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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    We need to customize Project Server to have different custom costs related to assignments/tasks so Team Members can update them (i.e. "material cost", "subcontracting cost"). 

    We'd like these fields to function the same way as actual work, work, actual cost, cost, etc. This is, task value is a sum up of assignment, and project value is a sum up of tasks values (or all assignments).

    So far we have created assignment custom fields and made them work but found that task values are not summing up, same for project ones.

    Any ideas? Thank you in advance,


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    The Enterprise Custom Fields that were created in PWA appear on the Project Details page in alphabetical order.  I want to be able to present a more logical ordering/grouping of the fields.  Is there a way to sort or group fields in a custom order?  Any help you can offer is appreciated...


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  • 01/15/14--09:23: Site Template Permissions
  • Project Server 2013

    I have created a Custom Project site template and only added a few links to the page.  I checked permissions and it is inheriting permissions; this is what I want and expected.  Saved this as a template and DID NOT select "unique permissions".

    I attach this template to an EPT and create a project with this EPT.  The project site auto-creates and when I check its permissions it only has 3 unique permission groups (Member, Owners, Visitors).  I have to click "Inherit Permissions" to get the parent permissions to sync.

    What am I missing?  I simply want all project sites to inherit permissions from the parent site (basically I want everyone to have permission to all created project sites).

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  • 11/04/15--22:26: Project Online with BI tools
  • Hi,

    Is it possible to use BI tools like Qlik view, Tableau with Project Online. If Yes, than how can we use these BI tools and what are the limitations. Thanks



    Thanks, Siskin.

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  • 11/06/15--08:10: Project Server 2010 Support
  • Hi. Is Project Server 2010 still supported by MS for technical support?  Thanks BJ

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    I am having weird problem with Project center web part.  

    Project center web part  is not showing  my(Users respective) Projects . even though I am member ofTeam Members for Project Web App (Contribute).

    I am owner for  1234 project.

    Few days back it is working fine, suddenly we are facing this problem.

    Environment : Project server 2013 installed in SharePoint 2013 Mode.

    Problem screenshots :

    Permission :




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    Recently we are having some problem with timesheet view failure happening for a no. of resources.

    The logs shoot the following error:

    Error is: GeneralUnhandledException. Details: General Unhandled Exception in _TimeSheet.GetTimesheetForGridJsonFromViewUid_ Attributes:  System.InvalidOperationException: GetDataForAssignment: Did not find data for assignment. ProjUid=************* AssnUid=*******************

    In some cases, republishing the Project resolves the issues but this is happening over and again.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I want to create a resource utilization report to show the percentage of assignment work divided by resource capacity in MS Project Server 2013. And I want to group the resource list by the resource department.

    I tried Portfolio Analyzer OLAP cube. But when I grouped the resource list by the department, the subtotals (divisional resource usage) get wrong. 

    Then I tried to create it using OData Data Feed. I used AssignmentTimePhasedData, Resource and ResourceTimephasedData entities. I created relationships between Resource - ResourceTimePhasedData and Resource - AssignmentTimePhasedData. But still, it doesn't display properly. I cannot create another relationship between AssignmentTimePhasedData and ResourceTimePhasedData because of the other two active relationships.

    How can I solve this? Has anyone got this information any other way?

    Thank you very much.

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    We had an impatient team member who added an existing (summary) task to their timesheet before we assigned them to the sub-task. Their timesheet then displayed with the summary task, and they reported their hours there.

    Once the person was added to the detailed task, it would not display on subsequent timesheets, nor show in their task list. It was as if the the newly assigned subtask would only roll up. The only way to fix the problem was to delete the existing timesheets, and create a new project with a new detailed task assignment. Then when the team member recreated their timesheet, the proper task displayed.

    Is this a known bug? Was there another way that this could have been fixed? Would you recommended turning off the option to enter time at the top level?

    Thank you.

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    We need to be able to track the utilization of our Excel Services reports in PWA.  I haven't stumbled on any great solutions for this yet, though I feel like my search criteria aren't adequate, as I can't believe someone hasn't figured this out by now. 

    I'm open to creative solutions. We just want to be able to provide utilization details for our reports.  I have considered adding some identifiable SQL to each report definition and then inspecting the sys.dm_exec_sql_text table for execution, but this table doesn't go back far enough and it doesn't contain the userid of the person who executed the query, which is something we'd like to have, ideally. 

    Any ideas?  Thanks!


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    I"m having some issues with a heading in my schedule.  I did not make this schedule from scratch.  It is a copy of a default schedule being used for all related schedules.  There is an "Actual Start" date of 3/5/2013 which the program will not let me change.  If I set the Heading to Auto schedule, it overrides my start date with this actual date.  This date is found no where on my schedule (it's not coming from any other listed tasks).  How do I get rid of this Actual start date?

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    Hi All,

    Deployed and tested a workflow in Project Server 2013 Environment.

    I am trying to delete/remove it. i couldn't find a place unlike in PS 2010 in Farm Solutions.

    Tried the below two locations and couldnt succeed!!

    PWA Site Settings > Solutions
    PWA Site Settings > Workflow Settings

    Is there any other place apart from deleting from the SP Designer ?


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  • 11/02/15--05:53: PS2013: View Resize Problem
  • Recently (last 3-4 weeks) we have been experiencing an issue with views in PWA.  Sporadically when accessing a view, it will resize to a very small, unuseable box.

    If you refresh the page (f5) it will reset to this:

    You can then drag the bar out and at least use the system.

    Some notes: 

    • It is not defined to a specofoc view.
    • I have recreated some of the views from scratch and they will still experience it
    • It is occurring for many users.
    • It occurs in all major browsers

    Hopefully I have provided enough details but will gladly offer more if needed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I Have Normalize Table  In  Sql Server 2014  .Now I want To Data Insert Update Delete And Search Result Show (Crystal Report )

    Please Like This Topic Tutorial I want To Download .Please Help Me   

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    PWA 2010 has a "Reminders" web part that summarizes new tasks, late timesheets, approvals, overdue status reports, and so on. Does an equivalent exist in PWA 2013? I have found info about emailed notifications and reminders but that really isn't the same. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    - L


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    Can anyone provide me with more details for the June CU fix for

    ** After you use the Turn in Final Timesheet function to send a timesheet in Project Web App, the timesheet can still be edited and saved.

    - What was the actual bug? Was the setting "Adjust Timesheet" not working correctly?

    - What was the fix that was applied?

    Thank you

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    I assume there's a template or field mapping lurking behind the scenes when using Timesheet's "Export to Excel" feature. Is that accessible and can it be customized? (I can probably go the route of customizing a BI template but wanted to start here). PS 2013. Thanks...


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    Hi , I have a requirement to create a project level custom field with a allowable min and max value. Is it possible? Any help appreciated

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    In the Project View (task schedule page), i would like to display the tasks whose finish date is within 2 weeks from today. 

    Is this possible in PWA 2010 ?



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    I created a new user group and would like to know how to block this user group from accessing some Document Libraries in PWA.  I am using Project Server 2010.



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