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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    does anyone knows why if i am someone's delegate and create a task - it still assigns my mine name to the task instead of the person I am trying to delegate as?


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    Hi, can someone explain the Resource Capacity Settings aspect of the Month behind setting?   If I have it set to 1 month only what does it show and what does it Not show?  If I have a resource which started in Jan 2016 will their capacity still show at 100% for Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun and into the future or will it only show 100% from June onwards ie from one month ago?



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    On an instance of Project Server 2013, there are workflows associated with EPTs that are not currently being used. I would like to remove them as they are throwing errors in the Job Queue. What is the best way to remove them and any workflow driven custom fields.  Should the existing projects associated with these EPTs be changed to a new EPT with no workflow or can the Workflow just be disassociated from the EPT and then deleted?

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  • 07/22/16--11:00: Project server mobile apps
  • I read in office 365 blog .. almost 10 months ago, that microsoft acquired some apps form SenseiSolutions like

    Sensei Task Master

    after that we dont have any news about it or where we can load.  My company need a project mobile app like that and have project online also.

    Any news about it?

    Juan Alvarado - MVP SQL SERVER

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    Hi All,
    We have a scenario where project server is in use and where protected baselines 1 - 5 cannot be saved by Project Managers.
    We have encouraged PM's to use baselines 6 - 10 for all PM required functions.

    If the PM's were using baseline 0 the OOTB "Work Variance" field subtracts baseline 0 from current and displays the variance at both the task and the Resource Assignment level.

    In an attempt to provide the same functionality (without using Baseline 0 since it is protected) I created a formula to subtract Baseline 10 Work from Work and display the difference or variance. This works well except that when used in a view that displays resource assignment data (Task Usage) the variance is displayed only at the task level - not the resource assignment level. see the circles below:

    These B10 fields are calculated custom Project Server fields. I can set the field to "roll down for assignment rows" however in this case it just rolls the same value across all resources - ie is not resource specific. In the above screenshot the -25 hrs that was generated by the change in the controls technition would be rolled down across all the other resources assigned to that task as well.

    This behaviour is different from what you get when you use the standard variance field and baseline 0. When using the standard variance field the variance is displayed at theassignment and task level.

    Essentially I am trying to create a custom field to give me the same output that the Work Variance field displays when using Baseline 0. I know this is quite a specific request but any ideas would be appreciated.


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    I have created a new task which is of previous date, it does not appear in previous period in Timesheet, it appears in current period (which falls in current date).

    Why it behaves like this?


    Noman Sohail

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    I was just concern about Project Server and want to know about updates in Microsoft Project 2016? 

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    Hi team,

    We are trying to export the data to excel from project center view(in which one column(status) having graphical indicators). but we couldn't see the graphical Indicators in Excel after exporting.

    Instead of Graphical Indicators it is showing as 'Text' in status column.

     Please let me know, is there any settings to change



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    The indicator column in Project Center gets populated with a document icon when a document is published to the project site, however, if all documents are subsequently removed, the icon does not go away.  Does anyone know why that is the case and how to resolve?

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    I am trying to open a project in Project Professional 2010. I noticed that the temp file at temp location is being increased 64kb size increased at a time. Can we increase the temp file cache size (not MS Project ->File->Save->Cache)?

    Thank you for the help.


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    I can see my notes through my publishedtask using CSOM, like code but notes in publishedtask is a string 255 characters.

    _context.Load(publishedProjectResource, p => p.Assignments);
                    if (publishedProjectResource != null)
                        foreach (var publishedAssignment in publishedProjectResource.Assignments)
                            var publishedTask = publishedAssignment.Task;
                            if (publishedTask.Name != statusAssignment.Name) continue;
                            publishedTaskNotes = publishedTask.Notes;

    I need see my full notes, like i see on Project Professional

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    My instance of Project Online has stopped provisioning new sites when new projects are created.  This is odd because the server is set to "create new site when new project is published".  I even tried to add sites to projects via "Connected SharePoint Sites" without any luck.  This all used to work and it recently stopped.  Any ideas?




    Jim Project

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    we have some users of PWA that are assigned to one specific project encounters an issue when they try to create a timesheet as the below:

    "The timesheet creation failed, because of problems with the project web app or with data validations, such as resources not being valid work resources or user. Check you environment, and then try again."

    then if we try to open the timesheet, we got the below error.

    "the view failed to load. Press OK to reload this view with the default settings. Press Cancel to select another view."

    The issue is resolved when i save the project for sharing then publish it again to PWA, but it will come again in few days...

    Is there a way to prevent this from happening? 

    Thank you

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    There is strange behavior on PWA with one of our project with task for one specific task.

    Tasks were published and resource started to enter and submit actual to some tasks and PM approve/reject updates accordingly

    Then PM has updated the project plan by changing start and end date for some tasks, some are still not started but after publishing, tasks were not updated on my task page for the resource.

    We checked the task usage an resource usage and the data appearing on MS Project are not consistent with what the resource have.

    We tried to publish the project using MS Project and on the web.

    Any idea?

    thank you.

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    Hello Team,

    We are running Project server 2013, and its in project server permission mode. We have a request where we want each and every project site to inherit the permissions from root site, I researched and found out that it can be done via script but that is not automated, is there any way we can do it so that by default all all sites can inherit the root site permissions, whenever a new site is created? for existing one we can run below script. Looking forward for possible solutions. 

    $site = Get-SPSite "<url of PWA>"

         Foreach ($web in $site.AllWebs) {






    Pradeep Sharma

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  • 07/26/16--20:34: Timesheet Issue
  • Hi,

    All charges in all workplans did not sync from Project sever  to Timesheet.

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    When i update a  task , the change reminder email  would be sent to this project owner or this task status manager ?

    And what about in Project Online area ?


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    I installed the Project Server 2013 on my server with SharePoint Server 2013, when I want to see the site I have the error "An unknown error has occurred"

    And the menu is disabled

    Please help. How can I resolve this issue ??

    Best regards

    Ernesto Ono

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    I would want to know whether we can the order of the Views?(at any level Project, Project Center, etc,.)?

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    I use Project Server 2013 and Project Professional 2013.

    I originally configured MS Project with one account to access project server. The address was http://projectapp/PWA/default.aspx and I used this as my default account without prompting when I opened MS Project.

    Recently the system has started to add a new account to MS Project. It gives it a name http://projectapp and the url is http://projectapp/PWA/.

    This causes chaos as the system then looks for files on this new account and can't find them if they were opened and checked out in the original account. It doesn't help if I delete it as it adds it again.

    How can I stop the new account from being created?

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