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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Hi All,
    I have an use case where a user is a member of the Project Managers group.
    The group is associated with three categories:
        My Organisation - gives read access to all projects,
        My Projects gives read/write access to projects where the user is the owner or on the team,
        and a custom category "Archived Projects" with Deny access to all category level permissions.

    The "Archived Projects" category contains "only the projects indicated" ie projects are manually placed in this category.

    There is one project in the Archived Projects category which I expected would deny access to it for the user, however it seems that because the My Organisation category grants access to the same project - the user can see the project in PWA.

    When he clicks into it he gets a message "This site has not been shared with you" so the Deny is doing something - but not taking the project out of the Project Centre view and MSP open project view.

    Can someone explain if this is expected behaviour and if so why. I thought DENY always overwrote Allow and the Deny permission to

    Many thanks. Franko

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  • 07/07/14--06:07: History Timesheets disabled
  • Hi!

    In the Approvals section of the PWA on the option for Approvals -> Navigate -> History -> Timesheetsis disabled. I want to see the previously approved timesheets. How do I do it?


    Best regards

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  • 11/12/15--23:49: Team members list in PDP
  • Hi 

    This was a question from a customer that can we add team members in PDP, as there is a field called owner in similar way the team member list should be fetched from the resources created, so can this be done..?

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    I have MS Project 2010 professional and it will not open with a file or by its self. I have checked and made sure the I am using 32 bit versions. I have even tried to install Office 64 bit with Project professional 64 bit and it still fails to open.

    I did have some success with Office 32 standard with project standard. Mind you this is all 2010 Microsoft software I am using.

    For my project I need the professional version.  any suggestions on how to make this work?

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    Hi, I have inherited a sharepoint 2013 / Project server 2013 environment that was build by a contractor. We recently changed the IP addresses of several servers including the smtp servers.  SharePoint 2013 alerts are working fine (changed the smtp server I address in central admin) however, project server alerts are no longer working.  It is still trying to send to the old IP address and I cannot find where this is configured.  I checked under the operation policies and rules and alerts are not enabled, so where else could I look for this setting?

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  • 11/15/15--22:43: Export Timesheet Data
  • Does anyone know of any tools for exporting timesheet data for upload to QuickBooks?

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    Hi All,

    my client requirement is to show "All Projects Workspaces" Name and site links on home page oof PWA site. Projects which are created under pwa site when a new project created through Project professional 2013.

    Please Help me here


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    Hi All,

    I have created PWA site under Project Server 2013 and projected created through Project professional 2013 are able to published successfully. when a project is created from the project professional 2013 it creates site under project server and that site contains task list where all the tasks appended when project is published.

    My client requirement is,

     1. The task list should send email notification to "Task Assigned" user with information of task starting and ending date and a link to complete the task.

     2. If the task is not completed then again Email Notification should fire to "Task Assigned User" and Project Owner.

     3. Project status(like Red, Yellow and Green) should be shown on the home page with project summary.

    Can someone please guide me here.


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    When try to add Resources in Build Enterprise Team of "Sub project of Master Project" in project professional 2010,In the Build Team window, the Enterprise Resources are greyed out and  unable to add them to be Project Resources.

    But if I open that sub project individualy from  project professional 2010 then it will work(I can able to add resources in built team)

    Can you please help me out.


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    I would like to do this for Server 2008 and Server 2012.

    The Control Panel "Power Options: Choose What the Power Buttons Do"  allows disabling the "Power button".

    This has the undesirable behavior of disabling the Front Panel Power button momentary depression from doing an orderly shutdown.  I would like to disable the keyboard "Power" key, but still have the front panel power button able to do an orderly shutdown.

    I tried using Keytweak.exe.  While it allows re-mapping the power key scan code , E05E, to NULL (0000), this has no effect on disabling the keyboard key.  I've found mention that the Power key is an "ACPI Management Key" and wonder if there is a different mechanism to translate this, which is likely a keyboard "Command" and not a simple key stroke.

    Another behavior that indicates that the keyboard power key is different is that Keytweak.exe is unable to capture the Power key in "Learn mode" when it is depressed.

    Thanks, Jim

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    Does anyone have a working example of updating the project start date using C# and the project server web services?

    I'm using the CreateProjectFromTemplate command. I've tried updating the existing dataset:

    var dataSet = clientService.ProjectClient.ReadProject(projectId, DataStoreEnum.WorkingStore);
    dataSet.Project[0].PROJ_INFO_START_DATE = projectModel.StartDate;

    and adding a new dataset 

    var dataSet = new ProjectDataSet();
     var newRow = dataSet.Project.NewProjectRow();
     newRow.PROJ_INFO_START_DATE = projectModel.StartDate;

    But the project still retains the Project Start Date from the template.

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  • 11/16/15--09:01: Master Projects
  • Thanks in advance for all help.


    1.  We are using Project Server.  We are using Master Projects and SubProjects.  Our Master Projects are what we call Programs and are made up of 1 or more subprojects.  We link all of the subprojects to the Master project in READ ONLY mode.

    2.  When cost are updated in the subprojects to get the data to update at the Master Project level we are having to do the following steps:

    A.  Open the Master Project in edit mode

    B.  UnCollapse the SubProject section and then collapse it and go to the next subproject to uncollapse/collapse.

    C.  Publish the Master Project.

    Once these steps are completed then the costs are updated at the Master Project level and available at the PWA and reporting table levels.

    Question:  With using READ ONLY - is there a way to have the cost data updated to the Master Project level without doing the above steps. I was hoping that just publishing the subprojects by themselves would update the data so that when you opened the Master Project all of the data would be updated without having to uncollape/collapse the subprojects one by one to get everything updated.

    Thanks for the help.

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    We use Active Directory to validate Resources. The problem we are running into is that when someone leaves, their account is shut off immediately in Active Directory. We do not have the feature turned on to automatically remove users from Project Server upon Active Directory termination because that would add issues in other areas.

    The problem I'm experiencing is that when the Resource's AD account is deactivated, I can no longer go in and change that Resource from Active to Inactive.

    Can you recommend a way that we could get these Resources inactivated without using AD? We need the old ones cleaned up and a process to go forward. My Enterprise Resource Pool is getting very large and we need to do this "housekeeping". It is just very messy the way it is...

    Thank you. I appreciate your help.

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    Hi All,

    I have created customized project template using project site by following below URL.

    I have created project from Project Professional 2013 it got created but the site didn't used custom template. I wanted to create project using customised project template from the Project Professional 2013.

    Comesome one please help me here.


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    I tried exporting list from sharepoint to excel, its saving the file with the extension .iqy. Can that file be saved with different extension while exporting the list itself. Instead of .iqy it should be as .xls .


    Uday vr 

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    How can I add Publish column in Project schedule in Project server 2013? Please advise....

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    Within the Microsoft Project Server 2013 Resource Plan, I am experiencing unexpected results for planned hours when toggling the Units used for different resources.


    1. Two resources on a resource plan
       Date Range - From: 1/1/2016
                           To: 3/31/2016

    2. The first resource has contoured hours, planned using Units = Hours and Timescale = Months
        Jan = 40hr
        Feb = 160hr
        Mar = 80hr

    3. The second resource is full time on the project for the period, so is planned using Units = FTE and Timescale = Years
     Y1 = 1

    4. After saving step 3, I change Units back to Hours and Timescale to Months

    The first resource allocations are reset to be equally distributed across the 3 months (~93.3 hrs / month).

    I understand the math behind why it did what it did.  What I don't understand is why it changed the allocation of the first resource when I didn't make any changes to that line.  I would expect to be able to interchange the different units and timescales when planning my different resources.

    Is this a bug?  Is there a way to leverage the different types of Units within a single Resource Plan?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Dear All,

    Currently we are using PS 2010 and we are planning to implement PS 2013. I am in a dilemma, whether to migrate to PS 2013 or should we start from scratch? Both have its pros and cons but can I have your experiences shared on the problems or the advantages that you have experienced with or without migration.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Cheers, Amit Wairkar

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    In our company we have over 70 project templates each with their own settings and I want to know how we can have user fill out a PDP page and based on their selections we pick which template they need to use. I haven't found anything definitive on the web but wanted to know which of these options would work best or if there is a better way.

    1. Project Server workflow - I have never used these so i don't know if we can apply a template to a project plan based on user input

    2. Event Receiver and override the template - Not sure if this is even possible

    3. Custom SharePoint list with a workflow that creates projects.

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    Hello Everyone !!!

    We have requirement to access EPM system 2013 with two different domain.

    how to achieve this. Please suggest. 

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