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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    I'm having a bit of an odd issue in that a PWA security group has Edit Project Summary Fieldsbut not Save Project to Project Server. When members of this group try to save edits to custom fields on a PDP, they receive an error stating:You need to have permissions to create a new project.  Please ask the project Web App administrator for permissions.  What does happen is that the value is changed for draft version of the field, but not the published version (i.e. once the project is checked in, the edit "disappears" until checked out again).

    What is confusing is that with the same permission configuration in 2010, members of the group are able to edit the custom fields just fine. 

    I've tried various combinations of other permissions, but the Save to... is the magic one.  Of course, this creates the issue that people are able to edit project schedules when they should not have that ability.

    This is an on-premises installation of Project Server 2013 running the February 2015 CU.  I've also tested this on another system and get the same behaviour so I am led to believe it is by design.  Microsoft's documentation states:

    Allows a user to edit only the enterprise project fields shown in the new project fields Web Part. If you do not have this permission, but have "Save Project to Project Server" you can still edit project-level fields/custom fields in the project field Web Part.

    Am I missing something?


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    We are using Project Server 2013 in SharePoint permission mode.  We do not have Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization enabled.  Last week an employee was terminated.  Their AD account was moved to a different OU and disabled.  However, their Resource record is still Active.  When we try to edit the record to mark it as inactive, we get "We couldn't find an exact match" next to the User logon account.  I understand that is because we are filtering out disabled accounts in the User Profile sync.  So right now there is no way to edit the Resource's record to mark them as inactive.  

    I also tried editing the Resource from Project Pro and receive a similar error.  And there does not appear to be a way disassociate a Resource from an AD account without pointing it at a different AD account.  So is there a way to edit resources once the AD account has been disabled (without re-enabling it)?  And would enabling Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization solve this problem?

    Thank you,

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    In PWA 2013, Manage My Alerts and Reminders - I want to markCheck/Uncheck any option in bulk (to set for all users by default) through any script or command or DB.


    Noman Sohail

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    Using Project Server 2010

    Single Entry Mode, Task type: Fixed Duration

    Start Date: 2/15/2011, Finish Date: 5/31/2011

    Dear All,

    My client has a project having 10 task for each resource. Initially the project owner and status manager was someone else. Now the they have changed the owner and the status manager of the project.

    The resources have been filling and sending their timesheets but the status manager was busy and haven't Approve/Reject it and all the Status Updates were in his Approval Center. Now yesterday the status manager select the 9 task updates of the same project and press Approve button.  After approval the Status updates of this project disappeared from the Approval center without giving any error.

    But when i opened the Task Update history, all the status updates of that project showing Error in red''There was an internal error applying the updates"

    In PWA Project Task progress hasn't been updated and in msp_timesheetline_userview table Timesheetlinestatusshows"Approved" but msp_epmtask showsactual work = 0 (task progress hasn't been updated)

    Screen shot is attached below;

    Maaz Ibrahim

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    Is there any way to sync the tasks, mailbox and other contents on the project web app with my outlook? For example, if a task is close to the due date I receive an email or notification about it. Or if the mailbox receive an email I also receive in my outlook? I noticed the sync with outlook button but is not available i don't know why.


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    We have a problem with Enterprise custom fields when they are configured with Graphical indicators ,


    The problem here appears when we populate these ECF with information (Text) through PDP's ,inserted information does not appear in project center views if the project is published from the PWA, and it appear only when the project is published from MS Project. 

    affected ECF Design :-

    We have a plenty of ECF connected with lookup tables and is created with graphical indicators. 

    status lookup table:-

    Contains values like : Red , Amber and Green


    It works when there is no Graphical indicators in the Enterprise custom fields

    Repro 1:-

    1-     Creating an Enterprise custom field

    2-     Without Graphical indicators and values to display “Data”

    3-     Add the Enterprise custom filed into a PDP

    4-     Go to a project and edit the PDP and inset some text

    5-     Save and publish from PWA


    After publishing from PWA In the custom Project status view enterprise custom field is populated with the right information “Test”

    Repro 2:-

    1.       Creating an Enterprise custom field
    2.       With Graphical indicators
    3.       Link with a look table that has more than one choice
    4.       Add the Enterprise custom filed into a PDP
    5.       Go to a project and edit the PDP and inset some text
    6.       Save and publish from PWA


    • After publishing from PWA the custom Project status view enterprise custom field is not populated with the Graphical indicators
    • But when publishing from MS Project, the view is populated with the Enterprise custom field data “text”

    Repro 3:-

    1.       Creating an Enterprise custom field
    2.       Without Graphical indicators and values to display “Data”
    3.       Link with a look table that has more than one choice
    4.       Add the Enterprise custom filed into a PDP
    5.       Go to a project and edit the PDP and inset some text
    6.       Save and publish from PWA



    After publishing from PWA  the custom Project status view enterprise custom field is populated with Enterprise custom field data “Text”

    Final conclusion :

    Problem is reproduced when using Enterprise Custom Field with Graphical indicators and then publish from PWA

    Karim El Zarka, MCTS Sharepoint 2010 , MCITP SharePoint Administrator 2010 Whenever you see a reply and if you think is helpful, click "Vote As Helpful"! And whenever you see a reply being an answer to the question of the thread, click "Mark As Answer

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         I have a project that was created with Project Pro 2013 and it uses several Hammock Tasks to represent the amount of time that we are giving third party contractors to do their task.  So if we delay, or if the project completion date moves, the amount of time that we give our vendors changes.

         This works without a problem in Project Pro 2013, but when I upload it to Server I get a warning box that says, "Saving the Project Web App will remove all links to resources in the file."  Is there a way to save the file to Project Server and retain the links if we are not using the web app to manage the files and do all of the editing and viewing with Project Pro on our local machines?


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  • 07/06/15--08:06: MS Project
  • I have multiple project plans open at one time. When I close one of them, MS Project closes all other project plans and application itself closes. I checked all options but can't seem to find one the stops this. Does anyone know how to prevent this?

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    We are setup with Project 2013 using Fixed Approval Routing. All resource timesheets go to their managers (setup as Timesheet Managers) for approval. There are instances where a Timesheet Manager is on vacation and we need a way for someone to Recall/Reject one of their resources' approved timesheets. Our thought was to allow our Project Admins to do this, but we can't figure out how. At this point the Project Admins can see all of the Approved Timesheets but are unable to modify them.

    Does anyone know if/how it can be done?


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    What is the difference between a user and resource?

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    In Project Server 2013, is there a way to grant edit access to a specific, custom field?  We have a set of finance users that will update a single (free-text) field but we do not want them to be able to edit any other data for a resource.

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  • 07/06/15--15:36: Last Updated By
  • Older versions of Project Server included a field called Last Updated By. This was very useful when tracing who made a change. Does this field still exist in v2013?

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    I am using Project server 2013 online and i am not using ms project pro 2013.

    My question is that can i use the "status date" field and Reschedule the uncompleted work after the status date using project online.

    Thanks in advance..


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    Hi there,

    I have a Project Server 2013 within a Sharepoint 2013 on a Windows 2012 R2 maschine, with SQL 2014 already installed on it. Here is my problem, when i try to build the OLAP Database i get Build Failure with :

    ===== Initiating OLAP database build process =====
    [7/7/2015 9:49 AM] Cube build request message has been added to the Project Server queue
    ===== Process Completed =====
    [7/7/2015 9:49 AM] Failed to build the OLAP cubes. Error: The attempt to build the OLAP database on server failed, the SQL Server Analysis Services Analysis Management Objects (AMO) client software may not be installed on this server, please install/update the client on this server and retry. The underlying exception was: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.AnalysisServices, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

    The funny thing is that i looked for the AMO software for SQL2014 : 

    So i installed AMO (ENU\x86\SQL_AS_AMO.msi). The error keeps coming. I restarted the server as a whole. Still the same error. Am i missing something?

    It seems like something simple like install and it works, but it doesn't seem like it. Am i installing the wrong software? Or is there something else i am missing?

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    We have seen an interesting issue where one resources' manage timesheet page shows timesheet statuses as Approved. This would appear fine except for the fact that these periods are closed so the Timesheet Status should appear as closed like it does for other resources.

    Does anyone know how to correct the status or why this would occur for one user?Thank


    Shane O'Hanlon (Accenture)

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    Hi All

    Just want to hear whether anyone has a easy way of reporting on users who has a timesheet status of 'Not Yet Created' (for a specific period). Understandably one can use the cubes to create a report to show actual hrs for the four categories per period and then search for all users where all four ebtries are blank, but ideally one would like a report which only shows these exceptions).

    Any advise would be appreciated.


    Coenraad Swanepoel

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    I have noticed that some fields does not exists in the Project views (not project center) available fields, for example "Status" field that is a task level field is not there.

    I was wondering why and also if there is any documentation about what type of fields can be added to which pwa views (including custom fields).

    I wantto be able to understand the logic of why certain fields cannot be added to views.


    Ofir Marco , MCTS P.Z. Projects

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    In MSPS 2013, what happened to the field named Last Modified By in the Resource Center?  Any way to access this information through the databases?

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    Currently we are working on configuring Project Server 2013. One of the requirement is timesheet. Customer wants timesheet prepopulate with current tasks. As we configured the timesheet setting to prepopulate with current assigned tasks. But there is an issue which they also want to be able change the Billing Category (something like drop down from timesheet line). The only way we know to do this is to remove the task then add row from existing assignment then choose Billing Category there. But this cause confusion for the end users which shows all their tasks not just the one for this week. Is it possible to change Billing Category from the line itself?

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    I have a bunch of graphs/displays that I have created in an Excel file that is pulling data from a Project file. The current Project file is stored on a shared drive. We are in discussion about going to a Project Server and I'm trying to figure out if it is doable to pull from the Project Server, open in Project Professional, and pull the data that I need.

    I think my two options are:

    1) A link that will directly open the Project File in Project Professional (I know this can be done with Sharepoint, but I can't figure out if it's doable on Project Server)
    2) Some sort of VBA code that can open Project Server and open the file in Project Professional

    I've played around a bit with both options and have come up empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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