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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    As someone with Administrative responsibilities for an instance of Project Server 2010 I find monitoring the queue along with "Force Check-In" to be a useful way of monitoring activity, usage and that users are doing things properly. We have had some new users encounter the check-in pending message when attempting to open their projects from local cache in Project Professional.

    At present there is no way to save my selection of queue settings so every day I have to make the same selections from the various parameters before hitting refresh to view queue activity - is there a better way and are there likely to be any enhancements to this feature in Project Server 2016?

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    Hi, in Resource Center can I create a custom view to filter Resource Availability by a Project Custom field or am I stuck with the 4 out of the box views ie Assignment work by Resource, Assignment work by Project etc?



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  • 07/08/15--02:51: Capacity has dissappeared!
  • Hi, some of the resources in the Enterprise Resource Pool are showing zero capacity in the Resource Usage views even though they are set as 100% Max Units. There are no calendar issues or calendar exceptions at play.

    Any ideas.  I am on Ps2010



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    Hello there,

    I've just moved Sharepoint from 2003 to 2013 (i know big step huh?). Anyway now we want to migrate to Project Server 2013. I've already configured OLAP and pretty much have the new Project server 2013 figured out, i imported resources, i managed access, even made custom enterprise fields. One small thing though, how the heck do you make reports?

    I've followed the guide:

     However in excel 2013, after installing PowerView and PowerPivot add-ins, all i get after importing OData is a bunch of jiberish. random numbers and characters. I just can't get my head around making reports.

    Here's where i'm getting at. In 2003 we had Data Analysis, and it looked like this:

    It was simple, interactive, and it pretty much got everything right. All we needed was overall timesheet data analysis. 

    But i've done some digging, and there seems that no Data Analysis exists anymore. For practical reasons, even if i wrap my head around the excel way of making Project Server 2013 reports, its still complicated for end users like Project Managers and Office girls. I would like a web based solution that i can configure once, and anyone i deem access worthy could enter and export their reports in excel.

    Now i found this: 

    At first glance it seems like the equivalent of Data Analysis. Well is it?

    Cause i don't wanna install this unless its what i am looking for and i've yet to understand how it works. From what i was able to understand, even if i install this PowerView for Project Server,  i still need to use excel powerpivot to generate the reports or something, and then view and generate more reports after that from the PowerView App? Its all very confusing to me.

    So, if i install the SQL Server 2014 in PowerPivot instance for the Project Server 2013, will i be able to use it to generate reports like in Data Analysis in project server 2003?

    Thank you.

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    We are upgrading from Project server 2010 to 2013, and in that process we run the command 

    "upgrade-spsite -identity http://..../pwa -versionupgrade" and this command has completed on 15% after 2 days (48 hours). The size of the contentdabase, which holds the PWA site isonly 10 GB. The configuration of Project server 2013 and Database server is

    8 Cores and 16 GB for each server (this is a 2 tier environment), theOS is Windows 2012 and SQL version is 2012 Enterprise. On SQL box we have stopped SSIS, SSRS and SSAS services. Both servers are virtual servers.

    Please help me to speed-up this task and fix for this issue. Because I have found on internet that people have upgraded 250 GB of data is just 2 days.


    Meen Bamm

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    Hi we seem to have quite a few occurrences lately of projects being unable to be opened because of a message saying a previous checkin is not complete.   No projects are listed as checked out when the Admin looks in server settings.  The PMs have all been told the importance of closing projects down properly ie not rushing the save and check in process and they also have tried clearing the cache out which sometimes helps and sometimes doesn't.  The projects can be opened ok by the Admin.   The network everyone on is stable.

    What other factors are involved in the process I should look at?   Thanks in advance Steve

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    Hi, is there a way I can get filtered data into my OLAP rather than taking all of it from all resources and all projects.  I don't mean department but filtered by other custom fields.



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    We have been deleting Enterprise Projects in the past but, not checking the box to "<label for="ctl00_ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_PWA_PlaceHolderMain_deleteSharePointSites">Delete the connected SharePoint sites"
    </label>Now I am worried that we have old orphaned sites out there and wanted to see if there was an easy way to identify them and

    have them removed.<label for="ctl00_ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_PWA_PlaceHolderMain_deleteSharePointSites"></label>

    Ron Johnson Systems Administrator Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Office – (517) 333-2391 WWW.MSUFCU.ORG

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    When we try to convert a project from Project Ideations to a project we get CreateWssSite job failed alerts and the project site does not get created.

    Your CreateWssSite job failed.  Its current state is FailedNotBlocking. It was 0% complete.  It entered the queue at 07/03/2015 15:03:54.

    To get more information about the job failure, please go to Project Web App. Select Personal Settings from the left menu.  Then select My Queued Jobs.

    The errors returned from the queue are as follows:

     Error ID: 16400

     Error ID: 26000

    Detailed error below - send it to the administrator for more detailed troubleshooting.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>



        <class name="CreateWssSiteContent: Creating project site failed! Project Uid=9b68363c-b621-e511-80db-0050569d06d6, site URL=, site name=testrj. Cannot attach workspace without either PWSVisibility or PWSManaged feature enabled">

          <error id="16400" name="WSSCreateSiteFailure" uid="7583a33e-b621-e511-80d6-0050569d0ded" projectUID="9b68363c-b621-e511-80db-0050569d06d6" workspaceUrl="" projectWorkspaceName="testrj" />


        <class name="Queue">

          <error id="26000" name="GeneralQueueJobFailed" uid="7683a33e-b621-e511-80d6-0050569d0ded" JobUID="af68363c-b621-e511-80db-0050569d06d6" ComputerName="2137bfb8-c220-4df4-8017-cb50976297c6" GroupType="CreateWssSite" MessageType="CreateWssSiteMessage" MessageId="1" Stage="" CorrelationUID="a877169d-c0c7-6038-e7a7-c6fe04cff939" />




    You can do the following:

    1. Try troubleshooting using the error IDs, error XML.

    2. Contact administrator with your jobID (af68363c-b621-e511-80db-0050569d06d6) and error XML.

    To turn off these notifications, go to PWA Settings, and then click Manage My Alerts and Reminders.

    From this page, you can clear the check box for those notifications you no longer want to receive.

    Project Center

    Ron Johnson Systems Administrator Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Office – (517) 333-2391 WWW.MSUFCU.ORG

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    In PWA, in the Task Details view (TaskDetails.aspx), is it possible to force the display of total work and completed work to use hours instead of days?  

    For example, instead of displaying 0.5h for a 30 minute task, it is showing 0.062d, which isn't very friendly for users.


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    Hi there,

    I use project pro to view project reports. I found all reports based on whole project .

    Can I define the date range , and shown reports . Eg, from 6/5--7/5, all finished tasks, all staffs planed work.

    Jou Chen

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    In my PWA 2010 instanse (SP2) i have a lot of delegations for many users (hundreds delegations  in DB).

    Sometimes one of resource managers lost his delegations fo 2 workers. I can't find, why. The remaining resource managers and their delegations stay in place. This manager and his engineers (they are all 3 work recources in Project) stay actived in Active Directory - so I can't blame this synchronization with AD. PWA users are always active, too, and the users stay in their groups. In this case all 3 users stay active and can login into PWA

    The PWA'delegates is not overdated, it's seem like somebody delete it. Most strange is that issue occured 4 times in quarter of the year only with 1 recource manager.  Sometimes this happened before with other people, but always this was unactive PWA users after wrong AD sync.  .

    PWA administrator is only me. This recource manager and nobody else can't manage delegations.

    Please help council me - I don't know what else to see! 

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    We have a problem with Enterprise custom fields when they are configured with Graphical indicators ,


    The problem here appears when we populate these ECF with information (Text) through PDP's ,inserted information does not appear in project center views if the project is published from the PWA, and it appear only when the project is published from MS Project. 

    affected ECF Design :-

    We have a plenty of ECF connected with lookup tables and is created with graphical indicators. 

    status lookup table:-

    Contains values like : Red , Amber and Green


    It works when there is no Graphical indicators in the Enterprise custom fields

    Repro 1:-

    1-     Creating an Enterprise custom field

    2-     Without Graphical indicators and values to display “Data”

    3-     Add the Enterprise custom filed into a PDP

    4-     Go to a project and edit the PDP and inset some text

    5-     Save and publish from PWA


    After publishing from PWA In the custom Project status view enterprise custom field is populated with the right information “Test”

    Repro 2:-

    1.       Creating an Enterprise custom field
    2.       With Graphical indicators
    3.       Link with a look table that has more than one choice
    4.       Add the Enterprise custom filed into a PDP
    5.       Go to a project and edit the PDP and inset some text
    6.       Save and publish from PWA


    • After publishing from PWA the custom Project status view enterprise custom field is not populated with the Graphical indicators
    • But when publishing from MS Project, the view is populated with the Enterprise custom field data “text”

    Repro 3:-

    1.       Creating an Enterprise custom field
    2.       Without Graphical indicators and values to display “Data”
    3.       Link with a look table that has more than one choice
    4.       Add the Enterprise custom filed into a PDP
    5.       Go to a project and edit the PDP and inset some text
    6.       Save and publish from PWA



    After publishing from PWA  the custom Project status view enterprise custom field is populated with Enterprise custom field data “Text”

    Final conclusion :

    Problem is reproduced when using Enterprise Custom Field with Graphical indicators and then publish from PWA

    Karim El Zarka, MCTS Sharepoint 2010 , MCITP SharePoint Administrator 2010 Whenever you see a reply and if you think is helpful, click "Vote As Helpful"! And whenever you see a reply being an answer to the question of the thread, click "Mark As Answer

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    Our organization will soon need to change some AD usernames because they will be duplicates in a future AD merge with a larger company that acquired our org. My assumption is our 2013 MS Project server will simply update any affected user's AD username through the daily AD sync that occurs, and the time sheets and assignments will not be adversely impacted because the resource names and AD groups will remain as they were. Is this a valid assumption?

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    I have a project, in which resources are allocated to the tasks.

    I open two projects at a time and open Resource Usage view, I see red colour indication for the resources even they are not overallocated( I mean in Resource usage view in Timephase grid I can see 8hrs per day in Red color)

    May I know why is that?


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    I am facing an issue while trying to synchronize an AD group in project server. There are two problem areas (I suspect they are connected):

    1. If I go to 'Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization' option in server settings, and add a group name to Active Directory Group section, its searches and finds the group as expected. However if I hit 'save' or 'save and synchronize' button, nothing happens. The page stays still. Only the cancel button works. Have tried this on different browsers as well, but no luck.

    2. I try to do a work around and synchronize this AD group to a Project Server group directly, by adding the group name to 'Active Directory Group' in 'Add or edit group' page. The group name gets resolved successfully, and when I hit save, the page closes as expected, without any error. However, the group name goes missing, as if I never entered it before saving.

    Any idea what could have gone wrong there. Any help here will be much appreciated.


    Atul Sharma

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    Having a bit of a problem -

    We have several custom fields which are used for grouping purposes, but I cannot get the text in these fields to populate in the task view in PWA (My Work -> My Tasks).  As an example, lets say I have a custom text column called "Manufacturing Unit".  It's a global field, and it shows up just fine in both MSP client and the project view in PWA, and makes sorting by manufacturing unit very easy.  Any changes I make in either the client or the PWA are correctly captured and reflected appropriately.  Now, if I add the column to the view in My Tasks, the column itself appears, but no data is in it.  If I add the text manually and submit/approve changes to the task, the text remains, but does not propagate to the appropriate location in the plan.  It's as if the custom column in the task view is completely disconnected from the very same custom column in the plan itself.  Any ideas? 

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  • 07/10/15--12:21: Project Publish Times
  • hello all, what is the expected publish time of projects with approx. 800 is taking us approx. 2min -5min to publish...seems a little long to me

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  • 07/11/15--00:22: SCCM client push error
  • Hello, 

    I am getting below error for client push from sccm server

    ==========[ ccmsetup started in process 3504 ]==========ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043508 (0x0DB4)
    Updated security on object C:\Windows\ccmsetup\cache\.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043508 (0x0DB4)
    Launch from folder C:\Windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043508 (0x0DB4)
    CcmSetup version: 5.0.8239.1001ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043508 (0x0DB4)
    In ServiceMainccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Running on 'Microsoft Windows 7 Professional ' (6.1.7600). Service Pack (0.0). SuiteMask = 272. Product Type = 18ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Ccmsetup command line: "C:\Windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe" /runservice /config:MobileClient.tcfccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Command line parameters for ccmsetup have been specified.  No registry lookup for command line parameters is required.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Command line: "C:\Windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe" /runservice /config:MobileClient.tcfccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    SslState value: 224ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    CCMHTTPPORT:    80ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    CCMHTTPSPORT:    443ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    CCMHTTPSSTATE:    63ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    CCMHTTPSCERTNAME:    ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    FSP:    ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    CCMFIRSTCERT:    1ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Config file:      C:\Windows\ccmsetup\MobileClientUnicode.tcfccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Retry time:       10 minute(s) ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    MSI log file:     C:\Windows\ccmsetup\Logs\client.msi.logccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    MSI properties:    INSTALL="ALL" SMSSITECODE="PS1" CCMHTTPPORT="80" CCMHTTPSPORT="443" CCMHTTPSSTATE="63" CCMFIRSTCERT="1"ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Source List:ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
                      \\\SMSClientccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
                      \\VM-SV-02.LEARNING.INT\SMSClientccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    MPs:ccmsetup 11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
                      HTTPS://VM-SV-02.Learning.intccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    No version of the client is currently detected. ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Folder 'Microsoft\Configuration Manager' not found. Task does not exist.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Updated security on object C:\Windows\ccmsetup\. ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Failed to get client version for sending state messages. Error 0x8004100eccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Params to send '5.0.8239.1001 Deployment Error: ' ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    A Fallback Status Point has not been specified and no client was installed.  Message with STATEID='100' will not be sent.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Failed to send status 100. Error (87D00215) ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Running as user "SYSTEM"ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Detected 43753 MB free disk space on system drive. ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Checking Write Filter Status.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    This is not a supported write filter device. We are not in a write filter maintenance mode.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Performing AD query: '(&(ObjectCategory=mSSMSManagementPoint)(mSSMSDefaultMP=TRUE)(mSSMSSiteCode=PS1))'ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    OperationalXml '<ClientOperationalSettings><Version>5.00.8239.1000</Version><SecurityConfiguration><SecurityModeMask>63</SecurityModeMask><SecurityModeMaskEx>63</SecurityModeMaskEx><HTTPPort>80</HTTPPort><HTTPSPort>443</HTTPSPort><CertificateStoreName></CertificateStoreName><CertificateIssuers></CertificateIssuers><CertificateSelectionCriteria></CertificateSelectionCriteria><CertificateSelectFirstFlag>1</CertificateSelectFirstFlag><SiteSigningCert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iteSigningCert></SecurityConfiguration><RootSiteCode>PS1</RootSiteCode><CCM><CommandLine>SMSSITECODE=PS1</CommandLine> </CCM><FSP> <FSPServer></FSPServer> </FSP><Capabilities SchemaVersion ="1.0"><Property Name="SSL" Version="1" /><Property Name="SSLState" Value="63" /></Capabilities><Domain Value="" /><Forest Value="" /></ClientOperationalSettings>'ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Unable to open Registry key Software\Microsoft\CCM. Return Code [80070002]. Client HTTPS state is Unknown.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    The MP name retrieved is '' with version '8239' and capabilities '<Capabilities SchemaVersion="1.0"><Property Name="SSL" Version="1"/><Property Name="SSLState" Value="63"/></Capabilities>'ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    MP '' is compatibleccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Retrieved 1 MP records from AD for site 'PS1' ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Retrived site version '5.00.8239.1000' from AD for site 'PS1'ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    SiteCode:         PS1ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    SiteVersion:      5.00.8239.1000 ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Ccmsetup is being restarted due to an administrative action. Installation files will be reset and downloaded again.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Only one MP HTTPS:// is specified. Use it.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Searching for DP locations from MP(s)...ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Current AD site of machine is Default-First-Site-NameLocationServices11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Local Machine is joined to an AD domainLocationServices11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Current AD forest name is, domain name is Learning.intLocationServices11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    DhcpGetOriginalSubnetMask entry point is supported.LocationServices11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Begin checking Alternate Network Configuration LocationServices11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Finished checking Alternate Network Configuration LocationServices11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Adapter {7F818617-A293-4D29-9A66-0C094623A0AF} is DHCP enabled. Checking quarantine status.LocationServices11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Sending message body '<ContentLocationRequest SchemaVersion="1.00">
      <AssignedSite SiteCode="PS1"/>
      <ClientLocationInfo LocationType="SMSPACKAGE" DistributeOnDemand="0" UseProtected="0" AllowCaching="0" BranchDPFlags="0" AllowHTTP="1" AllowSMB="0" AllowMulticast="0" UseInternetDP="0">
        <ADSite Name="Default-First-Site-Name"/>
        <Forest Name=""/>
        <Domain Name=""/>
    <IPAddress SubnetAddress="" Address=""/>
    'ccmsetup 11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Sending message header '<Msg SchemaVersion="1.1"><ID>{BD753953-8331-4C72-BE08-6FC74436F744}</ID><SourceID></SourceID><SourceHost>VM-CL-02</SourceHost><TargetAddress>mp:[http]MP_LocationManager</TargetAddress><ReplyTo>direct:VM-CL-02:LS_ReplyLocations</ReplyTo><Priority>3</Priority><Timeout>600</Timeout><ReqVersion>5931</ReqVersion><TargetHost>HTTPS://</TargetHost><TargetEndpoint>MP_LocationManager</TargetEndpoint><ReplyMode>Sync</ReplyMode><Protocol>http</Protocol><SentTime>2015-07-11T07:08:04Z</SentTime><Body Type="ByteRange" Offset="0" Length="1126"/><Hooks><Hook3 Name="zlib-compress"/></Hooks><Payload Type="inline"/></Msg>'ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    CCM_POST 'HTTPS://'ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Begin searching client certificates based on Certificate Issuersccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Completed searching client certificates based on Certificate Issuersccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Begin to select client certificateccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    The 'Certificate Selection Criteria' was not specified, counting number of certificates present in 'MY' store of 'Local Computer'.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    There are no certificates in the 'MY' store. ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    GetSSLCertificateContext failed with error 0x87d00280ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Failed to get client version for sending state messages. Error 0x8004100eccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Params to send '5.0.8239.1001 Deployment Error: 0x87d00280, 'ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    A Fallback Status Point has not been specified and no client was installed.  Message with STATEID='315' will not be sent.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Failed to send status 315. Error (87D00215) ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    GetHttpRequestObjects failed for verb: 'CCM_POST', url: 'HTTPS://'ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    GetDPLocations failed with error 0x87d00280 ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Failed to get DP locations as the expected version from MP 'HTTPS://'. Error 0x87d00280ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Failed to get client version for sending state messages. Error 0x8004100eccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Params to send '5.0.8239.1001 Deployment Error: 0x87d00280, 'ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    A Fallback Status Point has not been specified and no client was installed.  Message with STATEID='101' will not be sent.ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Failed to send status 101. Error (87D00215) ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    Next retry in 10 minute(s)...ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:38:043496 (0x0DA8)
    ccmsetup is shutting downccmsetup11-07-2015 12:47:213508 (0x0DB4)
    Shutdown has been requestedccmsetup11-07-2015 12:47:243496 (0x0DA8)
    Shutdown has been requestedccmsetup11-07-2015 12:47:243496 (0x0DA8)
    CcmSetup failed with error code 0x80004004ccmsetup11-07-2015 12:47:243508 (0x0DB4)

    0 0


    I cannot connect to my project web app, this error message is what i get:

    Could not connect to the specified Project Web App URL: If you have manually changed the Project Web App URL for this Web Part, please remove this Web Part and add it to the page again from the Web Part catalog.

    First PWA site collection is accessible, secondly I tried deleting and re adding webpart but still issue persists.

    Your advise is appreciated. Thanks!

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