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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Hi Team,

    As far as i know that New Resource Management Features Available in Project online by default but when i see in my PWA tenant  (Project Online) under Additional Policy setting, there is no such option available to activate New Resource Management Features . Seen many blogs/post which talk about this great feature roll out my MS but its not happening with me. Can anyone help me in this?

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  • 07/05/16--08:27: Project Plan Access Help
  • Hi

    I have a set of project plans in which there are summary tasks containing tasks.

    Is there a way to make it so people can only see certain summary tasks and what is under them? (not a filtered view, more security related or similar)

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    I am getting the following error when I save a project:

    Error Id: 9000(0x2328)

    Job Type: Save,

    Error Desc: "The project could not be saved tot he server. Please retry saving the project. If the problem persists save as mpp and contact your administrator......"

    This is a project identified as a subproject in another project that was created by let say project manager A. When PM A saves it, it works fine.  When the other PM B is saving it, he gets the error message.

    When we try the same thing but with a project that is not a subproject,  then it works fine.  It can be saved by PM A or B without problem.

    Any idea of the problem?



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    Dear all,

    I'm using Internet Explorer 9.0.7 kb 2699988.

    I receive this message when browse to Project Center, Approval Center, Server Setting...

    "This Web Part requires at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0. For more information, contact your Project Server Administrator."

    I tried to remove and install Internet Explorer 9 again, and still this error.

    What should I do now?

    Thanks very much.

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    I've just completed upgrading Oracle apps on a stand-alone Windows 7 Pro platform. The destination company wants the app separated into Client vs Server installation. I've never set up a server. I have a Windows 7 Home Edition which would be the 'client' with the Window 7 Pro as the server.

    Can anyone help or point me to what I would need to do?

    What I've got is JDK, WLS (WebLogic Server) and Oracle Forms & Reports installed on the Win7 Pro. What I need is to setup the Win7 HE (client) to connect to the Win7 Pro (server).

    Thank you

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    Hi everyone,

    I have recently patched my PS 2016 from RTM through all CUs to the CU June 2016
    As result, most of the userviews were deleted: pjrep.MSP_EpmTask/Project/Resource/Assignment_UserView. some userviews for engagements and SharePoint remained, but the essential ones are gone. New databases also have this behaviour.

    Does anyone else have that issue?

    Thank you and kind regards,

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    I have a PWA 2103 Project Detail Page with a Basic Info Web part with several Enterprise Custom fields. Several users have reported that they are making updates to the fields on the form, Closing the form and checking in the project. When they re-enter their project the entries do not appear to have changed on the Project Detail page, but when they select Edit from the ribbon bar, the changes are displayed in the editable fields on the page. This does not happen to everyone and happens sporadically for users that have reported the problem.

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    I have a Sharepoint 2013/SQL Server 2012/Project Server 2013 installation on Windows Server 2012.

    We are a small facility with 25 users and use this server for our content management and also timesheet entry. We recently decided that we should have a "development" environment that mirrors this server but I'm having trouble creating as such. I can install everything but when I get to Project Server it says it requires an enterprise license...does this mean we would have to buy another sharepoint enterprise license to create this test/development environment?

    Thanks for any suggestions on how best to achieve this.

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    Hello All,

    I want to understand the difference between Submit, Checkin, Save and Commit in Project Server 2013. I want to understand in all aspects espcially what happens in the backend. Any good reference on this would be good enough.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I have a PWA instance in Production Server. Previously everything was working fine then recently when I tried to create a project and assigned tasks to my resources and published my resources do not receive any email notification. But when I, or any resource update their task and click on Save Status, I am able to receive the email alert.

    The SMTP Settings is definitely correct as I am able to receive the email alerts for task updates.

    In the Manage My Alerts and Reminders Settings the following options are ticked:

    Please advise If I need to check anywhere? All suggestions/insights are highly appreciated.


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    When Adding or modifying an issue within Project Server 2013 (PWA) on some projects the dbo.MSP_WssIssue don’t update. To update the issue list we have to go into connected Sharepoint Sites find the project with the issue and synchronize the project once this is done we see the changes in the dbo.MSP_WssIssue.  This has just started a couple of days ago no CU or Patches have been installed. Our Project Server 2013 is on the March 2016 CU. Project Server 2013 is installed on windows 2012 server with latest updates and SQL 2012 with the latest updates. Need assistance Thanks

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  • 07/04/16--08:10: PROJECT ONLINE JAVA SDK
  • I have a Java Web application and recently have purchased license for Project Online.

    I want to integrate this Project Online Solution in my application. I didn't find any JAVA SDK in the Microsoft Developer section.

    Does Microsoft provide any JAVA SDK for this ?

    Can I integrate this solution into my application ?

    Are there any sample application available for the same ?

    Please help.....

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    I'm trying to add Multi-line project level custom field to one of the View of Project Center, but that fields isn't showing up there to add. Is this something restriction from Project Server? Or is there some setting that allows to show in the view?

    Req: Need to show list of data in the project center to export using excel. 

    Thanks, Ram

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been using “Reschedule uncompleted work to start after” with “Status date” to bring back tasks on resource that are stuck in the past (use of Timesheets for the actual work). What is the rule redistributing the “Remaining work” after the “Status Date” ? 
    Updating on a project scale leaves the graphical representation of the remaining work with a bump at the “Status date”. 
    It is as if the remaining work were spread just on a short duration after the “Status date”, instead of being leveled over the whole remaining duration of the task … On the other hand, the finish date is often moved after this operation, letting me believe the remaining task might have been shifted in time. Which of these behaviors is used by the tool? 
    Is there parameters in the tool that sets the behavior of “Update project” ? Some of my project manager would like to have a task in “fixed duration” not having the finish date to be modified by the update (due date is sacred, they want to show that the unit is increasing on the resource) … therefore the remaining work coming from the past should be leveled over the whole task…

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Everyone,

    The resource graph in MS Project Pro shows only the whole workload on a person per project(s).

    In order to give a different perspective on the workload, I am trying to build a Report that would highlight the workload on a task among the rest of the project workload.

    Selecting the task would show only the strip of workload concerning it.

    The filter I am struggling to build is the one taking into account only the workload of THE “Selected Task” …

    Would anybody know how to proceed?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi All,

    Please suggest for the below:

    external data refresh failed sharepoint 2013 an error occurred while working on data model in the workbook

    we are trying to refresh our report on browser getting below, we are using SharePoint 2013.

    This happens when you choose Data > "Refresh Selected Connection" or "Refresh All Connections"

    If we are trying to refresh data from browser getting error even we are opening the same report in excel getting different error.

    We have review below link but still problem is exist:

    Please suggest for further step to solve this issue.

    Thanks & Regards,


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    Can Project Online be integrated with TFS on-premise? If so, does the TFS users who will only access via Visual Studio need to purchase Project Lite subscriptions?


    Woon Woon Gan

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  • 07/06/16--04:33: Column disappeared from View
  • Hi All,

    I had created a custom field "Remarks" in PS 2010 for Task Entity. I had added the same in a Timesheet viewA. This field was present in the MSP_TimesheetLine_UserViewCF view of the Reporting database. We created an SSRS report and used this column for reporting purpose.

    After a year I create a new custom field "Product" for task entity and added it to timesheet viewB. Then suddenly the SSRS report stops working just to know that the "Remarks" column has disappeared from the MSP_TimesheetLine_UserViewCFview and the Product column is now appearing. 

    How is it possible that a column can disappear from a view? Can I retrieve the "Remarks" column in the MSP_TimesheetLine_UserViewCFview? Kindly help.

    Cheers, Amit Wairkar

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    Please help with the below issue:

    We are facing the below mentioned error on regular basis in our server:

    Failed to generate raster diagram for file http://ServerURL/Afdelingen1.vsdx page Image3 Error : System.IO.FileNotFoundException: S:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Data\VisioServer\VisioCachef26002cc-8563-4a44-9cfb-681bd47106cd\VisioBundledb8c5796c4ba4ca8a8077d69ad49e0da.cache

       at Microsoft.Office.Visio.Server.GraphicsServer.DiskCache.ReadBundlePart(Bundle bundle, Int32 index)

       at Microsoft.Office.Visio.Server.GraphicsServer.ServiceCore.GetRasterPageItem(RasterPageItemRequest request)

       at Microsoft.Office.Visio.Server.GraphicsServer.VisioGraphicsService.GetRasterPageItem(RasterPageItemRequest request)

    We tried the below resolution from the internet but of no help:

    • Server Reboot.
    • We have also given full control to the service account accessing the Visio server folder and the Visio Cache folder.
    • We have also done the IIS Reset.

    Kindly help.

    My name is yogendra

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    We are unable to retrieve the deleted project from the project center... we are able to view the project in Server Settings --> Delete Enterprise object --> under Delete Projects from Draft and Published Databases.

    We are in hosted environment, we are unable to ProjTool to recover. Any suggestions will be really helpful.

    We have also checked in Project professional 2010 with View All files.

    Umesh S

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