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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    I am working in Project Server 2010 and have always used hours when allocating resources.  I have currently begun working on a new project and the management for this project would like to use days instead (the resources attached to this project do not have rates in the resource pool).  Is this even possible?

    Appreciate it.



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    Using Project Server 2010 and PRoject Professional 2010.

    Is there a way to set up a time scheduled event that would copy one field to another?

    Specifically thinking of whether there is a way to automate the setting of interim / rolling baseline dates so that the previous reporting period's start/finish is recorded for reporting on in the following update. Currently this is done by opening each plan and copying start/finish dates then saving for next week's updates.

    Any ideas welcome.


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  • 10/02/12--12:49: Playbook connectivity issue
  • Hi guys,

    I'm unable to connect to the PWA instance via Playbook. The instance is on the same machine from where I'm running Playbook. I'm using Claim base authentication, that could be causing problem but I don't know how am I suppose to connect to it, though I've tried several ways to connect, for example windows authentication and with form like i:0#.w|domain\administrator, domain\administrator etc. 



    Thanks, Kashif

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    Would like to have a project center view with a column showing project health, however we want that health indicator to not be manually changed, but be dynamic based on these requirements:

    • If all project tasks are on time = green
    • if 20% project tasks are late = yellow
    • if 40% project tasks are late = orange
    • if 60% project tasks are late = red

    How can I create this enterprise custom fields to accomodate this?  thanks!


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    We have already set in our Server Settings that the Reporting Display Week would start on Saturdays. We haven't allowed users to define custom periods for task updates too. But we have the following issues:

    1. Reporting week of some resources in the Tasks page does not start on Saturdays

    2. The Reporting Display period would only have 6 days, thus resources need to click on the Next period just to show the missing day.

    We do want that for all resources, reporting period would start on Saturdays and that this would show all 7 days in a week.

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    Project Server 2010 / Internet Explorer 8 & 9.

    We have run into an issue where a user is updating their tasks in My Tasks on PWA and the webpart expands to larger than the original web browser size.  The user then needs to scroll down on the page to see the scrollbars on the bottom of the webpart to view the entirety of their task information.  This only seems to be an issue when the user's screen resolution is low enough that the task information view doesn't entirely fit in their browser window.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue or have suggestions as to how to make it more intuitive to the users that they need to scroll down to see the rest of the my tasks webpart following a task update?


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    # Subject - How do we check which tasks is open to enter time and which is not?

    More often than not my colleagues keep saying that they cannot enter time on PWA and what it turns out to be that the task itself has been marked as 100 % or completed.

    Could anyone please answer these?

    = How a user with team member access can check which tasks are marked complete or 100 %

    = If not and if the person who is supposed to ensure the tasks are open to change, does not remember if or not he has marked the task completed, how this can be verified if the tasks are not marked completed. I mean where do I check in MS-PWA & find out if a tasks is marked completed?

    = Can a user enter time on a tasks which has a task completion date in past?

    = One More question, why does it keep happening that the webpage in PWA does not allow to enter time at all and the cell is just locked? Does it happen because the task as been assigned to more than one person or has been marked completed?

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    In Project Server 2007 i have few enterprise resources, if i assign those resources to the tasks it is automatically assigning some percentage like (45%, 89%) not 100%.

    Those resources already assigned to some other tasks.

    What are the possible causes for this issue?


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    Dear All

    we are going to use project server 2007 for project life cycle management. We are integrating TFS also with PS so that defect for a given task in MSP can be tracked. We want to generate various metrics report like SV, EV, defect density etc at phase level (requirement, design, coding and testing) and at project level.

    Please suggest approach for implementing this requirement. If someone can suggest some blueprint / tutorial by MS then that would be great.



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    Our company working hours is 8:30am to 6:30pm have 1hours lunch time  Monday to Friday

    I set the Enterprise Calendars to 8:30 am to 6:30pm

    and i changed the Project Pro 2010 software schedule setting to match the Enterprise Calendar and Create the project Plan make sure the task start time is 8:30am end time 6:30PM

    After publish project , the resource try to update status in PWA 

    When the user select the date , the time will auto change to 8:00am

    If select the finish data at the same time the time display will have some change

    but after the user sent the status update to manager get approvals

    the time is not the display time of the user input

    Not every time is 8:00am and 5:00PM

    maybe is 8;30am and 6:00pm or 6:30PM

    i don't know what setting i missed.

    Please Help

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  • 10/11/12--17:19: Disabled Inactive
  • Has anyone had to overcome the issue of a disabled Inactive button for some files and not all in MS Project Professional 2010? We are experiencing this button being ‘greyed’ out in some Project Server based plans. I look forward to your thoughts.

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    I would like to use Project Server for a complete vacation days demand. I like the approbation system but I have a question :  is it possible to count the number of available vacation days per employee ?

    Actually in my organization, we have a system which count every available vacation days (like legal, delayed holidays, ...) and I didn't see anything like that in PS.

    Thank you.

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     Hi All,

    I have PS 2007 SP2 Env running on SQL Server 2005 SP4.

    My requirement is to fetch all the past timesheet period for a particular resource that are in "Not Yet Created"  from current date.

    For that I am using following query:

    SELECT     TP.EndDate, TP.PeriodStatusID, T.TimesheetStatusID, TP.PeriodName,TR.ResourceName
    FROM         MSP_Timesheet_OlapView AS T INNER JOIN
    MSP_TimesheetResource AS T ON T.OwnerResourceNameUID = TR.ResourceNameUID RIGHT OUTER JOIN
    MSP_TimesheetPeriod_OlapView AS TP ON T.PeriodUID = TP.PeriodUID
    WHERE     (TP.EndDate < GETDATE()) AND (TR.ResourceName = '--------')
    ORDER BY TP.EndDate

    But from above query I am able to fetch all the timesheet period which are either in  "In Progress, Submitted, Approved, Rejected state" but not able to find timesheet period which are still not created.

    So plese help me to modify the query in order to fetch timesheet period which "Not Created Yet".

    Thanks !!!

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    Hi All,

    Can any one please provide me information about why the Start and End dates of Personal Tasks on the timesheet entry page are editable.

    If i change the start and end dates / time fields against a the personal tasks, and when i submit the timesheet, system is throwing timesheet submission error as shown below.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ravishankar Polepalli (MCP,MCC)
    Microsoft Dynamics, Project Server and SharePoint Server Consultant

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    I have a project on Project Server 2010 that was working normally. From few days, I was unable to save the project from MS Project; I am getting the following error

    The following job failed to complete.

    Job type: Save

    Error ID: 9000(0x2328)

    The project could not be saved to the server. Please retry saving the project. If the problem persists, save the project as a MPP file and contact your system administrator.

    If I publish the project, the last saved version will be published without saving the updated version and no error appears. At the same time, I am able to save and publish the project from the web normally so if I try to open the project on MS Project, I will be able to see the modification done on the web, but still unable to save the project.

    I checked the event Log at my computer and I found that each time that I get the error the following 2 errors are logged to the event log:

    Soap error: Incorrect number of parameters supplied for SOAP request.

    Soap error: Unspecified client error..

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    I need to do the following in MS Project server 2010.
    Create a new PDP with only five project level fields (which were already created as a custom fields.)
    This should be called when selecting a Project in Project Center
    The PDP with five fields shiould be able to editable.
    The closest PDP I see among the available ones are Project Detail PDP.
    My questions is as follows:
    • How Can I modify an existing ProjectDetail PDP to only show my required field and delete other fields.
    • How can I save the modified PDP in Project Server
    • How can I link the PDP which will show the selected project's fields (The project will be selected in Project Center) in the new PDP
    • How to make sure tht the edited value in PDP will have an option to save in the ribbon on the top.

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    I have three users so far who are getting an error pop up when they press Send Timesheet.

    We are using PS2010 with SEM.

    The error is:

    "An error occurred while communicating with the server. Check connectivity with your administrator to determine whether further action is necessary".

    There is nothing in the queue or the ULS log.

    These users have all been able to do timesheets in the past.

    It doesn't make any difference on another PC.

    There are similar questions on this forum but none have solved this issue. I think it is a very generic error.

    I am in the process of sending this to Microsoft as a premier support incident, but our process to do that takes time and I want to see if it can be solved without doing that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Whenever I try to open a project that is already created it's always open read only regardless of the permissions of the user. Any suggestions?


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    Hi every one

    I am beginner in EPM (Enterprise Project Management) and need to connect project server data by C#. How can I do it?  

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    HI All,

    I'm developing a custom Webpart, that inside a PDP, is trying to save the custom field values to the Project Server 2010....

    The code im using is the following. It works perfectly when the Project is Checked IN...

    Guid sessionUid = Guid.NewGuid();

                project.CheckOutProject(projectId, sessionUid, "Updating CF");
                Guid jobUid = Guid.NewGuid();
                project.QueueUpdateProject(jobUid, sessionUid, projectDs, false);
                jobUid = Guid.NewGuid();
                project.QueueCheckInProject(jobUid, projectId, false, sessionUid, "Updating CF");


    The problem is that i'm trying to insert this code in the CheckIN Event for example, or overwritting the save button functionality....

    In that moment, obviously, the project is in Checkout, then i get this error code...  (CICOCheckedOutInOtherSession = 10103)

    What is the strategy for solving that problem??? Am i  missing any possibility in the code?? May be getting the current SessionID or JobUID, is this possible??

    I was thinking to launch some kind of retarded sharepoint timer, for waiting for the process of Checking in to be completed, before executing that code...

    Very Thanks in advance...





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