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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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  • 09/26/18--06:12: SUBMIT BUTTON
  • Hello, 

    I need to know if I can control the function of submit button. I mean by that , I need to make it clickable again even after clicking it. 

    Regards Yasmeen Zada

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  • 09/26/18--06:10: STATUS MANAGER
  •  Hello, 

    I need to know if there is a way to change the status manager of a project in project online without the use of MS project. 

    Regards Yasmeen Zada

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    We recently installed SharePoint Project Server 2016.  User setup is Windows 7 and IE 11. Some users with Office Professional Plus 2010 and 2013 cannot open word or excel documents.   User goes into document library, clicks either word or excel document, window appears at the bottom of IE window "Do you want to open XXXXXXXXX.docx or .xlsx from" / open and cancel button.  If user clicks open the next window is "No connectivity with the Server.  The file xxxxx.docx can't be opened because the server couldn't be contacted" / Retry Open or cancel button.  If user clicks Retry Open the next window is "There has been a network or file permission error.  The Network connection may be lost." 

    Client Firewall is off.  No issues opening word / excel documents in other SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 farms.

    How can I fix this error message?

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    Hi All ,

    I have created a project under project web app . Now the requirement is once the project gets created it should restore with all permissions under SharePoint .

    Project Url:


    Required URL:


    Please let me know how can I achieve this.

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    Project Server not displaying any data after migration from Project Server 2013 to Project Server 2016.

    Upgraded using the instructions provided in the article below:

    When ran Test-SPContentDatabase -Name Content_PWA -WebApplication "Project Server Dev - 80"

    Below is the result:

     Message         : The [Project Server Dev - 80] web application is configured with claims authentication mode however the content database you are trying to
                      attach is intended to be used against a windows classic authentication mode.
    Remedy          : There is an inconsistency between the authentication mode of target web application and the source web application. Ensure that the
                      authentication mode setting in upgraded web application is the same as what you had in previous SharePoint 2010 web application. Refer to
                      the link "" for more information.

    Not sure whether they are even related. 

    I executed the following command to migrateusers:

    $wa = Get-SpWebApplication <Url>


    But there is no change and data is not getting displayed.

    At the same time Test-SPContentDatabase still giving the same result.

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  • 10/02/18--08:14: Disable timesheet approval?
  • Hi all,

    Is it possible to setup PWA so that if a PM makes changes to a task in the task list in PWA, or a change in their timesheet, an approval request isn't sent? I know they can approve their own changes, but is it possible to remove the entire step?


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    Hi all,

    Is it possible to setup PWA so that if a PM makes changes to a task in the task list in PWA, or a change in their timesheet, an approval request isn't sent? I know they can approve their own changes, but is it possible to remove the entire step?


    Edit: If adding tasks in the task view is a better option rather than going through the timesheet, how do you disable the approval process for tasks?

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    I'm having Web API Project(.NET Framework 4.6.2) in where I have written Unit Test cases using xUnit.

    I have Created Build Pipeline on Azure DevOps with 'Run only impacted tests' set tochecked.

    Also my Visual studio test version is set to 2.* in my Test Assemblies. I have tried to run my mock tests(No Data Driven Test Cases) to check that only impacted test runs not all the test runs.

    But I had hard luck finding the solution for It. Can anyone knows how to do it right?

    I have read this article and and done setting accordingly, but failed.

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    We occasionally will see the schedule page in PWA load slowly. You can see the spinner much longer than usual. This corrects itself later and is fast again for the same project. There is nothing of significance going on in the server queue and the machine metrics is almost idle. Anyone else see the same behavior? The call that is slow is going to /PWA/_vti_bin/PSI/ProjectServer.svc and the response is the schedule tasks in JSON format. We have less than 100 tasks. Anyone experience the same and have any suggestions? We are on Project Server 2013.

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    My team experiences loss of data, columns become blank without him deleting it in a plan.  This happens to him the 2nd time.  The first time he rebuilt his plan, and the 2nd time is today.  I was just curious if anyone had this issue and how you correct it and where should we look.

    1) Stop-gap:  How do I retrieve the previous version and if this can be done without involving MS or it has to be MS.  What access should I have and where do I look.  I have requested help from IT but they are in a different hemisphere and it will take another 8 hrs.

    2) Root cause:  what can possibly be a root cause (our scheduler DIDNOT delete it). 



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    we have a test environment with Project Server 2016 (June 2018 CU applied, LP German) with an underlying SQL Server 2017. Cube build is completed successfully and can be accessed.

    However, if you connect to the PortfolioAnalyzer in Excel 2016 and try to drill down into the RSP dimension, we get an "Internal Error. Unexpected exception" error. The first level is displayed ok, but we are not able to click on the + sign to get the underlying values.

    So I tried to browse the dimension directly in the SQL Management Studio - and again so the "Internal Error. Unexpected exception" error trying to open the RSP dimension.

    Same behavior for other dimensions with more then 1 level.

    Any ideas on what might be wrong?

    PS: We had a development environment with Project Server 2016 June CU 2018 on SQL Server 2014, same configuration of PWA and services, etc. as the test environment. There the drilldown into RSP was working fine. So is this something related to SQL Server 2017?

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    There is a weird issue with Timesheet Line Process Status column.

    • Timesheet is approved by Timesheet Manager
    • Timesheet line is approved by Status Manager
    • Now status for few task in approved timesheet show as "Not Submitted" and Internal status when looked in Timesheet Line oData is showing as "Pending" status.

    Appreciate if someone could help me on this situation.

    Few things i noticed are:

    • Checked in Project Plan and found that assignments are removed for the task which has "Not Submitted" in Timesheet. 

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    I'm working on a web part that sits on a SharePoint site in a Project Web App instance, and reads project data using the Project Server REST APIs.

    We recently got a few schedulers involved to be beta testers. I added them to the Project Managers group at the root of their PWA instance, and the SharePoint site is a subsite that inherits permissions.

    I had them connect their MS Project client apps to the server, and upload a project file they had to the server. They were able to connect to the server that way and upload and publish their project file without issue. (And by "upload", I mean they opened their local project file, chose "save as", and chose the server as the save as destination.)

    However, when they went to their SharePoint site where the web part is, they were unable to load their project data. They were able to load the project data in the web part after I added them to the Administrators group, which makes it seem like it's being security trimmed?

    So, if they were able to upload and publish a project file through the Project client app, and they are ostensibly the owners of that file because they uploaded it, why can't they access that file through the REST APIs with Project Manager permissions? Do we need to somehow explicitly set permissions on the .mpp file in the server? Obviously I don't want to have to elevate everyone to Administrator just so they can use the web part.

    Dylan Cristy | MCSA: Web Applications

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    I have a Project Server 2013 with SQL Server 2014 environment and lately the ProjectWebApp database grows up to 200 GB every night. Reviewing I found that PROCEDURE pub.MSP_WEB_SP_SEC_PSMODE_PERM_SYNC_DeleteAllOldPermissionStates is the culprit. We currently have more than 2000 projects and more than 1000 users (active and inactive) in Project Server but I do not find it normal for the log to grow so much.
    Additionally, database recovery model was changed to Simple and the growth of the log was the same.
    I appreciate if someone can guide me to understand why this happens.


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  • 10/18/18--13:12: EPT update with CSOM
  • Hello,

    We used to be able to change Project EPT with powershell and wsdl, but with Project Server 2016 we are left with CSOM.  How do I change the EPT of an existing project with CSOM.  I have Project Server 2016 on-prem. 

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    Dear All,

    I have got a problem with my Server always restart while copying large file into Storage,

    HOPE everyone could HELP me and Give Solution,

    I'm waiting for your Solution,


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    I encountered an interesting behavior of custom "cost" fields on my PDP pages after September 2018 CU update.
    Lets say I have a cost field named "Budget" on one of my PDP pages for enterprise project types and when I check out the project and try to enter a value into the Budget field, it keeps finishing and then deleting my entry.

    If I try to enter a value of 15000 (€), system just takes the first one or two numbers (it actually depends on the speed of typing the number) and places the currency symbol at the end, other numbers are then written after the currency symbol (15,00€000) and the entry is deleted altogether. The only way to insert a value into the filed is to copy/paste the whole thing!

    Field is not workflow controlled, I'm in the role of administrator and other users experience the same thing. I also tried to change the value in MS Project 2016 (Project Information) and no such behavior is experienced there.
    Sharepoint 2013/PWA is installed on premises.

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    I’m playing around with the task update features in PWA. I clicked on My Task to find all assigned tasks.  I picked one and assigned progress=50% and submitted. I have myself set as the default approver.  So I go to Approvals->Task Updates and I see it’s pending approval. I select and click the approval button.  It shows me a preview of how it’s going to change my project stats. I click ok.  When I go back to project center and select that project, I expect to see these updates reflected but they’re not. It’s not showing any work on the project/task.  I have setup the timesheet feature, so I tried going in, adding a task line item and putting in actual hours worked and submitted the timesheet. However, again, when I go back to the Project->Project center and select the project, it’s not reflecting my updates. If I click on My Work->My Tasks, I can see the progress.  What am I doing wrong?

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    I am having problems with the synchronization of AD groups in Project Server. I found that there is a stucked synchronization for several days and I want to cancel it to be able to execute it again.
    How can I cancel this synchronization?



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