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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Due to some reason Resource assign to a task is getiing prepoplated Actual Hours in future dates as well as in current timesheet period.

    When we manually delated the current Actual Hours, In total hours column(Actual Hours) is still reflecting some hours. Couldn't figure it out from where exactly is this Actual hours been reflecting in Timesheet.

    How do we delete future prepopulated Actual hours?

    Please help with soluiton to this

    Thanks in Advance


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  • 08/12/16--05:41: MS
  • i entered a task in ms project then its start when i entered the actual start the ms project split the task automatically

    why did it do that?????? 


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  • 08/12/16--06:00: Budget resources
  • Hi, I want to add a Project Budget Value at the Project Level only.  What is the advantage of using a Budget resource over simply creating a Project level custom field to hold my budget value?



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  • 08/12/16--09:40: PROJECT ONLINE AND TFS
  • Hi, can I integrate TFS and Project Online?


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    in PWA i can create a new Enterprise Project and create multiple tasks for this project. Then some of these tasks for example i assign to myself.

    On the Tasks page i can see the tasks which are assigned to me. But i am also able (cause i created the project and have permissions) to select the following action from the ribbon:

    Tasks > Add row> Add a New Task

    I can then work on this task and everything seems to be ok, but i cant see those created tasks within my project. Why cant i see those tasks within the project? I assigned the task on its properties page when i created it to the right project, but it is not visible in the project.

    My questions:

    a) What is the purpose of creating such a tasks on this page? Isnt it the same as creating it within the project itself?

    b) Why is this task not visible on the project?

    best regards


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  • 08/13/16--23:20: Milestone Report
  • Hello,

    I want to add a table to milestone report. 

    in this table i want to follow the predecessors that are related to the milestone. besides the predecessors id i want to show their names.

    i can't find how to do this.

    Thanks in advance. 

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    I installed the Project Server 2013 on my server with SharePoint Server 2013, when I want to see the site I have the error "An unknown error has occurred"

    And the menu is disabled

    I found this and I tried to reset again, but it still same

    Please help. How can I resolve this issue ??

    Best regards

    Ernesto Ono

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    Hello again.

    I have an unusual situation that has to do with changing a project site’s URL.  I’ve had little issues in the past with renaming or changing project site URL’s, but haven’t run across this particular behavior before.  Let’s go through the steps:

    1. I navigate to a project’s site, Site Actions>Site Settings>Title, description, and icon.
    2. I then make a change to theURL name field.
    3. I return to PWA’s Server Settings>Project Sites and locate the project with the site I just renamed it’s URL.
    4. I highlight that project and selectEdit Site Address.
    5. I enter in the new URL address of the site that was associated with this project.
    6. ITest URL to be sure I copied the address correctly.
    7. I selectOK and that returns me to the Project Sites page.

    Here’s where it goes awry.  TheSite Address listed for this project, does not change.  It just stays the same as before and does not appear to accept my URL change.  No error messages, the address just stays the same as before the attempted change.  Thus the PWA users can’t get to the site (unless I give them the new address directly).  I can repeat these steps above with (so far) other projects within our environment with no issues.

    But I have been able to narrow down this problem to a specific group of projects.  And with this particular group of projects, here is what I have found in common with each of these specific projects, that all exhibit this URL name change non-acceptance.

    1. Each project appears to be a copy of a previously housed enterprise project.  It seems (without direct confirmation from the actual user) that the user created or opened an existing project, then proceeded to use the “Save As” feature within MS Project to quickly add a large group of named projects into PWA.
    2. Each of these sites that are associated with the (apparent) copied projects has been modified a good amount by the user.  So far it appears that the user changed most items within the Site Actions>Site Settings>Look and Feel, section of each site.

    That takes us to our questions:

    1. What might cause theEdit Site Address action to NOT accept a new URL of it’s previous site?
    2. Would copying enterprise projects or medium amounts of site modifications have anything to do with the ability to accept or not accept the new URL?

    As always, thanks for the help.

    Chris Addis - MCTS

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    I need to be able to set a baseline using CSOM. Is this at all possible? I've looked at the call from PublishedProject and DraftProject but found no method to indicate this.

    I've found this post on TechNet, but the link with a solution no longer works.

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    Say a mega master project contains 100 subprojects. I was wondering whether for projects this size if one should use project priority or flat project priority and use task priority to prioritize tasks across different projects.

    Here is my scenario and we have run into this in real life case - so this is not hypothetical.

    • We have a pool of resources, close to 100
    • The resources can be doing activities for an existing product, working on the current plans or working on future projects
    • This is not uncommon - the are disruptive work which are very hard to predict - for example if a production system is down we have to move a couple of people to help it back up and running
    • So the resources are pretty flexible on what they will be working

    Things we have tried:

    • Set artificial predecessors (works on some cases but impacts our ability do real leveling). And think inter-project dependencies. Not pretty
    • Set project priority based on importance of the project (but some tasks in lower priority projects need to be done ahead of lower priority tasks in higher priority projects to progress the work properly). Leveling is so damn difficult for this scenario without too much inter-project dependencies. Oh, and these dependencies are artificial - again can be done independently, it is just a matter of resource constraints.
    • Flat project priority, use task priority only (we run out of task priorities - imagine 100 projects active at the same time. We are losing project priority.

    So, I am just wondering how other people are handling projects with lots of resources and projects happening at the same time in parallel.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I see a prompt saying "your action may result in actuals in this project becoming out of sync with the actuals updated from timesheets" when opening a plan using project pro. My settings are : 'Allow task updates only via Tasks & Timesheets' and 'single entry mode' in time & task settings.

    I clicked on 'sync to protected actuals' and tried to save the plan. Then i get a pop-up saying "The actual work is out of sync with the actual work updated from timesheets". What does this mean? Will the sync with protected actuals remain after save?

    One more issue, when users are trying to submit time sheets, they see actual hours in their time sheets which were not entered by them and when they try to submit by correcting them, MSPS is not allowing it and timesheet status is seen as error. 

    What should be done to sync the project with protected actuals?

    Bala Bhavana

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    I use Project Server 2013 and Project Professional 2013.

    I originally configured MS Project with one account to access project server. The address was http://projectapp/PWA/default.aspx and I used this as my default account without prompting when I opened MS Project.

    Recently the system has started to add a new account to MS Project. It gives it a name http://projectapp and the url is http://projectapp/PWA/.

    This causes chaos as the system then looks for files on this new account and can't find them if they were opened and checked out in the original account. It doesn't help if I delete it as it adds it again.

    How can I stop the new account from being created?

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    Hi ,

    I am in urgent need of a solution to update value of Resource Custom fields for Resources in Project Server 2010. I am able to update value of any Resource Custom Field (e.g. Resource_Custom of Type "Text" and Added in "All Resources View") manually from UI  but I have to update these values programmatically/ Using PSI.

    By passing only these three basic info. if possible (Resource name/Id , Custom Field Name/GUID, CustomFieldValueForResourece).

    Thanks & Regards,

    Anika Gupta

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  • 09/15/13--22:36: resources custom fields
  • How can we update the resources custom fields using PWA or project professional? The Custom fields that I have in resource views are not coming in project professional when resource is being edited ?

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    Trying to establish some sense of overall portfolio performance for projects that we're operating, from a schedule perspective. In doing so, I'm pulling SPI values, via PWA views. I've noticed that some projects have a value of 0 for BCWS and BCWP, which results in a value of 0 for SPI.

    We have a mixture of situations surrounding resources, that I suspect might be contributing to this. I'm looking for some insight from those who may have already done this.

    We have:

    • Contract IT resoruces who have assigned hourly rates (values)
    • Internal IT resources who do not have hourly rates assigned
    • External vendors who are paid 'by the job', and are not associated with individual rates in MS Project Pro

    Has anyone else run into this and figured out a way to get reliable SPI values when there are resources whose specific rates/values are not represented in MS Project Pro?

    Thank you,

    Michael... PMP, PSM-I

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  • 08/16/16--12:03: owner
  • after hard drive fail  new hard drive   trying to  access windows live mail messages   error 0x800ccc0Esays non network issue  I have tried  numerous  times at  changing  in/ out addresses   what to do  what is the correct   in/ out server  address ect for the other settings as well?

    Dr K

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  • 08/16/16--12:03: owner
  • after hard drive fail  new hard drive   trying to  access windows live mail messages   error 0x800ccc0Esays non network issue  I have tried  numerous  times at  changing  in/ out addresses   what to do  what is the correct   in/ out server  address ect for the other settings as well?

    Dr K

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    Boa tarde!

    Estou recebendo o seguinte erro ao entrar no project 2007: 

    The file "STDOLE2.TLB" cannot be found or contains a Visual Basic for Applications library that is not valid. 


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  • 08/16/16--23:48: Task Comments in Timesheet
  • Hi,

    A Resource has entered comments in "Comments" field against each task in Timesheet. But for Status Manager comments are not showing in "Transaction Comment" in Approval Center.

    Only "Comment of Submit" works and that comment shows in all tasks submitted that time (let say 4 tasks in a week, submitting in bulk - same comment shows in all 4 tasks)


    Noman Sohail

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    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to get the predecessor and successor of a task. I found out I have to use the MSP_Links table in the Published db. However the columns that are defined are:

    [LINK_UID] [dbo].[UID] NOTNULL,
    	[PROJ_UID] [dbo].[UID] NOTNULL,
    	[RESERVED_DATA] [char](1) NULL,
    	[LINK_SUCC_UID] [dbo].[UID] NULL,
    	[LINK_TYPE] [smallint] NULL,
    	[LINK_LAG_FMT] [smallint] NULL,
    	[LINK_LAG] [int] NULL,
    	[LINK_BINARY_DATA] [image] NULL,

     I have only Project_UID relation and no Task_UID relation. So how can I relate a task to this table and find the task precedessors and successors?

    Thank you very much,


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