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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    A number of Project Managers are reporting that custom field values are disappearing from schedule.  These custom fields have lookup tables and when you go into the lookup table the values in the table disappear.   What is interesting is there is a missing row number in the look up.  See image below (row 13, 17 and 18 missing).

    This is an on premise Project Server 2013 environment.

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    Hello -

    We have an issue for one site where users are not being synced to the root site. For example, the resource is added to the team members group but not synced to the Team Members (Project Web App Synchronized) group. As a result, new users get the site has not been shared with you message. The site is configured with project Server permission mode and has alot of users. any help or pointers would be appreciated.

    We are using SharePoint/project server 2013 with Sp1 and June PU



    Shane O'Hanlon (Accenture)

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    We are experiencing disappearing task names in Project Professional 2013. The names just randomly go blank.  Is there a known issue/solution for this?

    I did read posts from PS 2010 that had this issue, but the was a CU for the fix?

    Please advise.  Thank you for your time.

    Sandy Strong

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  • 08/18/16--04:59: Portfolio Manager views
  • In my scenario, I want Portfolio Manager to be able to see all the projects owned by users under him in hirearchy in RBS. I tried changing My Projects category but could not succeed. Please suggest

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    I come across an odd issue - we have a project that we want to effectively seal off from the rest of the company for a number of reasons, as so we have set the project owner as a dummy account that only certain staff members can access, and have given it an RBS value not used by any other user. I then went in as an admin and manually gave the required permissions to the Project Manager so that he had sufficient control over the project without being listed as the owner.

    The odd thing is, I logged in today, and neither I nor the Project Manager can no longer see this project in Project Center. It appears in the Enterprise Objects list, direct links to the Project Schedule and Project Site still work (and I can access them), and the Project Manager can see it in his Project Center. I, however, cannot see it, even though I have full Admin rights.

    Is there any way to rectify this? I don't really want to re-make the project site.



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  • 08/18/16--15:34: Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • how i can found the link for Microsoft Flight Simulator X?

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    I'm using CSOM to work with Project Server. (Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client).

    I was trying to get some properties of Resources and I create a EnterpriseResource but I don't know how can I set MaximumCapacity. I see that PublishedProjectResource contains this property, but what is the way to get this object?.

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    This is an extension to a previous answered question titles "PWA is not showing all Task Updates under Schedule Owner's Approvals heading."

    In my scenario, I manage a team of PM's who make updates to project schedules in PWA on behalf of their project team.  So, the PM's name is not a resource in the project schedule.  I am the status manager on all tasks.  I was hoping that if I was the status manager on all tasks within all project schedules that any changes made to the schedule in PWA, regardless of who made them, I would get an approval routed to me.  This is not the case though.  It also seems that I only get task updates related to local resources (like client names).  Please note, that changes are only made, right now, in the browser view of PWA.  We are not using timesheets at this point.

    If this all makes sense (sorry, I am not really on the IT side of this), is there a way to get the status updates made in PWA by the CSE's without adding them as a resource and ensuring that I am getting updates made by the enterprise pool (versus just local).

    I was playing around with assignment owner, etc., but can't seem to figure out the right mix in set up to make any of this work?

    Any insights would be extremely helpful.

    Thank you!

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  • 08/19/16--09:38: Project Server licensing
  • Hi

    We use MS Project Pro 2013 at my workplace in conjunction with Project Server.

    I have a desktop PC and a travel laptop - since I only use one at a time do I just

    need one user license for MS Pro locally and a user based access license for the server?

    The IT department folks want to remove Project from the travel laptop, but this is a major

    inconvenience to not be able to update schedules for a whole week or more.

    What is the Microsoft licensing requirement in this case?


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    Is there any way to get a list of Project permissions associated with user using sql query. If i go manually Project center --> select project plan --> project permission it would take lot of time to find out for each user



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    I am trying to access Zoom In/Zoom Out from ribbon of My Task Page in project server 2013 and I am getting "CPGM is undefined" script error. I have checked the same operation on some other PWA instance and is working. I tried with keys Clt+* (Zoom in) and Clt+/ (Zoom out) it worked but not working with button clicked in the ribbon.

    Can any one help me in resolving the issue

    Thanks in advance

    Supriya Khamesra

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    I am trying to print the JS grid data on My Task Page  using Print button in the ribbon and getting "Unable to get property 'document' of undefined or null reference" script error.

    Can any one help me in resolving the issue

    Thanks & Regards

    Supriya Khamesra

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    I'm using Project Server 2013 ( latets updates installed for both Client and Server)

    I've created a project template and attached this to a project type. My template has enterprise resources speciified. So far so good.


    Now I'm trying to create a project using this template and I'm getting some errors.  (See below)

    As soon as I remove the resources from my template the project creates fine.


    It looks like 'rsResourceCannotAddLocalWithSameNameAsEnterprise'  in the error below means that Project Server looks at the resource in the template and considers the resources in the template always to be a local resources. And of course the resource already exists in my enterprise resources and therefore the project creation fails.

    • ProjectDataSet
      • Table ProjectResource
        • Row:  RES_UID='0bb2c5b5-1716-e311-a1c1-005056992257' PROJ_UID='3121855b-f13b-e311-9f7f-005056991b52'
          • Error rsResourceCannotAddLocalWithSameNameAsEnterprise (2058) - columnRES_UID

    • Queue:
      • GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - ProjectCreate.ProjectAddToMessage. Details: id='26000' name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='353d845c-f13b-e311-9f7f-005056991b52' JobUID='3a21855b-f13b-e311-9f7f-005056991b52' ComputerName='13fdabbe-0ac0-4cca-b382-49d1853aec73' GroupType='ProjectCreate' MessageType='ProjectAddToMessage' MessageId='1' Stage='' CorrelationUID='147f4f9c-ae30-b04b-aec7-382a52fa5fdf'. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine13fdabbe-0ac0-4cca-b382-49d1853aec73 for entries with JobUID 3a21855b-f13b-e311-9f7f-005056991b52.

    My questions are:

    Are Enterprise Resources in templates supported?

    Is there a way around this? We're trying to make it easy to select a subset of the enterprise resources available.

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    We need to extract project & task data from our PWA reporting tables & views into another SQL database where we aggregate and format it for integration with another IT system.

    We've been told by our Microsoft consultant that adding a read-only account to our PWA reporting database enabling us to create a linked server to our PWA database on our other SQL server is not allowed. Instead, we've been told that we need to use PSI to extract the data from our PWA, store the data in a SharePoint List or PowerPivot file, and then import the data from there into the other SQL database.  We've tried this, but it is a very slow and inefficient method of extracting data from our PWA reporting database.

    Can someone from the Microsoft Project Server team confirm that adding an account with read-only access to the reporting tables & views in order to enable access from other SQL databases is an issue and is not acceptable/allowed?

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    I'm using CSOM to work with Project Server. (Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client).

    I was trying to get some properties of Resources and I create a EnterpriseResource but I don't know how can I set MaximumCapacity. I see that PublishedProjectResource contains this property, but what is the way to get this object?.

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  • 08/22/16--20:55: Project Server pwa's...
  • Hi 

    Can you have more that one pwa in Project Server the same way you can have in Project Online?

    Many thanks


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    Hi All,

    We have configured the default excel report available in the BI Center. When we open the project overview report and select the project names we are getting the below error. But when we open the report in excel it is working fine. I have followed the steps in the below post, but still same issue.


    Thanks in advance, Taj

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    I have an web application that uses some resources that can't log on to Project Server. For these resources I have cleared the "Resource can logon to Project Server" check box. 

    However, from time to time I need to update these resources actual work, but I can't find a way to do that through PSI. Is is possible to do that?



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  • 08/23/16--08:36: Project Server Task Reminder
  • Is it possible to send the main task along with the sub task originally assigned to the resource,via Mail to the assigned resource using Manage my resource alert and resource feature in project server 2013.

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    Our organization has been struggling with the subject issue for 1-1/2 years.  Mainstream Support has been discontinued outside of paid support.  Microsoft did address the issue under an open ticket for resolve and they replicated the issue on their end as a problem.  A couple of non-working workarounds were provided, albeit unsuccessful.  The issue is therefore a software bug from our standpoint.

    Basically, we have several project files and we are fully integrated with linking to each others tasks.  On average 5-10% of each project files tasks externally linked simply do not work and default to Project Start date for any particular project. I've tried every option for ensuring the syntax for linking is correctly established and it's correct, although not working still in several links.

    While I don't understand how Microsoft couldn't find and fix the originating bug, I'm curious who else has had the same issue.  We are considering upgrading to 2013 or maybe 2016, but honestly 2010 although an old version, should still perform the most basic function of any scheduling software on the market.  You don't see this issue in higher end programs like Deltek Open Plan or Primavera, regardless it's something Microsoft couldn't figure out.  

    Other 2010 users have also reported the same issue with no resolve and I remain confident someone figured out something, other than upgrading to a newer version.  External linking has been around for a long time with Microsoft and 2010 apparently had many bugs even after the two service patches, monthly software updates post mainstream support, etc.

    Appreciate any other users with this issue chiming in.  

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