Ghz 

    2. RAM: 64 GB

    What the network team is saying the bandwidth at the place from where we are getting poor performance is 2Mbps only, in contrast to the 1 Gbps bandwidth at other location.

    So what is the minimum bandwidth which is required to access PWA with minimum latency?

    Any help is much appreciated...




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  • 09/29/16--05:05: Project Server question
  • Hi,

    can you confirm that does share Point Server License required to implement Project Server 2016 ?

    Or its an option

    or when share Point Server License required for Project server ?

    Thanks & Regard,

    R.Venu Gopal

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    I am confused about the information shown in the Engagement Details View in PWA. The Project I'm using has "Calculate Resource Utilization" set to "Resource Engagements".<o:p></o:p>

    When I create a new Engagement Request, I see the "Proposed Work" in Project Pro Resource Plan View. I also see 0 Committed Work, as expected since the Engagement has not been Approved. I submit the Engagement and then go to PWA. When I go to the Engagement Details View, I see this:  (I'm unable to post images right now due to my technet account not being verified. I'll add them when I can. However, I posted the question in MS Community Forums with screen captures here:

    State: Proposed, Proposed Work: 80h, Committed Work: 80h. Time-phased view shows 80h Committed Work

    Even though the state is "Proposed", why does the view show Committed Work when the Resource Manager has not yet approved or rejected the Engagement?

    If I click the show "Proposed" check box I see:

    State: Proposed, Proposed Work: 80h, Committed Work: 80h (same as before). Time-phased view shows 80h Committed Work AND 80h Proposed Work

    Now, if I reject the Engagement I see:

    State: Rejected, Proposed Work: 80h, Committed Work: 0. Time-phased view shows 0h Committed Work AND 80h Proposed Work

    It appears that the Proposed box does not turn on and off Proposed work, but instead turns on and off Rejected Work. Also, Committed Work seems to actually be "Committed+ Proposed Work". I think I'm missing something fundamental in the way this view works. Any help would be appreciated!


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  • 09/30/16--03:39: choice virtualizer
  • Hello

    I have a question that virtualizer choose a hyper-v, or maybe vmware xen?


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    Two Project level custom fields created: one with referencing to a Task level custom field (Field A) and the other one containing a simple formula (Field B) and published to Project Online.

    Now when I'm adding those fields to a Project Center view, they don't show any value. Is there any limitation to show formulated custom fields in Project Center? 

    I must add that field A shows the correct value in MS Project Desktop app [Project Information form] but the other one (field B) doesn't show any value in this case either.

    Obviously I have published the project files multiple time and this scenario applies to all projects of the Project Online instance not only one.

    Any help would be appreciated.




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  • 09/30/16--04:46: PWA
  • Hi,

    If I have Share Point and Project server, Project pro and Project server CAL and I want to make additional (one, two, threeProject Web App Instance) do new instanceimplies new licence for project server?

    Thanks and regards

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    Howdy, I need help with SIP truck networking. I already contacted for help from my ISP(this one is for a small business).  The technician refereed me their KB page.

     I need to configure Skype we are using it for our client meeting and other business meting . We always face issue with front end server is not starting. It always shows a message Starting.."
    Please help me as this issue will affect our relationship with client. We are just having a small business with 50 employees.
    Please help me if a easy fix is available.
    Thanks in advance  

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  • 09/26/16--07:02: Tasks Updates via PWA 2013
  • We are trying to implement a workflow that allows resources that are assigned to a particular task to update their tasks within PWA. However, we are not able to get the tasks to show up under the task screen in PWA. Can you please assist?

    Thank you,

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    Hi There,

    I have a task assigned for 10 days with Resource A at 100% commitment.

    I have agreement for resource A to work 4 hours overtime each day over the 10 days on Task B

    How do I allow this over allocation to occur without project levelling and moving the tasks.

    IE. I want them stacked

    I do not want to set his calendar to 12 hour days for these 2 weeks in case dates move, and then other tasks get the 12 hour days.

    I simply want him to be able to work 4 hours overtime on Task B whenever it is scheduled. 



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    In project centre, all my projects are shown under the "Projects" tab as per normal.

    All of them have the schedule GANTT.

    I would like to see costs per month instead of the schedule for each project. Can I have a view that gives me that?

    If not, is there another way to see the expenditure for all projects by month?



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    We have an application that builds projects via the psi web services. The application:

    1. Deletes the existing project if it exists

    2. Creates a new project from a template

    3. Adds tasks

    4. Publishes and checks in

    Everthing has been working perfectly in our dev and test systems but on our production system the process dies with the following error:

    ProjectServerError(s) LastError=ProjectDoesNotExist Instructions: Pass this into PSClientError constructor to access all error information (Fault Detail is equal to SvcProject.ServerExecutionFault).

    Our code is designed to handle the fact that a project might not exist when attempting to delete, so this error should never kill our process (and it doesn't in our other environments). So it must be something environmental. 

    Any ideas if there is a environmental setting that could be causing this error to kill our project generation process?

    This is what I see in the ULS logs, no errors:

    • PWA:http://*****/PWA, ServiceApp:Project Server Application, User:*****, PSI: Start checkout of project 'a550fb68-161a-4a24-b5a3-02b95f469f64' by resource 'c8434eff-da3a-477a-9333-b3e2b67fb690' to store 'WorkingStore'.
    • request channel state after Close(): Closed

    Edit. Project server was returning the guid for the archive database and this was causing the error when trying to delete.

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    I'm using Project Server 2010 and I get this error when trying to edit a project (clik the name in project center, edit and save), I get the same error in 2 different projects, one of them is in the workflow stage Idea, and the other one in Project proposal.

    The error is:

    GeneralQueueException (9131). Details: id='9131' name='GeneralQueueException' uid='79379bc8-d672-400a-9760-4bfc7d774bc5' messageID='2' exception='System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.DataAccessLayer.SchedulingDal.Dependencies.ReadDirect() at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.DataAccessLayer.SchedulingDal.ReadSchedulingData(SqlDataReader reader) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.DataAccessLayer.SchedulingDal.LoadProjectData(Guid projectID) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.SchedulingData.LoadData(Boolean isDelete) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.ProjectMain.LoadSchedulingData(Boolean isDelete, Int32& revisionCounter) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.ProjectMain.HandleProject(ProjectDataSet dataset, Guid projectUid, Boolean fSkipSchedulingCalc, Guid userUid, String userName, Boolean isNew, Boolean addColumns, ProjectLocks projectLock, Boolean fCheckReadOnly, Boolean fCheckProtectedActuals, Boolean fAllowAddEntRes, Boolean fOptIndexRecalced, Guid templateUid, Boolean fSkipCfFormulaCalc) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.ProjectQueueDispatch.HandleProject(MessageContext mContext, ProjectMain project, ServerEventManager sem, ProjectDataSet dataset, Guid projectUid, Boolean ignoreCalc, Guid userUid, String userName, Boolean isNew, Boolean addColumns, Boolean bAllowNewEnterpriseResources, Guid templateUid, ProjectLocks projectLock) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.ProjectQueueDispatch.InternalDispatchMessage(PlatformContext context, Message msg, Group messageGroup, JobTicket jobTicket, MessageContext mContext)'.
    GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - ProjectUpdate.ProjectUpdateMessage. Details: id='26000' name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='474d91e5-f55d-49df-ba32-9f000b2991f8' JobUID='3d63533d-e6ca-43fa-9fb7-f9e568b59de7' ComputerName='CUESTOR' GroupType='ProjectUpdate' MessageType='ProjectUpdateMessage' MessageId='2' Stage=''. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine CUESTOR for entries with JobUID 3d63533d-e6ca-43fa-9fb7-f9e568b59de7.

    Please, help me if you have a solution,


    José Espases


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