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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Hello All,

    Currently, our default setting for a typical work week is 40 hours/week.  My manager wants to know if there are any technical ramifications from changing the default to 45 hours/week.  I assume that opens up our Resources to being scheduled 45 hours/week.  Are there any other effects/complications that could result from changing the default work week?


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    Hello Everyone,

    I've deployed Project Server 2013 and integrated it with Exchange 2013, Task sync and collection works well in mysites and Sync to Outlook works well.  We however want to show more detail in the Outlook Task Form (Additional Fields defined Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables from PWA) as well as additional fields from standard Project Tasks.  Can anyone shed some light on how/if this can be achieved?

    Kind Regards,


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    I would like to assign an 's' curve or bell curve or something similar to costs within project. My intention is to have the month by month cashflow report accurately represent projected spending, rather than just evenly distributing the cost value across all months.

    Is this possible in MS project? or will I have to export to Excel, and if I do how would I go about doing it there?

    Many thanks in advance


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  • 02/03/16--02:10: Custom field as summary task
  • I use Project Server 2013 and there seem to be some changes in how a custom field is created, compared to how it was done in PWA 2010.

    I would like to create a custom field at summary task level. When I did it in PWA 2010 there was a check box for "Calculations for Assignment Rows to Roll down, unless manually specified". I assume this has to be done in PWA 2013 but it doesn't seem to be an option. 

    There was also "Enterprise Global in Server Settings->Enterprise Global where I could click the Configure Project Professional button". Once again, I can't find it in PWA 2013.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi all,

    I created some custom fields on the task and project level to disply a graphical indicator in the Project Center (Web App).

    Problem: Why Do I have to create a new project in order to see the new custom field taking effect and working?

    For all of the existing projects, the custom field column is empty. I do not want to delete and re-create all of my projects..

    Where is the mistake???


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    Hi Forum users and Project Server Guru's alike,

    I have an Excel sheet that connects to the Projects OData feed. In the Excel file I have a sheet that shows a table with the raw Projects data. This includes a colum with the Project ID (or Project GUID if you prefer).

    I created another sheet that uses VLookup formulas to search the table for specific data related to these projects in the table on my source data sheet. I also have a cel that has a named range field called "ProjectUID".

    After creating this file I was able to upload it to Project Server 2013 (on Prem). And after that I used the Querie string webpart that filtered "ProjectUID" and a excel services webpart that connected with the queriestring to show data relative to a specfic project on a PDP.

    This worked fine untill recently...

    Please view the image, it shows the change in the file (luck has it I saved a 0.9 version and a 1.0 version on the server). I have no clue how the file suddenly shows { } symbols on the Project ID cells. I have no recollection of changing the data.  But I do know that they are messing up my VLookup formulas  and they will not work with the "ProjectUID" value from the Queriestring because the queriestring will produce a value without the { } symbols. 

    Picture of the values that changed overnight.

    Is there any way to know why the values changed? And is there a way to change them back? Or do I need to change all my formula's to incorperate { } symbols?

    Kind regards,

    Erik van Hurck

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    I have created web service proxy in powershell and able to retrieve the list of projects from the project server. It was quick and easy. however To get details for individual project I need to call ReadProjectEntities(guid, project entity type, DataStore Enum) method

    I could pass Guid, flag but not sure how to refer and pass the Datastoreenum(which is C# Enum). I tried multiple things / code but I get different errors. I tried to import module for but nothing working

    $pwaUrl = “https://<server>/<project>”
    $pwaPSUrl_Projectasmx = "/_vti_bin/PSI/Project.asmx?wsdl"
    $svcPSUrl = $pwaUrl + $pwaPSUrl_Projectasmx

    $myCred = Get-Credential

    $svcPSProxy = New-WebServiceProxy -uri $svcPSUrl -credential $myCred
    echo "proxy created"

    [System.Enum]$pwaDataStoreEnum =  $svcPSProxy.DataStoreEnum # this not returning as enum.
    echo "Enum " $pwaDataStoreEnum.GetType() // this gives error.

    #equivalent method in ASPX page with C# code is below

    MyProjectWebReference.ProjectDataSet readProjDs = projectSvc.ReadProjectEntities(guid, PROJECT_ENTITY_TYPE_TASK_AND_RESOURCE, MyProjectWebReference.DataStoreEnum.WorkingStore);

    $pwaDataStoreEnum = [System.Xml.Serialization.XmlTextAttribute]::DataStoreEnum
    echo  "Data Store Enum" $pwaDataStoreEnum // This too return nothing

    Anyone have suggestions/thoughts? Have submitted the same question in Project server programming and customization forum as well.

    --- Thanks & Regards, Guhan

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    I use Project Server 2013.

    How do I see task fields in the Resource Assignment Summary (RAS) view?

    For example, I'd like to add a task ID to each task and then add it to the Summary view.

    I created an Enterprise Custom Field with Entity = "Task", no calculation for summary row and "Roll down, unless manually specified selected".

    I then added this new field to my project file in Project Professional and entered data into it.

    I saved and published the project.

    The new field did not have any values in the RAS or Task views.

    Am I missing a step?

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  • 02/04/16--00:43: Custom fields in Risk Log
  • Hi I am currently trying to harvest a custom field in a risk list in a project site.   I am looking at the AllUserData in the Content database and can see the data I want but now need to be able to link that table back to the project name of the project concerned, which table/s do I need as I only have Site ID in the AllUserData table?

    Thanks in advance


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  • 09/13/13--09:34: Export to Excel in PWA
  • I would like to export a project list from PWA 2010 to Excel 2010 accessed in IE 10.0.9.  When I hit "Export to Excel", I get a pop up that says "Would you like to open ProjectCenter.xls?"  I click yes and a blank excel workbook opens called "ExportGridExcel.aspx"  Thoughts?

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    We have an ideation workflow that creates projects based on a SharePoint list. The list to PWA mapping includes the mapping of a Person/Group field in the list to the Project Owner ID in the PWA.  When a project is created using the create project from current item action in the workflow, the Project Owner for the new project is set to the workflow approver, not the person identified in the Person/Group field.

    We are also creating projects using PSI based on external data.  In the PSI code we set the Project Owner ID to a resource GUID.  However, the PWA makes the person running the code the owner instead of the identified resource.  This was working correctly middle of last year.

    Any ideas why the project owner is not being set correctly when programmatically creating projects either using workflow or PSI?  Thanks.

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    We need to add decimals value into [% complete] column,

    because project server always round up to the next value. and can make miss perception.

    i.e, actual value [% complete] is 93.68%, but project server round up to 94%.

    is there any workaround for this?

    we are currently on project server 2013 SP1, and no CU applied.



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    I know that is been a question like mine but this is kinda different:).

    When i publish project i have the same resourses twice, one with allocations and hours and the other with 0 h. I dont have duble users in Pwa Enterprise Resources. Some time ago i deleted those users that left the company from AD, and after that in projects they appeared local resources. Now i want to make an report from data conection ( Portfolio Analazyer) and those local resources appear like generic local resources on that report. So, i recreated the deleted users, publishing again the projecs but this time the project dont replace the local, he add me another users with the same name.  How can i make to replace the local users with enterprise? 

    Thank you,


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    For example, in a project view, Delivery Type for a task is "Classroom (ILT)." For the same task in a Tasks view, Delivery Type was initially empty but edited to "Online Classroom (VILT)." The edited task was subsequently saved and sent for approval. Returning to the same task in the project view and refreshing the page yielded no change reflecting the edit of the field in the Tasks view. Is this intentional? Are we missing a setting to avoid this? I do note that OOB fields like "% Complete" are synched between these two areas (Project and Tasks views).

    This can be quite an issue if a project manager is editing critical custom task fields in a project view, but a team member does not see them when viewing in a Tasks view. ??

    I tried to insert a screen capture demonstrating this, but was prevented in doing so.

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    Hi Experts,

    We have a security applied for our Project Managers(PM) that they can only see those resources who are 'Team Members in PM's Projects'. Also, PM can not build team on projects. This right lies with Resource Managers(RM). So after creating the project plan, PM requests to RM and subsequently RM creates the team for that project and informs PM back, then PM assign resources on plan's tasks.

    Now the problem my Project Managers are facing is that after team build is complete, PM is not able to assign resources on tasks using Browser as resources are not getting visible in 'Resource Name' column.

    Whereas if Project Manager open the same plan in Microsoft Project, though s/he gets an error in MPP i.e. 'You do not have permissions to see the data for all the enterprise resources in this project. These resources include the following: x,y,z. Data for these resources may be out of date and incomplete. Contact your server administrator for read access to these resources, but still Project Managers are easily able to assign resources on tasks and publish the plan.

    My worry is that a thing which is possible using Microsoft Project, is not doable from Browser, causes a trouble for Project Managers.

    (Note: Once a Resource is visible to Project Managers in Resource Center, by any means, PM can easily assign resources on tasks from browser as well. This problem happens only till first time when though the resource is part of the team but not assigned any task in the project plan).

    Do suggest a possible work around by tweaking the security permissions or please suggest if I am wrong somewhere.



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    I have just installed and activated Project 2010.  When I try to start it, I am directed to the need for a server ID and URL.  We will not be using a server, so how do I run the program as a stand-alone on my machine?

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    Can a Custom Enterprise field be created which would be similar in functionality to the resource GROUP field.  i.e., Task "Resource Group" field?  The source of our data would be from the resource GROUP field which we would then use to group assignments in a Task Usage view.

    We would like to be able to group assignments within the Task Usage view.  It seems that the "Resource Group" field is the only one that permits this?  Is there any other field we can customize for this?  Ideally, we hoping that we can have such a field work via a lookup table.

    FWIW, we are using Project Server 2013 (Online).

    Thanks in advance.

    \Spiro Theopoulos PMP, MCITP. Montreal, QC (Canada)

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    Can we have add a  custom graphical indicator (Image) for custom fields in project server 2010/2013?

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    I am looking to implement RBS for Project Center 2013. Do any of you have any recommendations for setting up RBS (Role Based Security) for Project Center and SharePoint?

    Ron Johnson Systems Administrator Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Office – (517) 333-2391 WWW.MSUFCU.ORG

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    Hello ,

    I have upload the issue and icon is reflecting in the project center, 

    but when i delete the issue from the project site the Issue Icon still appear in project center.

    It was misleading the end user to show the Issue icon without having issues in project center.

    Could you please post me the possible suggestions on it.



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