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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    We are unable to retrieve the deleted project from the project center... we are able to view the project in Server Settings --> Delete Enterprise object --> under Delete Projects from Draft and Published Databases.

    We are in hosted environment, we are unable to ProjTool to recover. Any suggestions will be really helpful.

    We have also checked in Project professional 2010 with View All files.

    Umesh S

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  • 07/18/16--04:52: Linked Risks to tasks
  • Hi I would like to pull a simple report list out of the Reporting database of tasks linked to risks is this possible and which tables should I look at?



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    we are getting the below error while publishing the project in project server 2010.

    Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.MSP_PROJECTS' with unique index 'UQ_MSP_PROJECTS_PROJ_NAME'. The duplicate key value is (<ProjectName>)



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    I have created a master project and have loaded several subprojects to the the master project t.  When I display just the summary level lines for each sub-project I do not see any values in SPI/CPI and related fields.  Each project has had a baseline zero taken and the master project is pointed to baseline zero.  When I expand the sub-projects I can see the SPI/CPI values at all levels except for sub-project summary task level.  What I was expecting was this data would be calculated and displayed in the summary tasks for the sub-projects and the master project based on the baseline data that is populated in each sub-project.

    I am trying to put all our projects that are part of a program in one master project(read only) that will display the health (SPI/CPI) of each sub-projects as well as the health of the overall program.  

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    Using Project Server 2010

    Single Entry Mode, Task type: Fixed Duration

    Start Date: 2/15/2011, Finish Date: 5/31/2011

    Dear All,

    My client has a project having 10 task for each resource. Initially the project owner and status manager was someone else. Now the they have changed the owner and the status manager of the project.

    The resources have been filling and sending their timesheets but the status manager was busy and haven't Approve/Reject it and all the Status Updates were in his Approval Center. Now yesterday the status manager select the 9 task updates of the same project and press Approve button.  After approval the Status updates of this project disappeared from the Approval center without giving any error.

    But when i opened the Task Update history, all the status updates of that project showing Error in red''There was an internal error applying the updates"

    In PWA Project Task progress hasn't been updated and in msp_timesheetline_userview table Timesheetlinestatusshows"Approved" but msp_epmtask showsactual work = 0 (task progress hasn't been updated)

    Screen shot is attached below;

    Maaz Ibrahim

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    We have SharePoint 2010 environment and Installed Project Serve 2010 with it.

    we are using FBA (Form Based Authentication) as Authentication.

    The issue is, After we installed Project Server Service Pack 2 (which includes SharePoint SP2), PWA site is damn slow, its take more than 3 to 4 minutes to just login.

    Also we could not find any errors in logs.

    Kindly help us to resolve this issue, Thanks in Advance


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    Hi, I have a very simple SQL query which links EPMProject user View to WSSRiskToTaskLinks_UserView to EpmTask_UserView.

    When I change the value of a custom field in a project plan ie one which appears EpmTask_UserView and publish the plan it then does not appear when a SSRS report is run on the query.  The SSRS data connection is all working fine.

    Any Ideas?


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    We are using Project Server 2013 On-Premise. We have a master project in PWA that has about 6-7 sub-projects. Each sub-projects have some 100-150 tasks. In Task detail page of Master project, i am able to open any resource related view but when i try to change it to any task view, it gives me an error -

    The view failed to load. Press OK to reload this view with the default settings. Press Cancel to select another view.

    Facing this issue only in master project whereas all sub-projects are opening properly.

    Please Suggest. I have tried changing view and refreshing browser but still no luck.


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    Good morning,

    Many of my users have gotten into a habit of typing in 100% when completing a task which also fills in the dates for the task. We recently noticed however that when publishing, the percentages reset for some tasks and we did not know the reason until instead of filling in the percentage, we filled in the "Actual Finish Date". That is when a popup shows up with a following message:

    "the resource is assigned outside the original dates for task XYZ in Project A".

    "The duration of this fixed-duration task will change to accommodate the resource assignment".

    Below is rather detailed explanation of what is happening.

    My question is why such different behavior? There is no popup when marking percent complete 100% and percentage seems to change back on a "publish". But when I choose the "Actual Finish Date" there is a useful message as to what his wrong.

    I have not been able to find an explanation for this searching on my own and I do want to get my users to stop filling in the percentages and instead populate the "Actual Finish" date.

    Thank you,



    Thanks, Jack

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  • 07/19/16--14:49: Earned Value Reporting
  • Hi everyone

    I need to create an earned value report per project in either excel or ssrs. The data needs to come from the schedule for each project- I'm connected using the odata...I cant seem to find fields that will give me trend analysis.

    For example I can find

    - status date

    - acwp

    - bcwp

    - bcws

    however I need a timephased field that will give me cumulative data..essentially I need to create/plot the EV data over a timeline for each project..

    any ideas?



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    Several people at the company have a problem when they try to open a project in Project Pro 2016 from the Project Center in PWA.

    For example, when I press the open button in PWA, and select either open in Microsoft Project or open in Microsoft Project for editing, nothing happens. There are no errors, or other messages. The circle next to the cursor starts spinning as if though Project Pro is about to open, but after two seconds it stops and nothing happens.
    However, this option works fine at my colleague's computer.
    My Project Pro is connected to the server and synchronized so I know this is not the issue. I can easily open the project from the browse section in Project Pro 2016 using my account with the correct URL. Still, I would appreciate the option to open a project directly from the Project Center in PWA.

    Can you please help me solve this issue?


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    I am trying to restrict a user from saving the unprotected baselines in project server 2013 by denying the option "Save Unprotected baselines" available in the Global permission which in result restricting user doing that from MS Professional but not restricting him doing the same from PWA browser.  

     However tried the same for "Protected baselines(i.e 0-5)" by hardly denying the option "Save protected baselines" from "My Project" category which in result restricted him saving or clearing  protected baselines from both MS professional and PWA browser. 

    I want to restrict the user to save or clear "unprotected baselines (i.e 6-10)" from both MS Professional & PWA browser as well, suggest how to do this...?

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    Hi guys,

    I'm currently working with SSRS reports using the Project Server Database. Just wondering, is there a standard field (maybe something like a Sort ID/Sequence No.) in the PWA DB where it tells the order of a lookup option based on the sorting that it has in the Custom Lookup Table page?

    Thanks in advance

    Just an update, i found a query for this from just encase this might come in handy in the future.

    SELECT [MemberValue] , tmv .LT_VALUE_SORT_INDEX
    FROM [dbo].[MSPLT_TR Department Sub Category_OlapView] tm
    inner join pub .MSP_LOOKUP_TABLE_VALUES tmv
    on tm.LookupMemberUID = tmv.LT_STRUCT_UID
    order by LT_VALUE_SORT_INDEX

    Credits  to Hammad Arif for the query above.


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    I use Project Server 2013 and Project Professional 2013.

    I created a custom field with a lookup table in project server. I added this field to a file in MS Project using a computer that I'll call computer A and save a value from the dropdown list.

    I closed the file and opened it on computer B. It didn't  show the dropdown list with all the values. However, if I try to enter a value that is not in the lookup table, it gives an error message and won't let me save it.

    I thought that it may be a problem with perrmissions, so I viewed the file in project server and could  I could see the values that were saved.

    Why can't I see the dropdown list on computer A?

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    Can't load the view, press ok to load the default view (No se pudo cargar la vista. Presione Aceptar para volver a cargar esta vista con la configuración predeterminada. Presione Cancelar para seleccionar otra vista).

    But nothing happens when click ok.

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    We are finding differences in data between our draft tables and reporting tables in Project Server 2013.  Specifically, actual work is correct in the draft  table but not correct in the reporting table.  We can delete the project schedule and then re-load it to re-synch the tables but of course that is not a sustainable process.  This happens 2 or 3 times a day, not consistently nor have we been able to recognize a pattern when this happens.  Any idea?



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    I have been working on SSRS reports for the last two weeks. Adding in new custom fields, adding them to the SSRS report, etc. Today, I added a new Project type, Single line text custom field and it has not appeared in the msp_epmproject_userview view as usual. I have added the field to a PDP, adding text to the field on several projects, etc. It is not a lookup field - I am well aware these will not be included in the view. I have tried adding other test fields and the same - none are appearing. No errors anywhere in the queue or anything. Anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong or where I can check for an error or sync issue?

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    Hi All,
    We have a scenario where project server is in use and where protected baselines 1 - 5 cannot be saved by Project Managers.
    We have encouraged PM's to use baselines 6 - 10 for all PM required functions.

    If the PM's were using baseline 0 the OOTB "Work Variance" field subtracts baseline 0 from current and displays the variance at both the task and the Resource Assignment level.

    In an attempt to provide the same functionality (without using Baseline 0 since it is protected) I created a formula to subtract Baseline 10 Work from Work and display the difference or variance. This works well except that when used in a view that displays resource assignment data (Task Usage) the variance is displayed only at the task level - not the resource assignment level. see the circles below:

    These B10 fields are calculated custom Project Server fields. I can set the field to "roll down for assignment rows" however in this case it just rolls the same value across all resources - ie is not resource specific. In the above screenshot the -25 hrs that was generated by the change in the controls technition would be rolled down across all the other resources assigned to that task as well.

    This behaviour is different from what you get when you use the standard variance field and baseline 0. When using the standard variance field the variance is displayed at theassignment and task level.

    Essentially I am trying to create a custom field to give me the same output that the Work Variance field displays when using Baseline 0. I know this is quite a specific request but any ideas would be appreciated.


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    Hi everyone,

    thing happens when you click on Schedule webpart in Firefox. After clicking, whole webpart is "disappearing ", like in the screenshot below. Any ideas on the cause / solution?

    (the read rectangle (coulour is from Sharepoint theme) remains where you click)

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    I got a requirement to list out a number of projects in SSRS report with 'Last Published Date' and 'Who Published Last' from PS database.
    I am able to find out the 'Last Published Date' from Published DB but I am not able to find who published last.

    I know project from queue history I can check the project publishing time and owner of that queue job but fetching it from DB is looking complex for me now.

    If some one has worked on this requirement and can share some input on this,would be very helpful.


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