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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Odata data sets from Project Server 2019 are not gathering the correct data into Power BI Desktop/Server. I'm trying to retrieve a list of a project's issues, but I'm not seeing any of the new Issues or the correct statuses of existing issues. New projects have no data whatsoever. The synchronizations aren't throwing any errors, and I'm not seeing any errors in the logs. If I query the issues within SQL, I see all of the correct data. But when I look at the Odata feeds, I see old data or no data.  If I try to create a test OData query from Power BI Desktop, I show zero records for new and some old projects. Other projects do return data, but not the correct data. Here's a test query through Power BI Desktop that is specifically looking at specific project's issues, and it returns nothing. The guid is correct for that project. Other projects using the query below do pull data, but not all the data is present.

    = OData.Feed("'16bfa9d7-3a88-4e73-b12c-f146c02d99e1')/Issues")

    If I look for the issues via a PowerShell script, I do see the correct list of issues and statuses for those issues.

    I've had a very difficult time trying to resolve this issue, and any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    I want to see the project name in the Tasks 'details' view. I tried creating an enterprise custom field at task level, and used formula to equal to [Title],  set 'use formula' for calculation of summary fields, roll down for 'calculation for assignment rows'. Then edited 'Details' view to display the newly created field but the field is empty.

    Is there any way I can get it sorted


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    there is no problem in setting many successors for one task but when i'm trying the other way around ( as in the title ) only the last set link exists like if it was overriding the other ones. It's strange because using the user web interface one can create such setting with just couple of clicks.

    This is my code:

    public bool CreateTaskLink(string _rootProjGUID, string _prevTaskGUID, string _nextTaskGUID)
         bool status = false;
            Guid guidParsed = Guid.Parse(_rootProjGUID);
            var projList = projContext.LoadQuery(
                     proj => proj.Id == guidParsed));
            if (projList.Count() > 0)
                QueueJob qJob;
                JobState jobState;
                PublishedProject proj = projList.First();
                DraftProject draftProject = proj.CheckOut();
                TaskLinkCreationInformation TLCI = new TaskLinkCreationInformation();
                TLCI.Id = Guid.NewGuid();
                TLCI.DependencyType = DependencyType.FinishStart;
                TLCI.StartId    = Guid.Parse(_prevTaskGUID);
                TLCI.EndId      = Guid.Parse(_nextTaskGUID);
                qJob = draftProject.Update();
                projContext.WaitForQueue(qJob, timeoutSeconds);
                qJob = draftProject.Publish(true);
                jobState = projContext.WaitForQueue(qJob, timeoutSeconds);
                status = (jobState == JobState.Success) ? true : false;  
            return status;       

    Thanks for any help.

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  • 12/27/18--03:24: REPLACING RESOURCES
  • Hello everyone,

    Can I know if I can replace a work (Non-Generic) resource with a generic one?

    For example, replace the assignment of Yasmeen with developer role.



    Regards Yasmeen Zada

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  • 05/04/16--23:23: Project BCWP Issue
  • Hi 

    I need timephased data for BCWP but same is not possible out of the box from Project Server Database. however same value can be seen in Task Usage sheet in MSP.

    So we suggested customer to create 2 custom fields (Cost Type) with Rollup disable 1. Earned Value Current month and Earned Value Previous Month. these EV once copy from the Task Usage sheet to respective custom fields. Surprisingly values in Task Usage sheet gets change.

    Can someone suggest if this is the known behaviour from MSP or not. and if not what can be done so that BCWP's value will not change in MSP's Task Usage Sheet 

    Thanks, Parth

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    I have a custom field/"Briefing Name" for Project. It is drop down field with values for selection.

    I am unable to find where the data table name is stored. I have looked thru the tables and not able to find it.

    If I enter a new project and populate that field, is there a way I can track the Project server log files to find table location?


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    Dear Folks

    Wanted to check, can I extract the Notes column data in the reports SSRS/PowerBI, which gets saved during Task Progress Updates. So that the Project Owner can know the exact reason that why a particular task is getting delayed?

    Please suggest.




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         the project server queue services can not work after we added new front web servers. is there any settings or requirements for adding new front web server?


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    When I opened a project today, I found the following error message.  I googled around found this article but I can't perform it at my end.  The reason being that I can't find a view named Enterprise Entry to delete.  I have 3 views in Gantt Chart View.  X, Y and Z.  I can't find it anywhere to delete it.  What's next to do?  Shall I rebuilt this plan (delete the entire plan then import it back as XML format).  Thx.

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    MS Project Calculation service

    MS Project Event service

    MS project Queuing service

    The above mentioned services are eating 100% CPU and 95% of RAM

    Current server hardware is

    Intel Xeon processor with 6 logical cores 3.33ghz

    16GB RAM

    There are only 15max users active on this MS Project Server 2016.

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    Hi all,

    I have installed a project server 2013 and having multiple websites like central Administration, project Web app and some others. Now I want to automatically redirect the project web app from HTTP to https for that purpose I have written an URL rewrite rule in IIS.detail as follows

    Name: redirect from HTTP to https
    Match URL: Matches the patterns     exact Match
    pattern:  *
    Condition:Match all {HTTPS} Match the pattern Off
    Redirect URL:https://{HTTP_HOST}{REQUEST_URI}pwa

    Now the above rule is working fine for the project web app but the problem is that when open any other website then also redirect that website to project web app. The question is "How to restrict this redirection fo just project web app" and all other open without redirection.

    Thanks in advanced

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    I have a master project in MS Project professional, to publish it to the server, I saved the sub projects to the server and then published the master project. 

    In the project center, when subprojects checkbox is checked, I can see the subprojects. But when trying to extract the projects in excel using OData, subprojects are also extracted as separate projects. 

    How to have the hieracrchy of master project and subprojects in the extract also?

    Please help me understand. Thanks in advance.



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    Microsoft Corporation
    Technology / Business / Private Research & Development
    How far / if have Digital-Clothing entered the marketplace?
    I am reflecting on times when I am in public-venues where Advertising is at a premium.  Such as airport / bus terminals, sports venues, shopping malls, merchant bulletin boards, promotional campaigns and public venues where merchants are constantly battling for attention / "eye-candy" for the diabetic."
    After the Christmas-rush, where every-inch of media was saturated with such bantor, I am offering myself as a Bulletin board in this same vein.     <-Not offering to tatoo any emblem onto my body, I am researching the potentials to wear a Digital marquee - if one has yet been designed in clothing.

    Reflecting on heresay from business and clothing merchants about this potential, are any clothing (shirts / slacks / shorts / hats / caps, etc.) enhanced with a flexible display that I can wear in public settings?     How / where on my body would I carry the power supply for such a (L.C.D. / L.E.D. / CRYSTAL) display?
    Considering the potentials of such Media, I might offer such-a-device across all-levels of attention - from Business to Personal - such as a rolling marquee listing clients' Businesses, a Birthday, a Party, a Celebration, etc. worn and displayed in the clothing when I am among the public.
    THE POTENTIALS ARE ENDLESS! <-A motto I use in my Marketing profession.

    I hope to collaborate with you, naturally later.

    ~Mr. Charles van Blommestein
    Procrastinators Club of America - Amarillo chapter

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  • 01/07/19--12:10: PWA - Several Questions
  • Hello,

    I have several questions around PWA/Project Server. Several people I have talked to at several organizations have tried PWA and all say it is a greatidea and seems great in theory, but then when it actually comes to implementation it just didn't seem to work out. These were mid-size or large companies (5000-25000 people) that gave it a pretty solid try (18 months to 2.5 years) and then ended up retiring PWA and just using Microsoft Project without Project Server.

    1) Company/Portfolio Size: How big or small of a portfolio do you really need before PWA becomes useful? Has anyone found there to be a cutoff point where implementing PWA isn't enough benefit? (or actually ends up being a

    2) Resource capacity planning: How accurate do you find PWA to be for resource capacity planning? We have encountered issues with resource planning, PWA isn't helping like it was advertised to. 

    3) Project schedules: How do you do project schedules? We have issues with people having 20 or 30 different line items on their time sheets, one for every single task in a project. PMs have to do silly things with their schedules to keep time sheets from getting unwieldy. 

    That's all for now. Honestly so far my experience with PWA has been abysmal. I just want to know: does isactually work well for anyone? How does it help you? How big is your company and how many projects does it have?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    We have requirement of migration of project plans (MPP) from SP2010 to SPO. This should create the plans along with all metadata to SPO. 

    Any tools Or custom approach of migration should be taken. Please revert if any exposure. 




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    Hello everyone,

    One of my user have the following error message when he wants to access to the approbation page :


    If someone have a solution ! 😊

    Thanks for your help.

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    I encountered an interesting behavior of custom "cost" fields on my PDP pages after September 2018 CU update.
    Lets say I have a cost field named "Budget" on one of my PDP pages for enterprise project types and when I check out the project and try to enter a value into the Budget field, it keeps finishing and then deleting my entry.

    If I try to enter a value of 15000 (€), system just takes the first one or two numbers (it actually depends on the speed of typing the number) and places the currency symbol at the end, other numbers are then written after the currency symbol (15,00€000) and the entry is deleted altogether. The only way to insert a value into the filed is to copy/paste the whole thing!

    Field is not workflow controlled, I'm in the role of administrator and other users experience the same thing. I also tried to change the value in MS Project 2016 (Project Information) and no such behavior is experienced there.
    Sharepoint 2013/PWA is installed on premises.

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    In Project Server 2016, specifically within the database, is there a way to determine which Project Professional template was used to create a project?

    If you create a new project within Project Professional, you can select from a list of enterprise templates stored on the server. After you create a project, you can open it within Project Professional and go to File -> Project Information -> Advanced Properties to see the name of the template that you used.

    Where is this template association information stored within the database? I can find the template themselves within the pjdraft tables based on proj_type and I can find the projects within the rest of the database. However, I cannot find a connecting factor that shows which template was used as it is shown in Project Professional.

    My company wants to create a report to see which templates are most actively used, but we have several thousand projects so it is not feasible to open each one up in Project Professional to find this information.

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    We just got configured Project Server 2019 in our SharePoint 2019.  First ever Project Server with SharePoint.  Would like to know how to import the .mpp file we have already. 

    I have MS Project 2016 STD Standalone (no integration with any Project Server instance) installed as client earlier. Is there any configuration need to be done to work seemlessly with Project Server 2019? 


    Raj SB

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