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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Dear Forum,

    in our Project Server system several users are experiencing problems with their local caches. From time to time local cache status gets out of sync with the Projects Server status. Local status that i've seen so far was "Checkin pending" whereas the project was checked in at the server. After validating that no important information could get lost we solved the issues by deleting the project from the cache. However in order to prevent severe issues i would like to find the root cause of this issue.

    According to the profile settings of the users the MS Project cache is located at a network drive. From your experience: could this be the cause of the issues? Have you observed alike issues? If so we would move the cache to the local hard drive.

    Kind regards


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    i successfully create the workflows for issues,risks and deliverable list but when i create  workflow for the project site task list it published the workflow but can't run automatically and manually even the workflow option is not shown in the task properties.

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    Is there a report in MPP 2013 which explains:

    1. Based on the current status when the project will be completed?

    2. Leading and Lagging Indicators against tasks

    3. Leading and Lagging against resources


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    I have tried to find a place to download P2010SolutionStarter for Project Server 2010. Does anyone know where to find a site to download the P2010SolutionStarter?

    Thanks for you help.

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    We can't display the selected time period. It might be closed or your administrator hasn't created it yet. Please try a different date

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    hello forum members,

    whats the differences between "Pending Submit" vs "Submitted" timesheet status?

    We seem to have a LOT of people with pending submit status timesheet. what can be a cause for this?

    thanks in advance,



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    I am using Project Server 2010. In Project Site, while creating an Issue, there is an option to link the issue item with any task in Project Schedule. I need to customize this a bit.

    Firstly, i need to know is it possible to only present Summary Tasks while creating issue and linking them with tasks. I need that when a user creates an issue and wants to link it to any tasks, only the list of Summary task is presented.

    Secondly, In Project Site>Issues, if i add the "Link" field to the view (which is linked to Task in Project Schedule), it displays an XML. How can i just show the The Link to that Task or just Task Name or any anything else except the XML of the Link.

    Need urgent help on This.


    _________ Fahad Ahmed Khan .NET Articles, Web Development, SharePoint and Project Server Custom Solution Provider

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    I have created project level custom field which rolls up from task level calculated custom field. The calculated fields at the task level have date column as fields. When I open the PDP of the project from server and make some changes and then save and publish the project from the server, the values of these custom fields changes giving wrong information. When the same project is opened in Project professional and updated and saved and published from Professional , the fields are restored? May I know what is happening here please? And how do I make this discrepancy go away ?




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    I came with an serious issue, someone has deleted a Enterprise Custom Field from my project.

    Is there any way I can find out who has deleted this? Also is there any way to find out the Logged in users and IP's?

    Also please let me know how to take back up these fields.

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    When we try to open an excel the following error pops up

    'ERROR 403-Web app has stopped'

    The web app you have attempted to reach is currently stopped and does not accept any requests. Please try to reload the page or visit it again soon.

    If you are the Administrator of this web app, please visit the Azure Portal to check why the app is stopped.

    But we cant find any Error in Azure Audit logs.Please help how to move about.

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    I know cross-project linking works with the Client but is it also possible to create cross-Project dependencies in PWA.

    I tried it but got an error message:

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    is it possible to create a template including serveral Tasks for a new Project in Project Server without having to open it from the Client Version?


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  • 09/11/15--08:15: factorysettings
  • I have a problem I cant figure out. I would like to reset my unit back to factory settings so my kids can use this as a tablet. I have old information that has ben moved and I don't need anything on here how do I go about restoring to factory settings ??

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  • 08/24/15--03:16: Colors in Template
  • I created a template using some coloring.

    When opening the new template the Colors are visible for the built-In Gantt Chart View but not for the Custom view (in my case "01 Schedule Planning")

    Isn't it possible to safe Colors in a Project template in a custom view?

    Thank you for your help!



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    I am using Project Server 2010. I have changed my Server my name which worked fine. Now in Project Server, when i click to Project Site, i am getting Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.This is not happening for all project sites, few of them are working properly but few are giving above error.

    This is not happening for all project sites, few of them are working properly but others are giving error below:

    Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

    Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.

    Source Error:
    An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

    Stack Trace:
    [SqlException (0x80131904): Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.]
       System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection) +6282617
       System.Data.SqlClient.TdsParser.ThrowExceptionAndWarning(TdsParserStateObject stateObj) +245
       System.Data.SqlClient.TdsParser.Run(RunBehavior runBehavior, SqlCommand cmdHandler, SqlDataReader dataStream, BulkCopySimpleResultSet bulkCopyHandler, TdsParserStateObject stateObj) +1099
       System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnectionTds.CompleteLogin(Boolean enlistOK) +53
       System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnectionTds.AttemptOneLogin(ServerInfo serverInfo, String newPassword, Boolean ignoreSniOpenTimeout, Int64 timerExpire, SqlConnection owningObject) +248
       System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnectionTds.LoginNoFailover(String host, String newPassword, Boolean redirectedUserInstance, SqlConnection owningObject, SqlConnectionString connectionOptions, Int64 timerStart) +6298834
       System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnectionTds.OpenLoginEnlist(SqlConnection owningObject, SqlConnectionString connectionOptions, String newPassword, Boolean redirectedUserInstance) +6298792
       System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnectionTds..ctor(DbConnectionPoolIdentity identity, SqlConnectionString connectionOptions, Object providerInfo, String newPassword, SqlConnection owningObject, Boolean redirectedUserInstance) +354
       System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnectionFactory.CreateConnection(DbConnectionOptions options, Object poolGroupProviderInfo, DbConnectionPool pool, DbConnection owningConnection) +703
       System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionFactory.CreatePooledConnection(DbConnection owningConnection, DbConnectionPool pool, DbConnectionOptions options) +54
       System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionPool.CreateObject(DbConnection owningObject) +6300056
       System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionPool.UserCreateRequest(DbConnection owningObject) +81
       System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionPool.GetConnection(DbConnection owningObject) +1657
       System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionFactory.GetConnection(DbConnection owningConnection) +88
       System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionClosed.OpenConnection(DbConnection outerConnection, DbConnectionFactory connectionFactory) +6303479
       System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.Open() +258
       WebPartProjectInfo.FinalWPProjetInfo.FinalWPProjetInfoUserControl.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) +419
       System.Web.Util.CalliHelper.EventArgFunctionCaller(IntPtr fp, Object o, Object t, EventArgs e) +25
       System.Web.Util.CalliEventHandlerDelegateProxy.Callback(Object sender, EventArgs e) +42
       System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e) +132
       System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() +66
       System.Web.UI.Control.AddedControl(Control control, Int32 index) +350
       WebPartProjectInfo.FinalWPProjetInfo.FinalWPProjetInfo.CreateChildControls() +155
       System.Web.UI.Control.EnsureChildControls() +146
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +61
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +224
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +224
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +224
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +224
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +224
       System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +3394


    _________ Fahad Ahmed Khan .NET Articles, Web Development, SharePoint and Project Server Custom Solution Provider

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    I am currently using MS Project server 2007. Some users are unable to create timesheet using "Click to create" option (they are using a workaround to create timesheet). All the users are using IE11. I ran the diagnostic function in MS Office Professional and still facing the issue. kindly advice.

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    In the MS TN article for best practices for submitting and reporting on actual work (, the recommended best practice is to report directly against the actual work captured in timesheets. The problem with this is the timesheet tables do not have resource cost/rate information. From what we've seen in other TN articles, resource rate table doesn't exist in the reporting database? How then is it possible to base reporting on actual work from the timesheet?

    According to MS, it's easy... "While many calculations are made in a project plan, such as cost based on cost rates, these can be easily replicated with timesheet data"

    We could get actual work in the assignments tables, but the actual hours are then changed by EVA calculations and therefore won't match weekly or monthly invoices for receiving.

    What are our options?

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    I defined an enterprise custom field with a formula. I took the field in the custom view. But I doesn't see the values.

    After editing a project in the web app and save the project detail page I see the value for this project but not for the others.

    Why? Is it possible to see the values without editing the project detail pages in the web app and saving them?

    Thanks and regards


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  • 09/14/15--23:35: Microsoft Project 2013
  • Where is the Global.MPT file hiding in the Microsoft Project 2013

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  • 09/15/15--06:11: Resource Plans - Reporting
  • Hi,

    Apart from the out of the box reporting functionality, can anyone recommend any reporting capability Project Server can deliver for Resource Plans?

    i.e anything different than capacity, allocation and by project/resource etc


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