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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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  • 08/05/15--06:16: Global Permissions
  • In the global permissions for groups, what does, status broker permission, under time and task management mean?

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    Hi all, 

    When I publish a project, a project site is created and users can access to every item in the project site after I 'share' the site. I'm using Sharepoint Permission mode. 

    By the way, when I change Project Site specific quick launch links, by clicking 'EDIT LINKS', users are denied with access to Tasks page. (I'm deleting link to [Project Details]) 

    Under project site tasks list, they see 'sorry, you don't have access to this page' message when clicking AllItems view, Upcoming view or Late Tasks view. 

    But funny thing is they can access to 'Gantt.aspx' or 'Calendar.aspx' from the project site, if they visit via the views URL. The tasks are displayed in PWA main site Assigned Task view as well. 

    I re-shared the project site with 'Contribute' permission but it's not resolved. Would anybody have an idea on this mystery?

    -. Project Server 2013 SP1, APRIL 2015 CU applied, SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012 

    -. Besides 'Project Details' link, other quick launch link does not create this kind of access problem

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  • 08/04/15--12:28: Moving to Project Online.
  • I have a Project Server environment setup on-prem and I think we would move to Project Online. I wanted to know how this can be done. I would like to use my Project Server 2013 license at Project Online along with Project Lite license which I can purchase from MS.

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    Hi. I m trying to replicate the Timesheet Actuals report using Odata feed. Could someone provide some details on how to do that.

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    Due to some reason Resource assign to a task is getiing prepoplated Actual Hours in future dates as well as in current timesheet period.

    When we manually delated the current Actual Hours, In total hours column(Actual Hours) is still reflecting some hours. Couldn't figure it out from where exactly is this Actual hours been reflecting in Timesheet.

    How do we delete future prepopulated Actual hours?

    Please help with soluiton to this

    Thanks in Advance


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    Running a query on Timesheet Liines Table from Odata gives the following error.

    A null value was found for the property named 'ActualOvertimeWorkBillable', which has the expected type 'Edm.Decimal[Nullable=False]'.

    Any help greatly appreaciated.

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    Hi - is there any OOB integration of Project Online with Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM? If not, what can be done to provide this?

    Regards, PJ Mistry (Email: | Web: | Blog:

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    We have some very old resources still in our resource pool and have been tasked with doing a cleanup, i.e. deleting resource that are no longer used form the resource pool.  Some of these resource were schedule owners back in the day, but those schedules have long since been deleted from the server (although they may still exist in the system archive).

    When we attempt to delete some of the resources we get an error: "[resource name] : The resource is owner of project '[project name goes here]' and cannot be deleted." The space where a project name would be is blank. 

    We don't know where the error is originating, so we don't know what type of cleanup would be required.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


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  • 08/08/15--16:07: Project Server 2013
  • I cant see activites in PWA for any project. By mistake I deleted the page. Earlier I could see the activities but since then I have tried to find them but no success. Sorry for this query but I am a new user for PWA. Help needed!! thanks 

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  • 08/09/15--07:26: Dashboard Indicator
  • Hi,

    I created on projects related dashboard with graphical chart .

    Our top mangers need to see the indicator whether the project document is uploaded or not through SSRS reports.
    How to check if the document is uploaded or not ?

    I can see the icon in the project center but I need to see the same in custom dashboard.



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    Hello there,

    We are migrating from Sharepoint/Project server 2003 to 2013

    I just finished installing a new Windows 2012 R2 server hosint both Sharepoint 2013, Project Server 2013 and SQl server 2014 with powerpivot and all that other stuff.  Everything works, custom fields and so on, now we need to get down to reporting.

    So i get this: i see power pivot, i have Content Types : PowerPivot Gallery Document, Unknown document type, BI Semantic model connection, report and Data service document.

    Now i want to create a new document using it and:

    As you can see i'm actually missing the template.aspx. I couldn't find anything related to this on Google. I only found workarounds for this error, but unlike those post I AM ACTUALLY MISSING the TEMPLATE.ASPX. 

    How do i get this template.aspx? Do i have to make it or what? I'm kinda lost and since i just moved from SP/Pr Srv 2003 to 2013, its a big step up and obviously i'm baffeled. 

    The point is to make this PowerPivot thing report on employee timesheets, resources and projects, and that's about it, in a visual matter easy for PM's to understand and use, similar to how Data Analysis was in Project Server 2003.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    Thank you.

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    Trying to setup a cluster environment with primary and secondary server (one is Express and other Standard Edition of MS-SQL Server 2008R2), currently the modifications are taking place from primary to secondary and secondary to primary both but if its possible that in one direction we could put a pause and keep the synchronization taking place unidirectional.

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    I have this asked of me often lately (by the way, although the approach I describe below is similar in previous Project Server versions, I am referring to Project Server 2013 here) ... If an organization reports and updates progress on week-by-week basis, and then a an Assignment Owner ends up submitting or resubmitting actuals that are a couple of weeks before the current reporting period or even a couple of weeks in the future for that matter, how can the Status Manager quickly identify those changes that are being submitted, short of expanding the Date Range of their grid in their PWA > Approvals page?

    At the moment, any actuals and/ or changes that are submitted by assignment owners, are highlighted in a red font in this grid, provided only that the 'Date Range' has been selected for the grid such that it encompass the submitted actuals or changes to actuals.  If the work submitted is outside the Date Range for the grid, the Status Managers can not view those hours with a simple glance of the grid.  Status Managers seem to find it misleading and/ or even more difficult when there are actuals/ or changes submitted by an assignment owner that are both within and outside the current Date Range that the Status Manager has set up in their Approval page.  Beyond the 'Total' and 'Remaining Work' columns, 'deltas' are not easily visible on the Approvals page if they happen to fall outside the grid's Date Range.

    Another approach one could be suggested is to click on the Name of the assignment within the Approvals page which will open the 'Task Details' page and that is where the Status Manager can view the list of all 'Updates Pending' for that assignment.  But this approach of having another window open is found to be a bit tedious and a little more time consuming for the Status Managers' liking, especially when they have many status updates to be reviewed and accepted on a weekly basis.

    So here is what I would suggest... let me know what you think, or if there is a better option...  In this scenario, the 'Status Updates' originate from Timesheets and those timesheets are controlled (i.e., 'Opened' or 'Closed' via Time Reporting Periods). The organization, for example, can 'Close' the Time Reporting periods for past months, and future months, and leave open only the current period or months.  In this manner, the organization can communicate this approach to Status Managers so that they may setup their Approval page grids accordingly.  In this way, any updates they receive will always be visible within their Approval page grid and so the Status Managers should set their grid to display the "current" month or period as defined by the organization.  Of course, if changes need to be submitted outside the current month, it would be handled as an exception.  As such, the challenge then becomes defining what the organization deems as 'current' period for 'opening' and 'closing' Time Reporting periods.  Doe this makes sense?  Any other alternatives out there that provide good visual cues of changes for Status Managers to review?

    Thanks in advance,

    \Spiro Theopoulos, Montreal, QC (Canada)

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    Is there a field or column in pwa that shows user information who last modified project schedule or project related information like Owner, project name. We had couple of cases where project information got changed; as we know what date/time it was changed but unable to find out who changed it.


    MK Sin


    Right after posting this question, found same question on pwa2010. So is this still applies in 2013?

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    We have a number of projects that are stuck at Project Publish 68%  with status still showing Processing.

    We have tried the following:

    1. Cancelled the Job : Job does not cancel

    2. Open offending projects clear cache and re-publish but this just backs up into a nother job waiting to be processed.

    3. Re-started the Project Server Queue Services

    Currently we are out of options.

    Let me know if there is anything else to try.


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  • 08/10/15--14:10: Advancements to Cortana
  • I don't know if this is the right place to put this message so if I'm wrong if a moderator would move it to the correct channel thank you. 

    I was wondering if Microsoft plans to make changes to Cortana to make her more advanced and capable of recognizing more commands. One I personally would love is the ability to train her with a certain phrase that you can use as a macro for various things.

    A Curious Person

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    I am using Project Server 2013 on-premise. I have a list of 40 team members who need to be assigned on a SharePoint Task List project. First, I added them in Project server group team members and Ialso tried to add them as Team Members (Project Web App Synchronized) Group in SharePoint Task List project permissions. But team members are able to see all the project tasks no matter they are assigned or not. So I want to restrict team members to see and update only their project tasks not all.

    Kindly Help.


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    Installed Project Server 2013 on Sharepoint Enterprise 2013 and Windows Server 2012 Standard Evaluation.

    After creating a PWA site and pulling out its menu, I see this:

    I don't see the View, Edit and Delete options that are suppose to be here. 

    There were no problems faced while installing any of the components or creating the PWA site.

    Any pointers?




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    I have an exchange sync set up between Sharepoint and Exchange 2010.  The install documentation was followed quite meticulously but I'm having some issues between the syncing of tasks.  A task created in Project 2010 and published syncs to Outlook just fine, as well as updates at 12am back to project webapp (immediately upon a force update).  This works great, the issue is while my tasks update in project web app they do not go to project center and I also cannot send them in for approval.  When trying to manually send for approval a message from webpage appears "Your changes have NOT been submitted. Check displayed errors."  The displayed error is "Status: An unknown error has occured."

    Any thoughts??


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  • 04/15/10--06:51: Project Web Access Problems
  • I have completed the install of Project Server 2010 in our SharePoint environment but am unable to access the PWA site after it was successfully provisioned.

    The Error from the web page is:

    "This Project Web Access instance is unavailable because there are no Project Application Service instances started to service this request. Contact the administrator to check that at least one Project Application Service instance is enabled on this farm. "

    I couldn't find any errors in the event log that correlated to the same time that the web page displayed the above error occurred. I also was unable to access the site settings in the management area for the project server service settings. Please let me know if there is additional information that I can post which will help. Thanks for your assistance!


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