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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    PS 2007

    My organization is wanting to have the resources status their tasks via the My Tasks page, but have their department manager approve the updates prior to submitting the updates to the PM for approval.

    Is this kind of multi-level approval possible?  I think what they're wanting to avoid is having the resource request more hours on a task without going through their own department manager first.


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    My colleague and I are using Project Professional 2016. I have created and finalized a schedule, published it to the server, reopened it to check and found everything is OK.

    When my colleague opened the schedule, he found one resource corrupted as following:

    1. The resource is Material instead of Work (the type I created as an enterprise resource)

    2. Resource name is blank (in the resource sheet)

    3. Resource is displayed in the Task Resource Names as [Work] rather than name

    4. The enterprise resource is not in the resources list in Build Team dialog

    On his client, we altered the resource to be Work, and replaced the blank resource with the correct enterprise resource, and it worked. However, when I opened the schedule from my client, the resource went back to be Material with blank Name

    What could be the reason and how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance


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    How to create PWA site in sharepoint 2016

    Amar Singh IT Analyst , Consulting

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    I have 50 projects in MS Project Server 2010.  All were created with MS Project Pro and then stored and published on the server.  I have spent almost a year getting MS Project Server 2010 up and running and have the latest Service Packs and August 2011 CUs installed on both MS Project Server 2010 and MS Project Professional (64-bit and 32-bit versions). 

    I noticed today that when trying to view the resouce assignments for one project in Team Planner using MS Project Pro on the workstation, the tasks for the current project were not displayed (tasks for "Other Projects" did appear).  I then went to the gantt chart view in MS Project Pro to the task to check to see if the resources were assigned.  The work and duration were both populated with numbers, but the resource column was empty.  I double-clicked on the task and checked the resource tab of the information dialog box and it was also empty.

    I then close the project (did not save or publish), and opened the project with PWA.  The resouce column was populated.  When I went to the PWA resource allocation, the tasks were definitely assigned to those resources.

    This is the same project in two different views.  I checked a few more projects and had the same issues.  Any idea of what's going on. The data appears to be fine in PWA, but not when I open it from MS Project Pro.  I have tried this from both the 32-bit and the 64-bit workstation with the same results.

    Any idea as to why this is happening?  I really need this to work!  Trish :)

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    Friends, in addition to providing the solutions about Microsoft Exchange OST to Outlook Conversion, can anyone help us out with some screenshots too please. It will help us to understand the things better.

    Well, I would like to add that I have used a software that has proven to be very useful. You guys must check it out:

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    I have created Lookup Table based Project Custom Field (Project Status)

    When I select "Deferred Project" in Project Status field, I want all tasks should be "Inactive" that none resource can have tasks in their Timesheets.


    If I select "Deferred Project" in Project Status field, all assigned resources should be removed from that Project.


    Noman Sohail

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    I have a question/problem with users defined in MSPS 2013.

    Some users was created as Local resources and are assigned to tasks.
    Now these users (same name) was created as PWA users. So they are correctly defined as Sharepoint and can use their active directory id to connect to PWA.
    There are now two entries in the Resources for the same name but with different ID. This looks normal.

    My questions:
    How it is possible to move the assignment from the local resource definition to the PWA user for the same name?
    Do we need to delete the PWA user and import the local definition to the PWA definition?  

    Thank you in advance for any advises.
    Pascal Jean

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    I'm having a hard time with the field "Description" on the Project Detail Page.

    Once I insert the information and save, nothing happens.

    The Sharepoint gives a warning that the edit field has been successfully saved but as soon as I update the page or when check this same field in an Excel Services report, it was simply not updated. 

    There are many reports linked with this field and I could use some help of yours to solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I want to update "Project Status Date" via SQL "Update" query for all Projects.

    How can I achieve this?

    Or any other way to update Project Status Date in Bulk for all projects?


    Noman Sohail

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    On our project plan, we had resources assigned to a task. Overnight, it seems like, many of our resources were changed to Unassigned.

    Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what was the cause? If not, what might be the cause?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am customizing Calendar in Project server, in which I have added the holidays and change the working time (working hours are 7) successfully.  


    Now when I am creating a new project using project professional. It is considering 8 hrs working per day.

    Is it default behavior?  Do we need to change the settings in project professional separately?

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    I have custom field as an project attribute ((Project Type) Value = 'A') and there are 200 projects in the Project Server 2010. I would like change the custom field (Type value )value 'A' to 'B' of 150 projects through SQL Query.

    It is a laborious job to open each project through PWA update the field and then save, publish and check-in, instead i would like to directly update into database. 

    How can i acheived through SQL Query.




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    Hello Everyone,

    I have customized the default calendar, in which i have added some holidays and change the working time.

    Now I have an .mpp file which I want to save on my project server. For this I open the file in project professional and select my required profile while opening the project professional. Now when I click on the change working time it is not showing me the holidays and custom timing. Whereas when i am selecting any other calendar it is showing me all the holidays in that calendar.

    Now when I try to save the project it is showing me below popup to chose enterprise calendar.

    Why it is not showing me the custom holidays and timings and asking me to select a calendar whereas standard calendar is already associated with it.

    Thanks in advance. 

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    When publishing a project from PWA the custom master page gets applied to the project site, but when publishing from Project Professional it does not. How can I force publishing from Project Professional to use the custom master page?

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    Hello All,

    I have set up an On-Premise Project server 2013 with Workflow manager configured.

    However, I am running into issues publishing project server 2013 workflow with the following

    Microsoft.Workflow.Client.ActivityValidationException: Workflow XAML failed validation due to the following errors:
    Cannot create unknown type '{clr-namespace:Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.WorkflowActivities}EnterProjectStage'. HTTP headers received from the server - ActivityId: 0a1bbbe4-394a-434d-a3ee-23b474db6267. NodeId: WEMASP. Scope: /SharePoint/default/6a0d6ec2-5fa4-421e-9ee2-504efcde9f05/cd335dca-e1a4-436c-9ffa-be852612ad1a. Client ActivityId : 07eb129d-2b4c-0054-7f5b-7b5feede2340. --->

    This only occurs with Project Server 2013 and not Sharepoint server 2013, please any clues.



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    I'm working in a Project Server 2013 on-premise environment.

    When I add a 'SQL Server Reporting Services Report Viewer' Web Part connected to a 'Query String (URL) Filter' to furnish the 'ProjUid' from the URL to support an SSRS Report, everything works perfectly. The SSRS Report in the PDP renders the correct Project information per PDP, as I navigate to different Projects.

    However, when modifying other fields in the same 'PDP' (via the usual 'Basic Info' Web Parts), upon using the [Save] button in the Ribbon to save the Project, nothing happens. The modified PDP data and in effect the Project will not save.

    Additionally, after then attempting to [Close] the Project, upon clicking on the [OK] button in response to the 'Check it in' message, the 'Processing...' message is displayed at the top right of the screen and the [Edit], [Save] and [Close] buttons in the Ribbon are all grayed out, but things are frozen in that state.

    I can then navigate to the Project Center, via the Quick Launch Bar. However, the Project then needs to be force checked-in.

    Is this a known bug? 

    If not, is there something in the configuration of the 'SQL Server Reporting Services Report Viewer' Web Part connected to a 'Query String (URL) Filter' Web Part that I am not aware of which could be causing this?

    As mentioned, the report appears to be working just fine. As a test, I removed both Web Parts from the PDP and the Save process returns to working as normal.

    Any suggestions or tips on how to correct this situation would be very much appreciated.



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  • 02/24/16--09:21: PS2010 Archive Database
  • Hi, I would like to run a report against the Archive database and pull out details for previously archived projects including their custom fields.  Is this possible and what options are available?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • 02/24/16--11:47: Project site created event
  • Hi,
    I would like to run a task when the sharepoint project site has been created and completely provisioned.

    I have tried using the project published event but the project site has not been created yet in that event.

    How can I accomplish this feature?

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    Hi, I understand the RBS method however can I confirm that if a Project Manager setsproject level permissions for someone to see a project that an RBS based view would normally exclude would it then be made visible?



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    What impact does the "Contribute to Project Web App" global permission in the General section have in EPM 2010?

    Frank Jutte Winvision ( Project Manager / EPM Consultant

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