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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Project Server 2013 and Project Pro 2013

    I have admin authority but for some of the projects loaded to the server, and published, i cannot see the Schedule option in the left frame. At least on project has this option available but several others do not. For the projects where I can't see the schedules:

    - Some of these projects were created with imported MPP files from Project 2010, and imported using the wizard,

    - Some were created with imported XML files from Project 2010, and imported using the wizard

    - Some were created with Project Pro 2013 and saved, published to the P13 server.

    Are there some obvious things that I should check as a new admin to this version of Project Server? I'm stumped.

    For all of the above projects (with the issue or not) I can succesfully see everything in Project Professional 2013, and everything seems to function normally in the publish process.

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    We have multiple cost rates set for our employees in the resource pool and we recently migrated from Project Server 2007 via 2010 to Project Server 2013.  When I view the resource cost rates as an administrator by opening up the resource from PWA in MS Project, I have set and see a cost rate with two decimal points ($150.50/h).  When I and the Project Managers go into the Resource Information to view the resource cost rates so they can appropriately set per their contractual agreement, they see the rate rounded up with no decimal points ($151/h).  The good thing is that the projects are calculating per the correct rate but the PM's need to be able to see the correct rate.  I can't find any information on how to fix this or where anyone has experienced this other than me.  Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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    Hello All,

    Recently I faced an issue for 1 of our user who wanted to charge time against 'Overtime' field on one of the task in his timesheet but 'Overtime' field was 'Greyed' out.Investigating this issue could not find out much on this as there was nothing wrong from the planning point of view,user timesheet submission point of view or from Database Sync(Published & Reporting) point of view.

    Further digging into issue gave some clue when we compared that particular task(where Overtime was greyed) to the task where users could charge in Overtime and the difference was the Mode of Task scheduling as impacted task was 'Manually Scheduled'.Changing the mode to Auto,the same task was enabled to charge in Overtime.

    Our conclusion was well supported by the blog "" which says its by design.

    I am surprised and not convinced why Manually scheduled tasks are not allowed to charge in Overtime.

    Could I request others to share their thoughts and view on this please? or the logical reason MS would have thought to design in this way.



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    As I mentioned in title, I need to change Gantt chart in ''project center'' to show %work completed instead of % completion which comes from duration. I couldn't find it in PWA setting and elsewhere. Could you please give me your idea to solve this problem?


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    Hi Team,

    In our environment when ever a resource submits the timesheet to resource manager, the Project Server is not sending an alert to Resource Manager about the submission.

    Can any one please provide me the steps to enable the alerts to Resource Manager on a timesheet submission?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I have created a basic formula based project level ECF [Profit], it doesn't show the calculated values in Project Center column/view automatically.


    [Project Value] - [Baseline Cost]

    *[Project Value] is my ECF but it is static custom field.

    When I Publish one project, I saw that value in [Profit] field in Project Center

    Am I missing something?


    Noman Sohail

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    I have an existing report that pulls information from Server using the following select statement

    SELECT datepart(iso_week,MSP_EpmTask_UserView.TaskFinishDate) as [Week] ,

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-Vehicle Type] as [Vehicle],

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[E-Section ID] as [Cont.],

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-WPO] as [WPO],

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-Customer] as [Customer],

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-MS UID] as [UID],

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-Spec] as [Spec] ,

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-Body build Location] as [Body Build] ,

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e_Tendor Category] as [Tender Cat.] ,

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e_CME Config] as [e_Config],

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e_CME Eng] as [e_Eng],

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-CME Comments] as [Comments] FROM

    dbo.MSP_EpmProject_UserView INNER JOIN dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView ON

    MSP_EpmProject_UserView.ProjectUID = MSP_EpmTask_UserView.ProjectUID

    WHERE dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-MS UID] IN ('B0AC','B012','B010','B008','B0CH','B0AR')

    AND dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView.TaskFinishDate BETWEEN

    DATEADD(Week,-1, GETDATE()) and DATEADD(Week,+4, GETDATE())

    AND dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-CME MS Status]='0- Open'

    ORDER BY MSP_EpmProject_UserView.ProjectName, MSP_EpmTask_UserView.TaskFinishDate,


    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-Vehicle Type], MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[E-Section ID],

    MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[e-MS UID]

    in addition to the above I need to add in a column (if it's possible!) to pull though the dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView.TaskFinishDate  as [Into Line] (this has an e-MS UID of B0IB for each of the MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[E-Section ID] as [Cont.] returned.

    Effectively the statement should be do all of the above SQL AND  for each  MSP_EpmTask_UserView.[E-Section ID] return  TaskFinishDate where e-MS UID = B0IB

    Any suggestions?


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    I have a few resources who no longer track time; however, they are still receiving the "You have three unsubmitted timesheets" in their reminders section of the PWA home page. We've made the necessary changes to their individual accounts and made them non-time trackers and I've verified that all their previous timesheets have been submitted and approved. Is there a way to reset the reminder and somehow have it display 0 again?

    OR - is there a way that I can identify which timesheets the reminder is referring to?

    Thanks for any assistance,



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    I am running SSRS reports extracting data from Project Server.  Is there a way to save to directly to MS Project 2013? 

    Thank you for your time.

    Sandy Strong


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    We are on Project server 2010 and need to do an audit of the cost table entries for our active resources. Specifically, I'm looking for the latest 5 entries (effective date and rate) in cost table A and/or B for each resource. 

    Any thoughts or assistance would be appreciated.


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              I am using Windows 7 Service Pack-1 and facing this error when use MS Project Server. My Windows browser is11.0.9600.17691IS

    Updated Version: 11.0.17

    This Web Part requires at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0. For more information, contact your Project Server Administrator.

    Kindly give me solution.

    Thank You!

    Waseem Bukhari



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    I would like to modify the Assignment work by resource or Assignment work by project from Resource Availability view from PWA 2010 for Capacity Planning

    and also add the fields to the views, since the default doesn't fulfill our requirement and also change the sorting order.

    Thanks in advance



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    I work for a large UK based technology company and we use Project Server 2010 for our enterprise projects internally. We have been using it for 5+ years now and have only recently come across an issue which is:

    Project managers schedule a number of sequentially linked tasks with a finish-to-start relationship. The same enterprise resource is allocated on all tasks. Say each task is 2 weeks' worth of work and the resource is allocated 100% so the duration of each task is 2 weeks/10 days.

    Actual work can only be entered via timesheets. The resource inserts manually into the timesheet for week 1 the task scheduled for week 3, and enters 8h of actuals on Monday only. This time is submitted, which goes to the status manager for approval (this is typically the same project manager who scheduled the tasks in the plan). This shows up in the approval center as 8h on Monday highlighted in red and 0h in black for the following 4 days and the following week ie. the total duration of the task. 

    Project manager approves this time, and opens the project schedule in MS Project 2010. We can now see the 8h in the Task Usage view on Monday. Project manager saves and checks in the plan. The next time the project manager opens the plan, they can see the 8h of actuals in the Task Usage view, plus 0h of actual work in every day for 2 weeks! Project has moved the task Stop date to the last day of that 2 week duration, NOT to the last day the resource submitted actual work! Resume dates have also moved by 2 weeks, which has the effect of moving the scheduled finish dates out and therefore the whole project timeline.

    Our user community insist they have been working this way for over 3 years, and that this issue was NOT present on Sunday 17th Jan. On Tuesday 19th Jan this was reported to us as a critical issue. I have spent weeks trying to properly understand what is happening and doing root cause analysis. I can only think something has changed... but then we operate an established ITIL change management process and there have been no changes on our Application Servers or any of the WFE's, or in SQL. The final thing to establish is whether our end-user computing team have rolled out a group policy or other change to the operating system.

    Does anyone know if there is a bug documented in Project Server 2010 that could cause this behaviour?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • 01/27/16--09:10: PWA/Powerpoint viewing
  • I save PPTs to my PWA project site. When I open them up, the view is just a black image. It is fine if I choose "edit in PowerPoint". Is there a setting that needs to be changed for my viewing? Others can click on the PPT and it opens just fine in web view.

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    I am wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior and if so, have found a work around.

    I am running ps 2013 on prem with a December 2015 CU. I have a SharePoint list for idea creation. I am also running in project permissions mode which may be the issue. 

    I am able to create projects, map custom fields etc. However, there are two unique things that do not work:

    1. The project start date cannot be set when using a schedule template (Template start dates work fine if I create through PWA). The start Date is correct if I use the enterprise project with no template
    2. The project owner is set to the person who pushes the "create Project" button no matter the mapping. I have tried every combination of names possible, email, claims, domain email etc. the creator of the list item does not matter. it is who pushes that button. the project setting in the list setting part etc.

    Of course I can, and am changing it after. However, there are a number of things that are problematic with this. 

    • When you change it after and have a workflow involved it is much trickier for the average user
    • The associated "Project Site Owner" is set to the person who is the project owner - thus the one who pushed the button. This does not automatically get updated so later on when the PM wants to add people (like business stakeholders) to the SharePoint site who are not in the ERP. They do not have permission to do so and so there must be some manual work by either an admin or the one who pushed the button.  


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    So that's my question in brief.

    I have a MS Project file that we have created according to our project, and many of the tasks have dynamic predecessor, fore example 14SF+3d thats like after finishing task 14 and another 3 days.

    Now I want to add my project to the project sever, now is where the problem arises. All of the fields, having dynamic scheduling are gone and only simple predecessor fields remain. This made me think that may be Project Server does not support dynamic scheduling at all.

    Is my understanding correct or am I doing something wrong in here?

    Please any help is appreciated.

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    I can not edit a project online from project web app. Please give me instruction on how to do this. When I try to edit the project it just says "Loading" and hangs there.


    Gerald A. Glover

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        Is "DynamicWorkflow Solution Starter" for 2010 still available for download, somewhere?  We wil not be using 2013 anytime in the foreseeable future, and I would like to do some prototype workflows on my Test system.


    JAckson T. Cole, PMP, MCITP

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    I have a user who is trying to sync one of his project schedule to SharePoint list. And when ever he is trying to sync it the ID custom field and the resource name Fields are not syncing with share point.

    1. Its throws an error saying the resource name does not exist in the SharePoint environment.

    2. ID field: when i click on manage fields i cannot see the ID field to sync it to the list.

    3. When trying to get the resource from active directory it throws


    Is there any work around  for this issue.

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    I hope you're all well and thanks for taking the time to read the question.

    Is there a method of exporting the timeline view out of MS Project 2013 Professional into Visio 2013 Professional or Excel 2013. We do not have project server here.

    I've done some searching and can't see anything. Alternatively, are there are third party add-ons that can perform this function?

    Thanks in advance to all that respond.



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