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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Hi All ,

    We hav a requirement of selecting dropdown list values in the top ribbon bar when page is loding. Is there any posibility to archive this by putting javasxcruipt code. We need to change highliteded values when page loads.

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    Morning All,

    Im trying to open a schedule for my project in Microsoft Project 2013 to edit the schedule from the Project site.

    After clicking on edit, i get the following prompts:

    1 - this project cannot be opened in read-write mode because a previous checkin for this project is not complete. do you want to open this project ready only?

    Clicking on yes, i get the following:

    1- An internal error occurred. if this problem persists, contact your administrator.

    Please advise what can be causing the issue and or if there is a solution.



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  • 08/24/16--07:31: EPM
  • Morning All,

    Was working on a project in project server. saved. checked-in and exited.

    Sometime during the course of the same morning i went back and the site no longer shows up on the list of projects.

    There is a back door way to get to it but i would like to know what caused it to disappear and how can i get the project back on the list of projects.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    hi all ;

    Request a help on the below issue .

    i have created a text feild custom feild at task level on PWA 2013 .

    i want to have all the milestones on a master plan so that we can track them consolidately .

    in the sub project we have populated the value for this task level custom feild in gantt chanrt as well as in task usage view in MS prject 2013 and saave and published the plan .

    now i have linked this task in tthe master project by adding the below command on the predecesort tab<>\plan name\task ID .

    however the value of the text feild doesnt roll up on the master .

    please advis

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  • 08/16/16--23:48: Task Comments in Timesheet
  • Hi,

    A Resource has entered comments in "Comments" field against each task in Timesheet. But for Status Manager comments are not showing in "Transaction Comment" in Approval Center.

    Only "Comment of Submit" works and that comment shows in all tasks submitted that time (let say 4 tasks in a week, submitting in bulk - same comment shows in all 4 tasks)


    Noman Sohail

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  • 08/12/16--09:40: PROJECT ONLINE AND TFS
  • Hi, can I integrate TFS and Project Online?


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    The indicator column in Project Center gets populated with a document icon when a document is published to the project site, however, if all documents are subsequently removed, the icon does not go away.  Does anyone know why that is the case and how to resolve?

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    I have a lookup table ECF where the values in the lookup table never exceed 3 characters.  When I add this field to a PDP it displays as a field of 50 or so characters (it is a single line of text), is there any way to limit the length of the displayed field (to something like 5 characters)?



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    I have assign multiple users on multiple projects with different level permission, 

    The permission level is assign from Project Permission (icon ribbon in PWA 2010.)

    (1.Open the project within Project Professional or Project Web App,

    2.Edit and Save the project within Project Professional or Project Web App

    3.Edit Project Summary Fields within Project Professional or Project Web App

    4.Publish the project within Project Professional or Project Web App

    5.View the Project Summary in the Project Center

    6.View the Project Schedule Details in Project Web App.

    7.View the Project Site)


    Is there any SQL Query to find which user/resource is assign to which projects and what above permission is assign.




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    Dear Project Server users,

    We have encountered a strange problem today.
    We are in single entry mode and some activities can be removed from timesheet while other can't.

    Does anyone have an explanation for this, or knows how the remove task option works?


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    Several people at the company have a problem when they try to open a project in Project Pro 2016 from the Project Center in PWA.

    For example, when I press the open button in PWA, and select either open in Microsoft Project or open in Microsoft Project for editing, nothing happens. There are no errors, or other messages. The circle next to the cursor starts spinning as if though Project Pro is about to open, but after two seconds it stops and nothing happens.
    However, this option works fine at my colleague's computer.
    My Project Pro is connected to the server and synchronized so I know this is not the issue. I can easily open the project from the browse section in Project Pro 2016 using my account with the correct URL. Still, I would appreciate the option to open a project directly from the Project Center in PWA.

    Can you please help me solve this issue?


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  • 08/25/16--07:12: Secure store configuration
  • Dear Project Users,

    Quick question.
    Do I need to configure the secure store as stated in to be able to view and interact in PWA withcustom excel 2016 reports?


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  • 08/24/16--15:33: Project Site Creation by EPT
  • Hi:

    I'm wondering if there is a way to configure Project Server 2013 so if the user creates a new project of Type 1, a project site is created, but if he creates a new project of Type 2, the project site is not created. If I go to Central Administration, in the Project Site Provisioning Settings, there are 3 options for site creation: Always, Let the user decide and Never.

    Is it possible to manage that option by Enterprise Project Type? I don't want to enable the "Let the user decide" option because it may be confusing for the user. I'm open to any code solution if that meets my requirement.



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    I tried to publish a really small test Project (15 Tasks, 3 resources). It works fine several times, but one time the publishing stopped with the error, that the Publishing process could not be completed due to error 23000(0x59D8). I found out, that the Project plan stopped in the Queue with 31%. I deleted this Project plan from the Queue and published again and it works. But my colleague had the same Problem with another small test Project too. I know that this Kind of Problems occurs in Project since around 10 years and I think, that there should be found a General solution for this.

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    Dear all,

    we observe a reproducible issue when trying to save and check-in one specific project plan from one specific client. So the user opens the plan with his 2016 client from a 2013 on-premise server, is able to modify the plan but when trying to save the error message "Internal error. Contact your administrator..." appears. No error ID indicated, the project server queue doesn't show any error, the plan remains checked out. The windows monitor for microsoft office documents the error but doesn't give any error ID either (except for generic 900001).

    Do you have an idea, where this error might come from, or how to investigate this further?

    We already reviewed and modified the cache settings, repaired the client and re-installed the client. Next step is to install a 2013 client.

    Any input appreciated!

    Kind regards

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    Hello, I am new to SharePoint Project Server 2013 SP1 Enterprise Edition.  I am the SharePoint Administrator and we are using Project Server and I am trying to understand the permissions for allowing people to update and publish a schedule in the web browser.

    We have a structure of the main PWA site, then a subsite for the master file, then subsites for the projects.


    My Project Manager has Microsoft Office Project Professional 2013 and he has connected and upload the master file and subprojects or projects as subsites, or enterprise files.

    I am testing, going in as a regular user and trying to figure out what user permissions / SharePoint Groups I will need to have users added to, in order for them to publish / update a schedule.

    In Project Server, the graphic below shows that I am in the Schedule and I want to change the date and or update the text.  I do not know what permissions I need to allow the Edit / Publish buttons to be available.




    I notice that I am on the /PWA/ root site collection, site when it wants me to update the project.


     I have tried to add myself to the administrators for PWA (wow, sure that works, but I can't add people to that).  I am not sure what else I need.  Should I put in the subsite members group or full control?  When the subsites / projects are created from Microsoft Project Professional 2013, in SharePoint / Project Server 2013 Enterprise Edition SP1, it creates three groups, Projectname Owners / Members / Visitors.

    These are the permissions on /PWA that I am a member of:

    Thank you.






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    This is an extension to a previous answered question titles "PWA is not showing all Task Updates under Schedule Owner's Approvals heading."

    In my scenario, I manage a team of PM's who make updates to project schedules in PWA on behalf of their project team.  So, the PM's name is not a resource in the project schedule.  I am the status manager on all tasks.  I was hoping that if I was the status manager on all tasks within all project schedules that any changes made to the schedule in PWA, regardless of who made them, I would get an approval routed to me.  This is not the case though.  It also seems that I only get task updates related to local resources (like client names).  Please note, that changes are only made, right now, in the browser view of PWA.  We are not using timesheets at this point.

    If this all makes sense (sorry, I am not really on the IT side of this), is there a way to get the status updates made in PWA by the CSE's without adding them as a resource and ensuring that I am getting updates made by the enterprise pool (versus just local).

    I was playing around with assignment owner, etc., but can't seem to figure out the right mix in set up to make any of this work?

    Any insights would be extremely helpful.

    Thank you!

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    We are planning to create a hierarchy as below

    Organization ->portfolio ->Program->Project

    Organization can contain multiple Portfolios, similarly we can have multiple programs and projects in the hierarchy

    We are planning to create project sites for each programs as well as for each portfolio.

    what's the best way to differentiate program and project (without setting meta data separately) - in fact facing challenge to identify which one is program vs project while trying to create reports via power bi.

    Thanks & Regards

    Roy Joyson

    Roy Joyson

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    I removed all the views for the Project Center and created new views more appropriate for my organization within the Manage View area through PWA Settings .  This included removing the Summary view which I have now understand is the default view.  So when users go to the PWA Project Center page, they receive the following error message:

    "View Failure - The view failed to load. Press OK to reload this view with the default settings.  Press Cancel to select another view."

    At this point, if the user select OK, they see the following message:

    "You don't have permissions to view any Projects"

    Then they can change the view and everything is fine for that user.

    If they select Cancel, they have the option to select a different view and everything is fine for that user.

    My question is, how do I set a new view as the default view?  Based on the research I've done, this doesn't appear to be an option.  Assuming that is correct, what are my alternatives?  This will be a continuous problem because all new user will see this error message.


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    Basics - using Project 2016 in a Project Server 2013 environment.

    One of my coworkers showed me the most bizarre problem I have ever seen in over 20 years of using Project. Working with an existing project file, a new task is inserted and all the task parameters are filled out. Then, upon saving the file, the task immediately above the new task is deleted! I didn't believe it until I saw it happen for myself. This is a new one for me.

    Any ideas?


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