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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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  • 10/28/15--12:40: User Stories is missing
  • I'm a Sys Admin at a company who lost all of their Sys Admins. I'm completely unfamiliar with many of the tools I'm supposed to be supporting -- in this case it is Team Foundations Server. 

    So a new client and a new project was added to TFS, but unlike every other client something is missing. When you go to Backlog and try to add a new Backlog item, the options under the drop-down for Type are. 

    1.) Bug

    2.) Product Backlog Item

    It is my understanding that "User Stories" should be one of the options. It isn't there in the new project. If I navigate to Backlog on any other project, "User Stories" is there in the drop-down. How do I remedy this? 

    Thanks in Advance! 

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    Project Server 2010

    Users on timesheets, SEM, timesheet actuals are protected; leveling in plan is manual, overallocation leveling options are turned off


    • Sep 27 PWA timesheet hours are as follows for a given task (M,T,W,R,F): 0,0,4,2, and .5
    • After submittal, approval and publishing the project, when you open again in Project Pro, from the server:
    • I now see M-F values of 0,0,4,2, and .52h !?
    • The task is still incomplete, with remaining work, was not (cannot be) set % manually, as actuals are protected.

    Why does the server/Pro adjust my .5 hr entry to .52?  What am I missing here?

    We enabled 'Protect User Updates' to prevent this very thing... then it happens anyway?

    Thanks in advance,

    Marty Hadden, CIP CDIA+

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    Does anyone have a pro's and cons of each (project Server vs Project Online)?

    Also do I need Project Pro subscription in Office 365 if I have Project Online Office 365....

    some simple questions that MS has not answered in marketing, Please help, thank you

    Sal Militello

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    First thing first, I'm using Project Server 2013.

    I'm a little bit confused with the Resource Plans view, in some cases we calculate from Project Plan and in other cases we calculate from resource Plan.

    I was hoping that the information was going to be read from:

    • Resource Plan created in PWA (in those cases that we don't have a detailed Project Plan and we don't use Project Professional for these projects)
    • Project Plan, in the other cases (where we have a detailed Project Plan, so we didn't make any resource plan in PWA and we created directly the Project Plan in Project Professional) it was going to be read from Project Plan (the one we created in Project Professional).

    In order to do that we used the 'Calculate from', it is Resource Plan or Project Plan, respectively.

    In other cases, we created initially a Resource Plan in PWA, and later on we created the Project Plan in Project Pro, then we changed the Calculate from to Project Plan, but it doesn't read anything from Project Plan in order to show it through this view.

    After reading about this issue I'm starting to guess that there is no relation between the project plan that we made through Project Pro and the infomration showed through this view.

    As you can see,  I need someone to clarify me this concept.

    Thank you for you help and kind regards,

    José Espases

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    Hi All,

    My client is having project server 2007 with SharePoint 2007 installed and working as expected. SharePoint Admin has configured a Project Server 2013 with SharePoint 2013 to upgrade the existing content from Project Server 2007 to Project Server 2013.

    • I have created PWA sit in 2013 but how to copy contents from ps2007 to ps2013
    • Existing Project Server 2007 PWA site is having custom permission groups created. How to create custom permission groups in PWA 2013

    Can some one please guide me the steps, how can go ahead from here?


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    • How to programatically add user permission to a specific Project. Is their any web service functions available for this operations under PSI..

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    Hello all,

    I was referred to this board from the German community board, because I was not getting an answer there.

    I am currently looking for an adequate tool for project timeline management (gantt charts, if you will). We are already working with MS Project, limited to "normal" files that are stored on a network drive. Each division of my team therefore has its own file for each project to track the division-specific project phases, task, and alike. This makes linking and aligning project timing for one project a bit tedious.

    What we'd wish for is a single project plan for each major project, that consists of several subprojects for each team division, taking into account the respective dependencies. It should furthermore be possible, that team members can work on and with this plan simultaneously.

    Is there some sort of "server" version of MS project, that would enable us to use such features? I have found several, mainly web-based, alternatives on the internet, but we would prefer to stay with MS Project.

    Thanks in advance for the help!



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    Hello All,

    We received direction to back-out hours charged against the Original project for the past 2 weeks.  We corrected the timesheets for the past 2 weeks, and moved the Actual Work hours from the Original project to the New project.  The timesheet detail report only reflects those hours for the past 2 weeks on the New project.  However, when I look at the Original project, it still shows the Actual Work hours that were transferred.  How do I remove those hours so they are not counted twice?


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    Receive 32000(0x59D8) when publising a project - Project Server 2013. Please suggest solution or further diagnostics.

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    I have a project in Microsoft Project Server 2013.

    One of the tasks in MPP shows 100% in % work complete field and 99% in % complete field, why it is?

    How to resolve this?


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    In our test environment (recently refreshed from production by restoring the content DB and PWA DBs) I'm logged in to PWA as the farm account with full control to the SharePoint list item for the SSRS ReportingDB shared data source. However, when I select the item to modify the connection string, which directs to ( PWA/ProjectBICenter/_layouts/ReportServer/SharedDataSource.aspx), I receive a 401 Unauthorized error. I've never received this error with the farm account, as it should have access to everything. I was able to edit this ReportingDB data source just a few days ago, and now I'm seeing the same issue in the production environment.

    I don't see anything in the ULS logs, nor do I see any events in the Event Viewer. How can I continue to troubleshoot this issue?

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    My understanding of SharePoint Permissions Mode is that anyone with Member-type access should be able to see all projects in Project Center. However, after migration from SP2010 (via FluentPro) users can only see projects they are part of (assigned in the project plan.)  Even if I put them in an Owner (Full Control) group.  That seems like Classic Mode, not SharePoint mode.  However, I can confirm that we are in the latter.  Any idea what's going on?

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    In Project Online we are creating projects, but the resulting project site is not being connected to the project itself. When we look in Connected SharePoint Sites there is nothing under Site Address.  The site does show up (Site Contents etc) but cannot be accessed through the project (Project Center> Project Name> Project Site).

    The environment was populated by a FluentPro migration from 2010.  We created a test environment without that migration and it works fine.  Could it be related?

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  • 11/02/15--05:53: PS2013: View Resize Problem
  • Recently (last 3-4 weeks) we have been experiencing an issue with views in PWA.  Sporadically when accessing a view, it will resize to a very small, unuseable box.

    If you refresh the page (f5) it will reset to this:

    You can then drag the bar out and at least use the system.

    Some notes: 

    • It is not defined to a specofoc view.
    • I have recreated some of the views from scratch and they will still experience it
    • It is occurring for many users.
    • It occurs in all major browsers

    Hopefully I have provided enough details but will gladly offer more if needed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    How  the ultimate (all three parts below) scenario can be configured and executed in my company?


    The Scenario: Enterprise Resource Dedication for the project (exclusive resource booking and management) Ultimate Scenario (ERDUS):




    Resource - means a specific employee X, i.e. not a resource group etc. Resource X (R1) cannot be substituted for any other R2. 

    Tool - means technological (not organizational solution) automated tool of the MS Project Server 2010, which can be used in order to execute the scenario.



    *I – scenario part.*


    1. Today a project manager (PM1) must “take” R1 for 8 hours (it means full

    time) on day 2011.11.11 (the date is far, R1 is free)

    1.1. Question – What “tools” can be used to “book” R1? (call it „exclusive booking“).

    2. When the 11<sup>th</sup> month came, other project managers (PM2) also would like to “book” the same resource R1 exactly on the 11<sup>th</sup>  day.

    2.1. Question – What “tools” does PM1 must use to “prohibit” other PM2 from using exclusively taken R1? (R1 cannot be taken overtime!).


    *II - scenario part *


    3. When 11.10 day came, (day before exclusive taking) PM1 “releases” the R1 resource, because planned works will not be performed (ex. suddenly plans changed), it means that “tomorrow” R1 will be free – it is potential idle(i.e. downtime for highly qualified and wanted resource R1).

    4. What technological tools can PM1 use to inform all the PM2 about a fact that R1 resource is free?


    *III - scenario part.*


    5. What tools can be used to view history of R1 “booking” and “releasing”?

    5.1. This question is interpreted as follows:

    5.1.1.If PM1 takes R1 for exclusive usage – PM1 is completely responsible for R1 resource utilization, because other PM2 are “prohibited” from taking R1.

    5.1.2. PM1 should “care” that, after exclusive booking and releasing, other PM2 would be informed about releasing (to avoid the idle/downtime)


    Hint. Therefore, please, consider all automated possibilities of implementing the scenario. From the first look, for implementation of the scenario, it seems that for R1 resource it is necessary to set “non working time” day in the calendar(?) with respect to other PV2, but this is is only the prompt that could be useful for modelling the scenario.




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    Hello Everyone !!

    After the complete workflow finishes the cycle, and the Workflow Ends.At this point in time how do we control or lock the project for any edits in mpp. i understand that we will not be using the schedule pdp in the last Workflow stage, however the project can be still edited in the project client. Any way that we can lock this out in the client too ??

    Appreciate any help !!

    Regards, Dan.

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    SandyStrong        asked on       <button aria-label="Date" class="msaActionText msgHistoryBtn info-panel-toggle-link" data-panelcontainer=".userInfo" data-paneltarget="#message-history-holder-4d97407a-eeda-4415-912d-060ca47a2b5d" title="See post history">September 30, 2015See post history</button>

    I have some schedules that are pulling the start date of the preceeding activity.  Below are screen shots.

    MS Project 2010 dates.


    PWA dates


    As you can see, PWA dates are pulling from its predecessor of Pre-Job meeting.  Logic is fs +15.  Pre-Job is As Late As Possible (which I believe is the issue).

    I have 6000 schedules in the database and do not want to change the logic to fix what appears to be a possible bug?  I can fix it in PWA by saving and publishing the schedule in MSP and then going to PWA, but it reverts back overnight to the Pre-Job start date.  Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 11/04/15--09:00: Status Updates History
  • Hi

    I am working on Project Server 2013 and need help in identifying the right place to get the Status Updates History.

    I need to fetch the status updates history for each status manager in a compliance report.

    Navigation: Go to Approvals -->History (in the ribbon and next to Manage Rules) --> Select Status Updates.

    You will see all the updates accepted by the status manager with date and time stamp. I need to get this information in a report. Can someone help me in finding where the status updates history is stored in the Project Server database.

    Please suggest.

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    Publishing a Project Plan causes a full crawl of all Project sites in the collection.  This causes memory on the WFE running the crawl to slowly creep up (takes about 15 mins) until all server memory is used.  This in turn causes PWA client timeouts\errors as there is no available memory to process other requests.  I've checked ULS while this is occurring and the following entry is logged thousands of times "GetSecurityChangesFromSharePoint : Site Id = '77415162-5a9c-461e-9c36-6f5aded60c4b'. db id = '4fed8194-d804-47aa-ba81-58e92a168c03'. Group membership/security policy changes detected. All furls in the in the site collection will be crawled."

    Even though we are load balanced users connecting to the second WFE may still experience slow response while the crawl is running.  To make matters worse if another project is published while the first crawl is running the whole process may be kicked off again; imagine what happens on Friday afternoons when everyone is trying to update their plans before the weekend.  I've seen the memory peak for over an hour at a time as multiple projects are published, adversely affecting PWA and publish performance.

    I've checked the "Project Server: Synchronization of SharePoint Server permissions to Project Web App permissions job for Project Services"timer job it is scheduled to run every minute (out of the box).  It obviously isn't running every minute otherwise this process would never end as a full crawl takes about 15-17 minutes to complete.

    Why is a full crawl being done with nearly every project plan publish, this makes no sense.  It should only be crawling the specific site for the project you just published rather than crawling the whole collection each time.  Complete site collection crawls should only be running after midnight when user traffic is low.

    Is anyone else seeing this issue?  I've been hitting the web and forums to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue and I haven't found a single hit.  I started noticing this behavior about two weeks ago however it could have been going on for sometime as PWA performance isn't affected every time the memory peak occurs.

    I don't recall seeing this behavior prior to installing the September 2014 CU.  I've checked all the published CUs after September 2014 and it isn't mentioned as a fix in any of them.  The only way I can see to prevent this is to disable the Project site sync feature and then do manual syncs as needed.  This is obviously not a fix as I have no desire to be a sync monkey. 

    If I don't get any helpful responses from this forum I will open a ticket with Microsoft as this is not desirable behavior.

    Frank Miranda Florida Hospital MIS

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    We are having difficulties setting up our project site and loading a few MS Project schedules to be utilized as Enterprise Projects. The steps taken which have identified our issue are as follows:

    1. From the project center we go to the tools, getting started.
    2. Create a new SharePoint task list
    3. We enter the project name and wait for the que.
    4. When the process is over, the text states that they were unable to create the project site and to return to the project center.
    5. Once in the project center, we see the site. However, if you attempt to go to PWA and then Connected SharePoint Sites, the site is there with no site address available.

    In addition, when we have actually been successful at loading the schedule and making it a Enterprise Project, it will eventually error out when we attempt to open it in Project Pro telling me that I need a different version of the Project Software. I have 2013 already. I believe it asks for 2016...

    This is the error message we get via email when the project site does not create.

    "The errors returned from the queue are as
     Error ID: 26000
    Detailed error below - send it to the administrator for more detailed
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
    <errinfo> <general> <class name="Queue"> <error
    id="26000" name="GeneralQueueJobFailed"
    MessageType="CreateWssSiteMessage" MessageId="1"
    CorrelationUID="381f3e9d-40f9-2000-0a26-f08ca41c69dd" />
    </class> </general> </errinfo>

    You can do the following:
    1. Try troubleshooting using the error IDs, error XML.
    2. Contact administrator with your jobID (9dcb5861-8682-e511-80ee-00155db09012)
    and error XML."

    We have looked at the groups and users in Office 365. There are groups we do not need and that do appear to be a part of an upload that had fields in the wrong place. For example we have a group called "1st Floor". I assume this was a task in a construction schedule. We also have users loaded to the active directory who do not have licenses. This was the other thing I thought may be the issue.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for looking!

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