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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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  • 02/14/16--07:18: bilgisayar
  • 26ee0668-a00a-44d7-9371-beb064c98683 bu hatayı nasıl değistirebilirim win 7

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    Hi Experts

    I am new to Pivot Tables usage, and having a small doubt. Can someone clarify it, that which version of excel should be used for using PIVOT tables?

    Excel Standard, Excel Professional, Excel Professional Plus, Excel Enterprise.



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    Hi iam using (windows server 2008 r2) this with a 5 license copy of Remote desk top connection.In one my laptops i have shifted to win8.1 ,when i login i get a error which says it cannot connect and need a upgrade.can somebody help to solve this.iam able to connect using Win7



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    Will the SharePoint 'current user filter' work with a pivot table report in Excel Web Access ? It works well when I have data as a table in my excel report but nothing is displayed when I insert a pivot table and connect it to the filter.

    Bala Bhavana

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    Hi Everyone

    Our developers have created few extra risks columns to store relative data in the risks table. However these columns do not appear in the dbo.MSP_WssRisk table. Still SP does show proper data when someone opens a project site and then risks list. Can you pls advise how does SP/Project server stores extra columns. The need of the hour is that developers need to fetch this data for Reporting purposes in another BI application.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks Mohit

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    I want to add/make a custom report that can be utilized in every project using MS Project 2013 (reports section) or may be Project Serer 2013.

    Can we make Reports Template like Project Schedule Template?

    How to achieve this?


    Noman Sohail

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    in our scenario I am facing computer visibility problem, please rectify me is there any issue or what.

    my problem is when I tried to search any computer in my network places some computers not showing in there.

    I am facing this issue in domain and workgruop also.

    if I double click on Network and in the network screen if I refresh the screen the result will be different every time, why I am facing this issue.

    Thanks in advance.


    Prashant Mane


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    Are there recommended limits to the size of the resource pool for a project using enterprise resources?  A client has a project with 650 enterprise resources added to resource pool and experiencing performance issues with Project Server 2010.

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  • 02/16/16--11:00: Batch files
  • Hello, i would like to know what would be the windows batch equivalent would be for this linux script

    #!/bin/bash echo -n "Sphere OD" read -s sphereod echo echo -n "Cylinder OD" read -s cylod echo echo -n "Axis OD" read -s axisod echo echo -n "Sphere OS" read -s sphereos echo echo -n "Cylinder OS" read -s cylos echo echo -n "Axis OS" read -s axisos echo modsphod=$(echo $cylod + $sphereod | bc) modcylod=$(echo $cylod '*' -1 | bc) placeod=$((axisod+90)) modaxisod=$((placeod%180))

    #makes the output of modaxisod between 0-180 modsphos=$(echo $cylos + $sphereos | bc) modcylos=$(echo $cylos '*' -1 | bc) placeos=$((axisos+90)) modaxisos=$((placeos%180))

    #makes the output of modaxisos between 0-180 echo "Original" echo "$sphereod : $cylod x $axisod" echo "$sphereos : $cylos x $axisos" echo "Converted" echo "$modsphod : $modcylod x $modaxisod" echo "$modsphos : $modcylos x $modaxisos" read -p "Press Enter to Continue"

    the script converts negative cylinder glasses prescription to positive cylinder.  and requires two decimal places.  what i have been able to gather so far is:

    @echo off
    set /p sphereod="Sphere OD:"
    set /p cylod="Cylinder OD:"
    #and so on
    set /a modsphereod=%sphereod% + %cylod%
    set /a modcylod=%cylod% * -1
    #it doesn't appear to like the decimals and ignores #them.  on the:
    #part i dont even know where to begin
    echo "original"
    echo "%sphereod% + %cylod% x %axisod%
    echo "converted"
    echo "%modsphod% + %modcylod% x %modaxisod%"
    if it isnt possible, then i guess it isnt. 

    also sorry if this isnt the right forum thead to post this on.

    thank you for your time.

    joe les

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  • 02/16/16--01:29: Reporting Project Server
  • Hi,

    I am a BI developer and have been asked to do some operational and BI reports on project server.

    I have done reporting in SSRS mostly and wanna use Power BI this time.

    I am referring this link

    Any good reference of using Power BI with project server and also any reference to using the sharepoint lists .. any small info will work as I am doing a PoC and will have to confirm and start dev soon

     Thanks in advance

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    I have office 2016 and prefer to save all of my files in the "online locations" so that I can access my documents on other computers as well. I have been trying to add another folder but when I do, a popup shows up that says I do not have permissions to connect. How do I fix this? 

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    I just completed an upgrade from Project Server 2010 to 2013. The upgrade process went smoothly and everything appears to be working except timesheet submission and timesheet status updates. We have single entry mode enabled and when I edit/save a timesheets, it appears to save fine.

    When a timesheet change is made, the Your timesheet has unsaved changes... message appears and the task process status changes toNot Submitted.

    After the timesheet is saved, the Your timesheet is open, You can send updates or turn it in... message appears.

    I am not sure it is saving properly though because there are no queue jobs (failed, complete, or processing) of typeTimesheet Update, only Reporting (Timesheet Save) and Reporting (Timesheet Project Aggregation).

    If I select the Send > Send Progress for All Tasks or Send Progress for Selected Tasks option, the Submit Timesheet Line dialog is displayed and I can clickOK. The process status for the task does not change to Awaiting Approval, but no error is displayed. The only queue task after the status update is of typeNotifications and I get the email notification that an update was submitted, but no approvals show up in theApprovals view.

    If I select the Send > Turn in Final Timesheet option, there are not related queue jobs (notification or timesheet submit).

    If I go to the Tasks view in PWA and use the Send Status > All Tasks orSelected Tasks options, the process status changes to Awaiting Approval, aNotifications queue job is processed, I get the notification email, and the updates show up in theApprovals view. I can then Accept the updates in the Approvals view and a Status Update, Project Checkin, and Project Workflow Check-in jobs are processed in the queue.

    If I disable Single Entry Mode and update a timesheet line, the process status changes to Not Submitted. If I submit the update from the timesheet the process status goes back to blank, a Reporting (Timesheet Save) and Reporting (Timesheet Project Aggregation) queue jobs are processed, no Notificationsqueue job is processed, and no updates appear in the Approvals view. I am able to submit the timesheet for approval though.

    Throughout the process, there are no failed queue jobs, no errors in the ULS logs, and no errors in the PWA UI. I am currently combing through the SQL transaction logs, but have not found anything yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have seen many times that MS Project shows more hours, fi for one resource in a certain month. Now I see, that PWA shows more hours than MSP (directly after publishing, published version openen in MSP). Also, it is a strange number on a task level, fi 19.905 hours (19 hours and then 3 decimals).

    This happens on some projects, not all, and in these projects for some months, not all, some tasks, not all.

    Who has seen this happening before? What could be the reason?



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  • 02/18/16--00:49: Logs in Project Server 2013
  • Hi,

    In Project Server 2013, as a Project Manager I use to approve tasks every week in Approvals page in PWA.

    Is there a way to check which tasks I approved two weeks back? I mean which are all the tasks request I received for approval.

    I need to see that week wise.




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    Hi, we have a new project server 2013 installation (not a migration from 2010 to 2013) and I am looking for a smoke test document.

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    When a Plan is created and resources are assigned in MS Project Pro, the default work contour isFlat. But, if I change the project owner in project server, work contour values for the assigned resources are changing toContoured. I am not sure if this is expected behavior. If it indeed is expected, can anyone explain the logic behind it?

    I have checked in both the 2010 and 2013 versions it is showing the same behavior.

    Thanks for the anticipated support.


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    Hi all,

    We're considering upgrading to 2016 - what are the main advantages of 2016 over 2010 and is 2016 bwards compatible with 2010?


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    I have never posted a question before on these discussions. So if it is in the wrong spot please let me know.

    Before we bought SharePoint, the user was using Project 2003 and then we wanted the guys out on the field to update the progress on the job they did. So we bought SharePoint and Project 2013 - The user has uploaded his Master Schedule and remapped the subprojects to where we had put the file in the folder "documents". So when he opens the master schedule and updates one task to 100% and hits save - the box pops up and asks to update all files, we hit yes to all and go back to the sub-project and it is not updated. But if we go to the sub-project and open it and make a change it will update the master. I am not sure what we are doing wrong with a setting or it can't be done.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

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    We use 2 summary task levels for some projects and I am strugging to get the summary task info displayed in the timesheet (needed for clarity to distinguish between same tasks under different summary tasks).

    to display summary level one (of one) I use the task hierarchy field successully (if and only if I so the first project publish from the client - not from the browser).

    With 2 summary levels present in the project plan, I can't get the task hierarchy field to display anything - if it did display what should I expect it to show - task summary 1, or 2, or both?

    All help appreciated (what if i could just get those pesky PMs so simplify their GANTTS :) - working on that too...)

    A reluctant Texas Tonie

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    Is there a way to get the task list view in 2010 to behave like the one in 2003, by counting the total of hours per day and so on ?


    I'd like to have it add together all hours under each summary/mother task and also add together the hours per day.


    I've seen the plugin from but I'd really like to get this functionality straight into the existing webpart, and not add another webpart just to get a few numbers added together.

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