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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Hello Experts,

    I have used the method given in this below link to define custom formula :

    I have a enterprise custom task entity called "Task check" [Type Number] which based on a formula gets its value, and the formula is :

    IIf([Task Status] = "Finished", 1, 0)         [Where Task status is another text based custom task field]

    and Calculation for summary rows  -> Rollup  ----> Sum

    And I have a enterprise custom Project entity "Project Check" which is of type number and has Formula :

    Project check = [Task check]                [So this sums up the values of all tasks]

    But the issue I am getting is, for each task when the "Task status" is "Finished", the "Task Check" = 1

    But the "Project Check" is always 1 number less than the number of tasks. ie., if in task center we see the below :

         task = task1       task status = finished         task check = 1

         task = task2       task status = finished         task check = 1

         task = task3       task status = finished         task check = 1

    Then If I check the "Project check", it equals 2, instead of 3. 

    And if i have 4 tasks with "task check = 1", the "project check" = 3

    Why is the sum giving me always 1 less than the expected value ? Is this behavior expected? I am using Project server 2013

    Please let me know your thoughts.



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    I want to get all attribute information like Actual start, ACWP, BCWP, BCWS, Critical, CV, CVP etc which is on project entity in project server.

    I am using PSI web services for getting information of project server 2013 & 2010

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    we just build a Sharepoint/Project Server 2013. We have to import the project server databases of the project server 2010 environment into the 2013 environment.

    By adding the conten database of 2010 in 2013 it tells us first to upgrade the content database with the stsadm command. We did it and the content database is shown in "Content Databases", but the "current number of site collections" shows 0 (null). 

    Normally it is the point to delete the default conten database WSS_CONTENT. What shall we do?

    We do notseethepoint, wheretheother4databases(Draft,Published,Reporting,archives) would be integrated. Thanks and regards


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  • 06/01/15--09:07: Xbox One Test Automation
  • The UI Automation using System.Windows.Automation can be used to test the UI on the desktop for Windows 8. An Xbox desktop application UI can be compiled to run on a machine with Windows 8 and therefore be tested. Can an Xbox desktop application be directly tested on the Xbox using System.Windows.Automation? Is this supported? How do you do this?

    Are there any other frameworks that can be used directly on the Xbox to test an Xbox desktop application?

    Finally, basically I'm asking what is available for testing an Xbox desktop application? What are the Pros and Cons? What recommendations do you have?

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    Our version of project pro and project server is 2013.

    Did someone know where is stored the rate in the cost rate table in project pro ?

    I know that the current rate is in the MSP_Resource table ... but the others are where ?

    We did'nt want to modifiy the data, we wanna find a solution to join a new entitie "contract" to a resource and a cost of this table.

    Thank you.

    Stephen C.

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  • 06/01/15--12:50: Unable to edit user groups
  • I just deployed a new Project Server 2013.

    Installed the Service pack 1 and CU-May2015.

    I was able to configure all the fields needed, lookup tables, views, security templates, categories and groups (I'm using Project Server permission mode).

    After the users started uploading projects, I was unable to edit groups.

    I had to update a permission for a group, but when I go to "Manage Groups" and click on a group name to edit it, the edit group page doesn't show the group name or the AD group it is syncing with. Save button doesn't work, so I can't enter the name again and save.

    Also, can't update group permissions from a template since the Apply button doesn't work.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    I've been using Internet Explorer 10 and 11 with and without compatibility view. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    Same result no matter the browser.

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    We are looking for utilizing Project Server for task submissions/viewing reports/uploading images on mobile devices.

    Please suggest any recommended apps for an iPhone or Android Devices. Thanks.

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    Hi all, according to the below TechNet article If you use the Odata feed and Project Online you are limited to a max of 45 custom enterprise fields. I heard at the WPC last week that this is no longer strictly true but when I searched online I couldn't find any updates to the above article.

    Does anyone know what the current situation is? Ie are we still limited to the 45 fields?

    Many thx

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  • 06/02/15--01:10: Enterprise Global pollution
  • HI, I am trying to follow Dale Howard's advice for cleaning up the pollution in the enterprise global template but cannot get rid of the Group - "No Group". Not sure how to achieve this as project is saying it cannot be deleted or renamed??

    Thanks in advance,


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    In some projects of my list of projects, I can not filter in the fields of Project.

    For custom fields and fields for basic project fails when I try to filter by a field of view of any project.

    The error is in some projects.

    when I try to filter by the fields of view, the error is reproduced.

    Projects which reproduces the error are of different categories and with different tasks.

    Could anyone help? 

    Many thanks 

    Kind regards

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    We have an issue introduced since the Feb 2015 CU was applied.

    If a project is edited in Project Professional and a Task summary level is collapsed. When the project is saved/published and subsequently viewed in PWA it is not possible to expand the Task Summary.

    Solution is to edit in Project Pro expand the task and save. But get's a bit tedious remembering to do this for every project.

    Anyone else experiencing this, is there something that we are doing wrong.

    How do I get Microsoft on the case?

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    Hello Experts,

    When I create a new Project Site for Template, I am not seeing the "Deliverables" or "Issues" or "Risks" in Project Web App 2013.

    I also checked the List Content Types and List Columns, none of them contain any column of the Deliverable [ie., Deliverable start or Deliverable Finish]

    I want to add certain custom columns to the "Deliverables" list and want to save the Project site as template, so that the changes done to the "Deliverables" list will reflect to all new projects.

    Please guide me regarding the same.



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    We are doing some testing of MS Office 365 with particular focus on Project 365

    I am unable to use the filter on it e.g. 'critical activities' or by resources

    Is the filter only available on my local file system and not on the server?

    Your guidance sought.


    Hardcore Scheduling Inc

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    When creating a view in PWA, I cannot sort multiple columns. Does anyone know how to do this?

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    I apply a filter on the timesheet page in the field group by project name  for a PWA 2013 instance

    so now my tasks are grouped by the project plan names

    then i click on send the progress on all tasks

    After which i get a pop up to submit the comments .

    the view loads and the filters are cleared to default

    is this a bug ir something ?

    how can i fix this

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    I have configured email alert notification in my MS project Server 2013, but in default my email address set to the system while I was installing SharePoint and MS project Server 2013, but I want to change this email to anther email address to receive alerts, but there is not icon to change it, kindly I need way to show how to change this email account to anther.

    See below snapshot.

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    Hi All

    I'm using Project Server 2010 and recently I start seeing a strange behavior when I modify or create a Custom Field. The process takes a lot of time to complete and also sometimes gets locks, and stay there Processing 0%. And also I not able to execute querys over the reporting database. Please check the images below.

    I have installed [December 9, 2014 Cumulative Update for Project Server 2010 package].

    I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

    The message in the Job Type column is:

    Reporting (Entity User View Refresh)

    Javier Perez | VP | Sr. Technical Architect | MCPD:Enterprise, MCPD:Web, MCITP:Database Dev, MCAD, MCTS:SharePoint | Monterrey, Mexico.

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    There are two tasks assigned to resource “Credit – Labor” which is a material type and has standard rate as -1.

    In Project Professional the actual cost shows correctly as (unit*standard rate) which yield a negative total, therefore the credit;

    In PWA, the cost and actual cost are shown as 0 instead of the negative number. I have cross checked the Reporting  database in  MSP_EpmAssignmentByDay and MSP_EpmAssignmentBaselineByDay] i can see the negative values in both these tables.

    But when i verify the same in MSP_ASSIGNMENTS_WORKING_VIEW in Published database i can see 0 as value instead of negative value.

    Can any body help me on this.


    Geeth If you feel that the answer which i gave you is Helpful please select it as Answer/helpful.

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    Hi there,

    I configed report of Resource Overview. And I can see the 'assignment work' /' actual work' by chart.  This is count all the data from project start to now. It is useful. But also, I want to know know   the change of 'assignment work' /' actual work'  by week and by month. 

    How to deal with it?

    Jou Chen

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      I would like to know how the project plan would get affected if the Time-sheet manager rejects the time-sheet if PM or Line manager has already approved the Tasks.

      Would project plan actuals get affected??

    Regards, Syed Faizan ur Rehman, CBPM®,PRINCE2®, MCTS

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