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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.
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    I want to create a new custom field that calculates it's value based on a formula. The formula contains other custom fields that are lookup tables. So I want to use the value of another custom field that the user selected from a lookup table in the formula.

    It looks like this is not possible. I cannot find any custom fields type that select their value from lookup tables in the list of "pick fields". Also if I try to add the field manually: [Field name], the formula is not calculated.

    Is there a solution for this?

    Thank you


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    I want to see the project name in the Tasks 'details' view. I tried creating an enterprise custom field at task level, and used formula to equal to [Title],  set 'use formula' for calculation of summary fields, roll down for 'calculation for assignment rows'. Then edited 'Details' view to display the newly created field but the field is empty.

    Is there any way I can get it sorted


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    When I opened a project today, I found the following error message.  I googled around found this article but I can't perform it at my end.  The reason being that I can't find a view named Enterprise Entry to delete.  I have 3 views in Gantt Chart View.  X, Y and Z.  I can't find it anywhere to delete it.  What's next to do?  Shall I rebuilt this plan (delete the entire plan then import it back as XML format).  Thx.

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    MS Project Calculation service

    MS Project Event service

    MS project Queuing service

    The above mentioned services are eating 100% CPU and 95% of RAM

    Current server hardware is

    Intel Xeon processor with 6 logical cores 3.33ghz

    16GB RAM

    There are only 15max users active on this MS Project Server 2016.

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    Hi all,

    I have installed a project server 2013 and having multiple websites like central Administration, project Web app and some others. Now I want to automatically redirect the project web app from HTTP to https for that purpose I have written an URL rewrite rule in IIS.detail as follows

    Name: redirect from HTTP to https
    Match URL: Matches the patterns     exact Match
    pattern:  *
    Condition:Match all {HTTPS} Match the pattern Off
    Redirect URL:https://{HTTP_HOST}{REQUEST_URI}pwa

    Now the above rule is working fine for the project web app but the problem is that when open any other website then also redirect that website to project web app. The question is "How to restrict this redirection fo just project web app" and all other open without redirection.

    Thanks in advanced

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    I have a master project in MS Project professional, to publish it to the server, I saved the sub projects to the server and then published the master project. 

    In the project center, when subprojects checkbox is checked, I can see the subprojects. But when trying to extract the projects in excel using OData, subprojects are also extracted as separate projects. 

    How to have the hieracrchy of master project and subprojects in the extract also?

    Please help me understand. Thanks in advance.



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  • 01/07/19--12:10: PWA - Several Questions
  • Hello,

    I have several questions around PWA/Project Server. Several people I have talked to at several organizations have tried PWA and all say it is a greatidea and seems great in theory, but then when it actually comes to implementation it just didn't seem to work out. These were mid-size or large companies (5000-25000 people) that gave it a pretty solid try (18 months to 2.5 years) and then ended up retiring PWA and just using Microsoft Project without Project Server.

    1) Company/Portfolio Size: How big or small of a portfolio do you really need before PWA becomes useful? Has anyone found there to be a cutoff point where implementing PWA isn't enough benefit? (or actually ends up being a

    2) Resource capacity planning: How accurate do you find PWA to be for resource capacity planning? We have encountered issues with resource planning, PWA isn't helping like it was advertised to. 

    3) Project schedules: How do you do project schedules? We have issues with people having 20 or 30 different line items on their time sheets, one for every single task in a project. PMs have to do silly things with their schedules to keep time sheets from getting unwieldy. 

    That's all for now. Honestly so far my experience with PWA has been abysmal. I just want to know: does isactually work well for anyone? How does it help you? How big is your company and how many projects does it have?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    We have requirement of migration of project plans (MPP) from SP2010 to SPO. This should create the plans along with all metadata to SPO. 

    Any tools Or custom approach of migration should be taken. Please revert if any exposure. 




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    Hello everyone,

    One of my user have the following error message when he wants to access to the approbation page :


    If someone have a solution ! 😊

    Thanks for your help.

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    I encountered an interesting behavior of custom "cost" fields on my PDP pages after September 2018 CU update.
    Lets say I have a cost field named "Budget" on one of my PDP pages for enterprise project types and when I check out the project and try to enter a value into the Budget field, it keeps finishing and then deleting my entry.

    If I try to enter a value of 15000 (€), system just takes the first one or two numbers (it actually depends on the speed of typing the number) and places the currency symbol at the end, other numbers are then written after the currency symbol (15,00€000) and the entry is deleted altogether. The only way to insert a value into the filed is to copy/paste the whole thing!

    Field is not workflow controlled, I'm in the role of administrator and other users experience the same thing. I also tried to change the value in MS Project 2016 (Project Information) and no such behavior is experienced there.
    Sharepoint 2013/PWA is installed on premises.

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    In Project Server 2016, specifically within the database, is there a way to determine which Project Professional template was used to create a project?

    If you create a new project within Project Professional, you can select from a list of enterprise templates stored on the server. After you create a project, you can open it within Project Professional and go to File -> Project Information -> Advanced Properties to see the name of the template that you used.

    Where is this template association information stored within the database? I can find the template themselves within the pjdraft tables based on proj_type and I can find the projects within the rest of the database. However, I cannot find a connecting factor that shows which template was used as it is shown in Project Professional.

    My company wants to create a report to see which templates are most actively used, but we have several thousand projects so it is not feasible to open each one up in Project Professional to find this information.

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    I need help returning some modifications I hav done on workflow tasks in project online. I removed some unwanted fields and it changed everything. Now I can't see buttons for approve or reject a task !!! and I couldn't get it back to the way it was.

    The screenshots show the difference

    Regards Yasmeen Zada

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    I am using project online and I would like to know if I can prevent tasks to be updated before predecessor finishes in the project schedule?


    Regards Yasmeen Zada

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  • 01/14/19--13:36: PPM Reports
  • Hello All!

    I'm trying to determine how to utilize the Project Online PPM reports; Deficits and Surplus Report and Requirements Detail report, and I'm having a hard time tracking down good explanations. I have the A. <g class="gr_ gr_128 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="128" id="128">Lavitsky</g> document, but I was hoping there was something more current and more detailed to help me balance these reports to determine how to staff projects. As always, any clues to the clueless are gratefully appreciated! 

    Cheers, Ray 

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    I can't seem to find anyone else having this issue, even though I poured all over the internet, as usual. 

    Project 2010, Dec 2012 CU, issue is in both our Prod and Test environments.  (The test server has the same data (a couple months old) as our Prod server - the main difference is that PROD was upgraded from 2007 and the test server was a fresh 2010 install.)

    We just recently enabled master projects on the system.  It's working fine, except for one issue - When you insert a linked project into the master project, then open the information dialogue, the "Project Information" button is greyed out and can't be selected.

    It's definitely linked properly, and the button will flash when you first open it - like it might let you click it, but after a milisecond it goes grey and you can't mess with it.

    The weird thing about this is that I was trying to record a macro to see if I could "force" my way into that dialogue, and suddenly the button became usable again - but only for a session.  I know that sounds insane, but there you have it.  So what could be happening that would cause this to be unselectable?  There might be some setting or preference somewhere, but if so, I can't find any mention of it either online or in any of my books.  My uber fear is that it has something to do with our Enterprise Global, which we've had to kick in the face a few times recently and I would really not like to rebuild it.  If I don't get any other suggestions from this post, I'll rebuild it on the test server and see where I get.

    Help would be much appreciated.

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    We have a custom created project center view which uses Gantt Chart project center format. How do I remove the timeline displayed at the top of the view?



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    Hi everyone,

    my workflow is in a weird behavior. 

    I have developed a sharepoint designer 2013 workflow for project online, and the normal flow is like this:

    User 1 selects a value (yes/no) of a field in project online

    stage 1 : assign task100 to user1

                  if value= yes => go to stage 2

                  if value= no=> go to stage 3

    stage 2: assign task200 to user2 

                 and whether they approve or reject => go to stage 3

    stage 3: if user1 selects "NO"=> assign task300 to user3

     if user2 Approved his task200 => assign task400 to user3

    if user2 Rejected his task200 => assign task500 to user3

    Now in the transition stage:

    if user3 Approved his task300 =>go to stage 4

    if user3 Rejected his task300=>go to stage 1

    if user3 Approved his task400 =>go to stage 4

    if user3 Rejected his task400 =>go to stage 2

    if user3 Approved his task500 =>go to stage 1

    if user3 Rejected his task400 =>go to stage 2 (My PROBLEM IS HERE)

    It always redirects me to stage 1 rather than stage 2!!!!!

    please see the screenshots and maybe you can help me.

    Regards Yasmeen Zada

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    I've been trying to identify what is the correct way to get data from Project Online for some time now (I just want to get data, not update it). I can find documentation on ProjectData and a lot of examples using it. But it requires permission edition on the Project Online configuration.

    I Barely can find any example or documentation for the ProjectServer and its endpoints seem to have fewer options than ProjectData.

    Which one should be used to GET info from the ProjectOnline and why?

    Doc for ProjectData:

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm the Project Server 2010 administrator and I need to transfer all pending Timesheet approvals from one manager's central into a second manager, so the second manager may evaluate them and approve/reject them. Anybody knows how? I hope that the solution is not to contact all employees in order for them to recall their timesheets, and re-send them to the new manager. I'm talking about a lot of pending timesheet approvals. As a note, I'm not looking on transferring pending project Status Updates nor pending Administrative tasks.

    Thanks in advance,


    Jorge Sanchez.