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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Client of ours has patched Project Server 2010 to SP2 and August 2015 CU level. They run Office 2013. However when selecting the Export to Excel from the Project Center or Resource Center, only a blank Excel sheet is generated.  Anyone have any ideas.   We've seen all the previous posts about the earlier CU's supposedly fixing this issue but it seems to have reverted back. Since PS2010 is also part of the Corporate SP Farm, the registry hack that is a workaround to this problem in earlier posts is not an option, since the hack breaks the functionality of Excel files in document libraries.

    We really need to fix this issue and would be grateful if anyone has any ideas ?  or preferably a fix !! :-)

    Many Thanks.  

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    Using project server 2013 on-premise.

    It doesn't sound appropriate but in my case Project Manager wants to insert a resource into multiple projects without opening each projects or using built team option which is very time consuimng, Rather he just want to give resource an access to multiple projects so that resource can at least view the project with limited access.

    Please Suggest.


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  • 01/29/16--03:57: Assignment Approval Process
  • Hi all,

    I am investigating tools to manage resource assignments. Is there guide or help page on assignemtn approval within MS Project Server. I have searched but cannot find discussions on the subject.

    • Is it possible for a project to allocate a resource to a task (either named or generic), and for that resources line manager to either approve or reject that assignment?
    • What then happens if the task slips?
    • Are there any plugins or alternative systems that can exist happily alongside project to manage approvals?

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    Hi everybody,

    We face a special case with one of our Customer.

    Since we've upgraded the servers with the CU of August 2015, the project field 'Description' (the 'out of the box' one) on the project detail page or project information page is not editable anymore.

    We can write on it, the system seems to accept the change but nothing is saved. The field in the database is empty.

    Any help is warmly welcome.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Have a nice day !


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    Hi everyone..

    I have a PWA site that has at least hundreds of projects. Some projects have sub projects and others have more than 500 tasks.

    When i tried to edit a project plan with around 200 tasks, everything works fine. But when i try to edit projects with more than 500 lines of task in browser the page would load for a very long time and throw error. But if i refresh the page seconds after i hit edit in browser the page will then load fine. It seems like the page has to be pushed while loading to display the editable page.

    Im using Project Server 2013 by the way.

    I had updated my above post to be direct with the issue. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Below is the log of the correlation Id of the error, hope this help:

    02/09/2015 15:08:32.84

    w3wp.exe (0x16D8) 0x04EC0xB217023ahjqpHigh[Forced due to logging gap, cached @ 02/09/2015 15:08:32.70, Original Level: Verbose] SQL connection time: 0.080946042024894275f5e79c-783e-a090-5f32-f52e977a9b62

    [Forced due to logging gap, cached @ 02/09/2015 15:08:32.85, Original Level: Verbose] The SecurityTokenServiceHeaderInfo including the correlation ID was added.

    Batch request was created without a batch name, specify a batch name for better telemetry. 
        at System.Environment.GetStackTrace(Exception e, Boolean needFileInfo) 
        at System.Environment.get_StackTrace() 
        at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.DataAccessLayer.DAL.SubDal.GetSqlBatchRequest(String batchName) .....

    [Forced due to logging gap, cached @ 02/09/2015 15:08:33.89, Original Level: VerboseEx] PWA:, ServiceApp:Project Server Service Application... 



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  • 01/29/16--17:28: Project Resources
  • Hi,

    I have allocated resources in a schedule and have the gantt rows coloured based on the resource name using flags. Which is perfect and what I want. However, when I change the resource percentage the colour of the gantt row changes to the default colour.

    Is there a way that I can change the colour of the gantt chart based on the resource and adjust the percentage of time?

    Thank you,


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    Copied Production Project server 2010 databases to the Test 2013 project server environment. All the other steps were completed  successfully but got the following error.

    Error Received on running Upgrade-SPProjectWebInstance powershell command

    Upgrade-SPProjectWebInstance : Post Provision setup failed. PrepareDefaultAdminUsers failed

    Not seeing any solution anywhere online except somebody mentioned to move Project server security mode first to SharePoint and then move back to Project server and it will resolve this error. By doing this, we will lose Project server custom securities and need to add manually which is a hell of work.

    Any help is much appreciated


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  • 02/01/16--00:32: view dropdown list
  • I use Project Server 2013 and Internet Explorer 11.

    I have an issue with the dropdown list in the views as I only see one value. For example in the Project Center, the only option that I have is the "Summary" view. For some strange reason, however, I see the whole list in the Resource Assignment view.

    I assume that there must be a setting somewhere as it used to work a few days ago. 

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    Hi all,

       The issue is that my company would like to Cap costs within Project.  I can do this artifically within Reports, but would like to reports to match the MS Field.

    So basically I need to have a field that calculates the core hours based on 'Base Calendar' - which seems the easy part.  But then I would like to be able to implement a formula similar to below

    If[actual hours]>[core hours],[core hours] * [std rate] ,[actual hours]*[std rate]

    Appreciating this is a simplistic view.  Core Hours represents the field used to calculate the hours from 'Base Calendar'.

    The issue I foresee is that this needs to be a task level calculation, but 'core hours' would be calculated at the Resource level..

    Any assistance would be much appreciated...



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    I use Project Server 2010.

    My tasks look as follows:

    10 repair bedroom (summary task - task hierarchy)
    10.1 Fix mat
    10.2 Paint walls
    10.2 Fix floor tiling

    20 repair dining room  (summary task - task hierarchy)
    20.1 Fix mat
    20.2 Paint walls
    20.2 Fix floor tiling

    When I go to Resource Centre and click on the Resource Assignments I would like to be able to group on Task Hierarchy. In that way I would see, e.g., to which summary task the tasks "Fit mat" apply.

    How do I do it?

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    I have created a basic formula based project level ECF [Profit], it doesn't show the calculated values in Project Center column/view automatically.


    [Project Value] - [Baseline Cost]

    *[Project Value] is my ECF but it is static custom field.

    When I Publish one project, I saw that value in [Profit] field in Project Center

    Am I missing something?


    Noman Sohail

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    Hello All,

    Recently I faced an issue for 1 of our user who wanted to charge time against 'Overtime' field on one of the task in his timesheet but 'Overtime' field was 'Greyed' out.Investigating this issue could not find out much on this as there was nothing wrong from the planning point of view,user timesheet submission point of view or from Database Sync(Published & Reporting) point of view.

    Further digging into issue gave some clue when we compared that particular task(where Overtime was greyed) to the task where users could charge in Overtime and the difference was the Mode of Task scheduling as impacted task was 'Manually Scheduled'.Changing the mode to Auto,the same task was enabled to charge in Overtime.

    Our conclusion was well supported by the blog "" which says its by design.

    I am surprised and not convinced why Manually scheduled tasks are not allowed to charge in Overtime.

    Could I request others to share their thoughts and view on this please? or the logical reason MS would have thought to design in this way.



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    I have a question regarding task schedule recalculation in Project Server 2013.

    I want to prohibit schedule changes based on the team members effort.

    now I have a task with a schedule, one week 8hr per day, and at the first day of the task a team member logs 4hr of effort to this task(0,5 day).

    and there is three types of task type, which can change the reschedule behaviour, but they don't work for me

    1. Fixed Work

    if I use this option, I get + one extra day with 0,5 planned effort.

    2. Fixed Unit

    the same as in First case

    3. Fixed Duration

    in this case 4hr will be splitted and added to planned values for the rest of the days.

    How I want it to be(effort at the first day 0,5 day and nothing changed in schedule and effort planned values):

    in my wanted case i want the planned effort to look like:4,8,8,8,8hr in this week(no additional hours added)

    What should I do to set up such behaviour?

    P.S. I wanted to add a picture, but looks like I can't do it right now due to som TechCenter policies.

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    Using Project Server 2013 On-Premise.

    One Resource is appearing twice in the resource center page, though in manage users, there is only one entry for that resource. What could be the reason behind it. Project report is getting affected bcoz of this.

    How to remove one duplicate entry from resource center.


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    In working with the available information in the "Virtual Cube" MSP_Project_Timesheet (Combines the Assignment Timephased, Resource Timephased, and EPM Timesheet cubes, per the OLAPCubeSchemas2010.xlsx spreadsheet), it looks as if theActual Work Billable/Non Billable measures do *not* include Administrative time that was submitted in the Timesheet.  ThePlanned Work measure *does* include any Administrative time for that period in the Timesheet.

    Is this correct/by design?

    Any help is appreciated here...thanks! - M

    Note: I found this thread (Admin time not in OLAP cube EPM?) but it doesn't address if the actual measure contains all time, including Admin.  Thanks! - M

    Michael Mukalian | Jan 2010 - Dec 2010 MVP SharePoint Services | MCTS: MOSS 2007 Configuration |

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    I use Project Server 2013. How do I show work units in days rather than hours?

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    Hi All,

    I want to ask if i can clear the Lookup value Custom field after i have select one of the options for a project in project detail page of project server 2013


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    I create a custom field in project server 2013 deliverable list with the name of "deliverable cost"  when i run the report then the this custom field not visible in report,also not visible in sql deliverable table.

    How to possible that the custom field of deliverable list is visible in SSR reports

    Thanks in advanced

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    Hello All,

    I have a  requirement which may look simple to some of you but for me at least now is 'Not' and thats why I have come up to this forum where 'Masters' & 'Well experienced' professional of this field can help me by sharing their thoughts and solutions.

    So,the situation is we want to capture 'Actual Cost' with custom calculation in MS Project Professional.Leaving the real 'Actual Cost' field as it is and then create a custom field of cost type which calculates the assignment cost based on applied resource's calendar and what actual effort resource has charged.For e.g. if resource is with Standard Calendar(8 hrs per day) and he charges 9 hours per day in timesheet,we dont want to restrict him to 8 hrs but we want there should be a custom field at task level which calculates this custom cost in Project Plan based on max capped hour(8 hrs) so that we have 2 Actual cost field - one is real 'Actual Cost'(based on 9hrs he charged) and second is 'Custom Actual Cost'(based on capped hrs 8 hrs).In a second scenario,if resource has charged only 7 hrs a day then this 'Custom Actual Cost' should calculate the cost based on 7 hrs only means equal to 'Actual Cost' field.

    I assume this is possible with VB code at Project professional level but not able to start with.So any pointers in this direction would be really helpful.Or entirely a different solution or approach to above mentioned scenario is highly appreciable.

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    Hello Community,

    in the MS Project Server Project Center view you can chose out of different gantt formats.

    For example it is possible to show the standard baseline (without a number) of a Project. So you can createvariance analysis!

    Is it also possible to show baseline 1 - 10?

    In our company we want to show baseline 10 in the Project Center.

    Thanks in advance!

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