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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Is there a way to configure PWA so that it can store and display cost fields or number fields with up to e.g., 6 decimal places instead of the standard 2 decimal places?

    Note, we are using version 2013.

    \Spiro Theopoulos, Montreal, QC (Canada)

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    I have already checked in calculation options that days less than or equal to zero and critical task box is checked. All tasks with zero slack are showing in Gantt as Critical = No Help!

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  • 03/03/16--10:26: Project Deliverables
  • After the recent updates, the deliverables are no longer giving red exclamation mark in manage deliverables section on project plan after the finish dates on server (deliverable list) are different from that on the project plan tasks to which deliverable is linked. Any help appreciated

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    We are using Project Server 2010 and we just had our clients and infrastructure updated on 3/1/16 with the 2/9/16 hotfixes (KB3114568).  We are on version 14.0.7166.5000.

    Users are intermittently experiencing issues where task actuals of 0h are entered into the schedule for completed and in progress tasks. 

    For completed tasks: the last actuals were some time in the past, but project is calculating an actual finish of sometime well in the future.  When I look at the actual work in a usage view, 0h are filled out up until the Actual Finish that was created in the schedule.  When i try to change the Stop/Resume date or manually change the actual finish to today (or any other day), i get the sync to protected actuals dialogue and the date reverts to the error.

    For tasks with remaining work: it fills 0h's in randomly for some time forward, then splits the remaining work to begin on a random date.

    Other information:

    -Resources enter actuals via Timesheets only

    -PMs are the status managers, approve hours and import actuals

    -the stop/resume date for the task can not be reset to bring the task back in so the actual finish remains well in the future (protected actuals error)

    -changing the work contour does nothing

    -this issue did not exist until we updated to the 2/9 hotfix (I do not know what hotfix we were at prior)

    I rolled back my client to the November 2015 version 14.0.7162.5000 and I am still running into the same bugs.  I'm running out of ideas and would appreciate some help!

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    I have seen many times that MS Project shows more hours, fi for one resource in a certain month. Now I see, that PWA shows more hours than MSP (directly after publishing, published version openen in MSP). Also, it is a strange number on a task level, fi 19.905 hours (19 hours and then 3 decimals).

    This happens on some projects, not all, and in these projects for some months, not all, some tasks, not all.

    Who has seen this happening before? What could be the reason?



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    Hi, is there a solution for this issue we see:

    When approving/rejecting a timesheet, a pop-up window appears with a comment field. This comment field contains 12 free characters, before the text begins.

    Do you know about a fix?

    Thanks a lot.


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    could you put this please to your clean-up list?

    When leaving unsaved the Responsibility section, the attached message occurs, asking to stay or leave the page.

    Within the message the word Change is written not correctly: chnage.


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    can you please help at this issue we see:

    The behaviour of the browser window is inconsistent, when do the following:

    • Open browser with small window size
    • Call Project Center
    • Enlarge browser window width
    • Result: Project Center Frame will enlarge according to browser window --> this is correct
    • Then shrink browser window again
    • Result: Project Center Frame will NOT shrink according to browser window

    Do you know about a fix for this bahaviour?



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    I work for a large UK based technology company and we use Project Server 2010 for our enterprise projects internally. We have been using it for 5+ years now and have only recently come across an issue which is:

    Project managers schedule a number of sequentially linked tasks with a finish-to-start relationship. The same enterprise resource is allocated on all tasks. Say each task is 2 weeks' worth of work and the resource is allocated 100% so the duration of each task is 2 weeks/10 days.

    Actual work can only be entered via timesheets. The resource inserts manually into the timesheet for week 1 the task scheduled for week 3, and enters 8h of actuals on Monday only. This time is submitted, which goes to the status manager for approval (this is typically the same project manager who scheduled the tasks in the plan). This shows up in the approval center as 8h on Monday highlighted in red and 0h in black for the following 4 days and the following week ie. the total duration of the task. 

    Project manager approves this time, and opens the project schedule in MS Project 2010. We can now see the 8h in the Task Usage view on Monday. Project manager saves and checks in the plan. The next time the project manager opens the plan, they can see the 8h of actuals in the Task Usage view, plus 0h of actual work in every day for 2 weeks! Project has moved the task Stop date to the last day of that 2 week duration, NOT to the last day the resource submitted actual work! Resume dates have also moved by 2 weeks, which has the effect of moving the scheduled finish dates out and therefore the whole project timeline.

    Our user community insist they have been working this way for over 3 years, and that this issue was NOT present on Sunday 17th Jan. On Tuesday 19th Jan this was reported to us as a critical issue. I have spent weeks trying to properly understand what is happening and doing root cause analysis. I can only think something has changed... but then we operate an established ITIL change management process and there have been no changes on our Application Servers or any of the WFE's, or in SQL. The final thing to establish is whether our end-user computing team have rolled out a group policy or other change to the operating system.

    Does anyone know if there is a bug documented in Project Server 2010 that could cause this behaviour?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I just completed an upgrade from Project Server 2010 to 2013. The upgrade process went smoothly and everything appears to be working except timesheet submission and timesheet status updates. We have single entry mode enabled and when I edit/save a timesheets, it appears to save fine.

    When a timesheet change is made, the Your timesheet has unsaved changes... message appears and the task process status changes toNot Submitted.

    After the timesheet is saved, the Your timesheet is open, You can send updates or turn it in... message appears.

    I am not sure it is saving properly though because there are no queue jobs (failed, complete, or processing) of typeTimesheet Update, only Reporting (Timesheet Save) and Reporting (Timesheet Project Aggregation).

    If I select the Send > Send Progress for All Tasks or Send Progress for Selected Tasks option, the Submit Timesheet Line dialog is displayed and I can clickOK. The process status for the task does not change to Awaiting Approval, but no error is displayed. The only queue task after the status update is of typeNotifications and I get the email notification that an update was submitted, but no approvals show up in theApprovals view.

    If I select the Send > Turn in Final Timesheet option, there are not related queue jobs (notification or timesheet submit).

    If I go to the Tasks view in PWA and use the Send Status > All Tasks orSelected Tasks options, the process status changes to Awaiting Approval, aNotifications queue job is processed, I get the notification email, and the updates show up in theApprovals view. I can then Accept the updates in the Approvals view and a Status Update, Project Checkin, and Project Workflow Check-in jobs are processed in the queue.

    If I disable Single Entry Mode and update a timesheet line, the process status changes to Not Submitted. If I submit the update from the timesheet the process status goes back to blank, a Reporting (Timesheet Save) and Reporting (Timesheet Project Aggregation) queue jobs are processed, no Notificationsqueue job is processed, and no updates appear in the Approvals view. I am able to submit the timesheet for approval though.

    Throughout the process, there are no failed queue jobs, no errors in the ULS logs, and no errors in the PWA UI. I am currently combing through the SQL transaction logs, but have not found anything yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    When a user goes to the Timesheet Adjustment page in PWA 2013 they see all the timesheets they have access to. If they try to use the Date > Fiscal Period filter or the Resource Name filter, the filters reset to their default values and no timesheets are filtered from the list. If they use the Custom Date Range filter, the list will filter based off the entries. This is the same for all users.

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    Project Server 2010: My Timesheet Resources Link(timeshhethistory.aspx) fails to Load. Eventually I get this message  "Error: Troubleshhoot Share Point Foundation Issue"  .Resource Center, Project Center, Approval Center as well as my own timesheet links work fine. Error says sarepoint foundation issue. I do not have this issue loggin in from an a PWA administrator's PC as myself. Could there be an issue with memory on the sp server I'm hitting in the pool?

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    Hi all

    I'm new in Project Server and Microsoft EPM, so my question may seem basic.

    I'm not an admin of the EPM and I can't check in one of the projects in project center. How can I do that without asking EPM administrator to force check in?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi All,

    I was having a requirement to show all the projects on PWA site collection Home Page. For this, I have added "Projects Site" web part from "Project Web App" category. everything works fine, noticed that, soon after adding the Projects site web part an empty ribbon space is getting displayed as shown in below image


    after clicking on browse button it is displaying project tile


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    Hi All,

    We have a project server workflow which is supposed to create a project site using project site template. Recently, it was decided to replace existing project site template with new one. New site template was created using Project server. I detached it from the project and then saved it as a template. It was associated with a an existing EPT and then I tried creating project using EPT. But project site is not getting created but It is throwing following error every time through mail. There is no queue job failed/cancelled in Manage Queues:

    Error :

    Fault Message: ProjectServerError(s) LastError=WSSCreateSiteFailure Instructions: Pass this into PSClientError constructor to access all error information 

    Please help me



    Mayur Pode

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    My customer would like to have the cost of external resources as a separate field in the project center view in PWA.

    I created a resource custom field 'cost category' and included values external/internal/hardware/out-of-pocket.

    Is it possible to create a formula for the project custom field like in Excel you would do SUMIF. It seems however i cannot base it on a resource custom field...

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    I have created a Project level ECF, and set with a Lookup table.

    I have chosen a value from Lookup table (by using Default value) - also mark check at "Choose a value to use as a default when adding new items" But when I go for creating a new project via PWA, that ECF does not show default value.


    Noman Sohail

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    Dear All,

    As i was in progress to making workflows in sharepoint designer this is my first project of implementing project server 2013 and executing the workflows,in the continuation of this i followed below mentioned link to go through the process of WORKFLOWS but got some issue


    ISSUE: Is that the SUBMIT Button is grayed out after saving initial proposal plan. Snapshot is attached.

    I have checked in/out process along with this gone through re-executed the whole process same result occurred.

    Suggestion/Help needed... 


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    The current Project Server 2013 environment consists of:

    1. AppServer – Domain x
    2. WebServer – Domain X
    3. SQLServer – Domain Y

    What I would like to do is migrate the SQL server from Domain y to Domain x, same as the APP and Web servers.

    I have researched this and cannot fine any info related to Moving SQL 2012 which is used by Project Server 2013 to a new domain.

    Any information would be approached.

    Mike Tichenor

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