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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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  • 05/20/15--04:19: Last Published date
  • HI, I can't seem to find this field in the Reporting database. Is it not available and if not, how does the Last Modified date vary from the Last Published date?



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    I have a small issue while using PWA 2010.
    The instance is configured to use tasks to report time (not timesheets).

    One of our user is not able to navigate within the Tasks page.
    The buttons “Previous”, “Next” and “Select Period” are greyed (disabled).

    But when using the layout “Timephased Data” we can see the three buttons “Previous”, “Next” and “Select Period” available. This is the only layout working.

    The projects where the user is assigned are not finished.
    Other users assigned to these plans do not have this issue.

    Basically I don’t see differences within the user definition and assignments and no error on Internet explorer.

    Do know in which directions I can search?

    Thank you in advance
    Pascal Jean

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    How can I match actual resources name list against Generic resources ?

    My Resource center view is -SCREEN 02

    Please suggest to match Actual resources in place of Generic resources ?

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    Can someone tell me if there are any certifications for Project Server 2013? I need as much information as possible for Admin,Development,Architect etc.

    Thanks in advance

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    A warning for you all. If you are doing a migration from 2007 or 2010, the related items, where you link say a risk to a task, do not come over.

    In 2013 they are implemented in a completely different way. Because of this they can't migrate. Here is an article on how it has all changed:

    But you still need to be aware that you need to recreate these links if you migrate.

    We are trying this with PowerShell.

    But does anyone have another solution, maybe someone has solved this before?



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    What is the difference between opening and updating the local cache project  and opening/updating project from the server in Project Server 2013?


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    Hello Dears,

    i have deleted some projects from PWA 2013 ,but they still exist in project center knowing that the queue is empty

    Please Advise


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  • 05/20/15--22:05: Workflow Not Sending Emails
  • I created an simple workflow that uses the Send Email activity just to validate functionality. I have a VM running PS2013. What I'm seeing is the following error shown in the image below. The workflow is failing with an internal server error. The ULS logs didn't give me any information when searching for the correlation id. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?



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    I am wondering if it is possible to include a site specific list as part of the PDP that is related to a project site. I am managing projects with lots of data at different levels that needs to be presented to end users on one concise way. Using PDPs feels like an ideal way to collect and display data. I am just strugling to understand how I can achieve my goal.

    Can someone let me know if my thought of displaying a site list in a PDP is actually possible?

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    Does anyone have a set of business processes (Visio or like) for out of the box Project Server. I have many others for AX etc.

    I am willing to swap other collateral in return.

    For instance I have a full set of business processes to create and implement strategy. A full set of out of the box PMBOK processes.

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    Hi all,

    Regarding to Team Assignment in Project Server 2010.

    Scenario is the following:
    1.create a generic resource for a team
      set the assignment owner as the team manager, 
      "Team Detail":select the Team Assignment Pool check box and select the team from the Team Name list.
    2.create some work resources for team members and team manager  
       "Team Detail":the Team Assignment Pool box is uncheck and select the team from the Team Name list.

    3.assign a task to the generic resource

    In project server 2010 the team manager reassigns a task to a team member but it says:
    "The selected task(s) could not be reassigned due to the following reason(s):
    •Access Denied"

    When I tried to set the field "Team Detail" to blank for the team manager, it's working well.
    But this manner doesn't seem to make sense (team manager isn't a part of the team!?)

    Have any suggestions?


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    Error while refreshin a report in Excel with Project Server 2010.

    I get the following error "Transaction (Process ID 85) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim.  Rerun the transaction.

    This happen frequently but not all the time.  Anything I can do to fix it?


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    I need to know who has acted on my behalf (delegated) in the recent time. In our PS 2013 environment we sometimes have so many users acting as delegate and would like to know who has acted on my behalf in recent times.

    Users (A, B, C, D,E ) have delegate access on my behalf. Hence I would like to know who has recently used delegated access.

    Pls suggest if an end user can get that information some where or at least administrator can find the information and provide it to the end user.

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    1st question can you still buy project server 2010? All of the current employee's are running that version. There probably will be 10-15 people using it.

    What's the total software cost to get it up and running assuming the minimum single server hardware requirements below are adequate to run every application. So I am assuming we need Sharepoint Server  and SQL Server Standard also.

    Minimum hardware requirements for a small dataset in Project Server 2013


    Minimum requirement


    64-bit, four-core, 2.5 GHz minimum per core


    24 GB for developer and evaluation use

    Hard disk

    80 GB for installation

    For production use, you need additional free disk space for day-to-day operations. Add two times as much free space as you have RAM for production environments.

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    We have approx. 7800 records in a lookup table. I want to add one more value to the same but now I am unable to add a record with "Unknown Error".

    Also, even if I save the table without any updates, it throws the same error. I checked ULS logs and Eventviewer but no error logged there.

    Any way to resolve this? Thanks

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    With the growth of telecommunications, a lot of good things have been said for its upcoming growth and development. Almost all people are predicting a big dependency on telecommunications using mobile, laptop or tablet media. Not only are the users increasing each day but the providers as well.

    Thousands of telecommunication networks exist and is continuously emerging finding the market of the industry a good investment. There are the famous AT&T in America and in Asia, Indosat, XL Axiata, a subsidiary of Axis Capital Group of telecommunication networks based in Malaysia and has expanded to Jakarta and PT Telekomsel are the major networks which compete in the 4th most populous country of the world, Indonesia.

    However though, is there anyone who is concerned of the factors that may impact the quality of telecommunication in, let’s say, five years from now? Possible changes may be as follows:


    With the demand and complaints of connection and the competition so fierce, things become cheaper and cheaper. The law of supply and demand will be materialized in this situation. The cost of providing such a service keeps falling, and competition means that the price keeps getting smaller and smaller in a strong, negative feedback loop. Connectivity is capturing an ever-smaller proportion of the information value chain, while content, service, and product deliverers capture ever-more.


    A new coined word, Thingification or the internet of things will be a big issue in the near future. A lot of data will be uploaded online with a lot of devices used. If we are only using terabyte hard drives for now, expect to use a device that can cater a million gigabyte file. The upswing of all of these devices will be an astronomical growth in data volumes; we will quickly push through exabyte volumes and enter the world of zettabytes per year.


    Global growth of mobile connectivity is far outpacing hardline connectivity. This makes sense, as most growth is occurring in the developing world and amongst poorer populations. Such consumers may not even own a home, let alone a FiOS connection. For these people, mobile are cheaper, more convenient, and more useful, even when landline connectivity is an option.


    Since there are a lot of essential data in the net and a lot of highly confidential information are stored in a cloud, the demand for safer use of internet and protection against hackers and scammers will surely increase. Customers will begin to expect, and then demand more proactive protection from the entire internet value chain, and carriers will be expected to support these expectations with a range of technical and operational innovations. The desire for greater security may be a boon for carriers, if they embrace the need.

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    Recently I have installed SharePoint 2013 with Project server 2013 for my company, after installation is done, I have created PWA for uploading and working users MS projects, but I wants to add new users to be able to open for example our projects server link which I created lets say http://test/PWA , in 2010 it was easy to add users in security, kindly I wants to know steps how to add new user to open MS Project server in client computers.


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    I have projects in Project Server 2010(with all actuals entered), I would like to move those projects manually to Project Server 2013.

    Those projects are interdependent between the other projects, if I save the project locally and upload it to server 2013, will the data and link, resource assignment change?

    Please send me the best practice steps.


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    Hi there! My project would like to adjust remaining work of tasks and came up with two ways. However, these pose cons on the resources and the leads, respectively. Please see below ways we thought of:

    1. Resources enter their remaining work on their timesheets - CON: We have 50+ resources assigned to 50+ tasks per each. We do a weekly submission of PWA timesheets so this will really entail a big overhead for them if they adjust their remaining work for all their 50+ task buckets on a weekly (!) basis.

    2. Leads update the remaining work via Microsoft Project - CON: Contrary to the above, the leads here will then be having a hard time to update all the resources under his/her oversight per work plan. (FYI we have 11 work plans)

    My question now would be: Could you please let me know if there is another way to solve this concern? Thank you very much! I signed up for this forum especially that I always find insights and solutions on my PWA/MSP queries. :)

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    Hi all,

    I am searching for the requeriments for the installation of Project Server 2013 but It was impossible to find one simple data:

    What version of Sharepoint do I need to install? , Standard / Enterprise??, all the information I have found so far says that I need "Sharepoint 2013 Server", that's all. 

    Also in terms of user CAL, every license for project profesional comes with a project server CAL, but do I need an extra license for Sharepoint?, I mean, Should I have three licenses for user?

    Thank you in advance.


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