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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Hi All ,

    I have created a project under project web app . Now the requirement is once the project gets created it should restore with all permissions under SharePoint .

    Project Url:


    Required URL:


    Please let me know how can I achieve this.

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    This was working and cannot figure out why or when it stopped.  Its a test farm and just notice the project schedule is not displaying in PWA.  See screen shot below.

    My project schedules are showing blank lines.  When opening project schedule from PWA on Windows 10 or Windows 8, using IE or Chrome, it is blank.  It is also blank when opening schedule on Windows server 2008, 2008 R2 or 2012.  It sometimes works with Chrome when using a different user account but not consistently.

    However, it works when opening schedule using Windows 7 using IE or Chrome and when I open PWA schedule from any of the farm servers (Windows Server 2012).

    SharePoint 2016 server farm is running, Front-end, Cache, App and Search server and SQL server 2016 and last patch is KB4011578 and KB4011576 packs (dependent and independent). I have run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard on all the SharePoint 2016 servers.

    I am using the Administrator account to make sure permission is not an issue and behavior is the same.

    Note that the ribbon doesn't look quite right, because the edit and close button are both enable.  The project is not checked out.

    Any suggestions?  Anyone seen this themselves?


    Michael Wharton, MVP, MBA, PMP, MCT, MCTS, MCSD, MCSE+I, MCDBA
    Blog contains my field notes and SQL queries

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    I have tested the ability for non-PWA subscribed users to access Project Online team sites with their Office 365 Enterprise (SharePoint Online) subscription.


    We have Project Team sites that need to be shared beyond the PWA licensed user base. These non-PWA users have Office 265 (SharePoint Online) subscriptions set as part of our Enterprise agreement. I was told that user access is restricted to PWA subscribed users only (Lite, Online, Pro...), but have tested and found that is not the case. i.e. I can Invite a non-PWA user to a team site and they are placed in thesitename Team Members (PWA Synchronized) Group. They can access the site, contribute content, etc. all without a PWA license.

    When a  project team site is created, several default groups (Team members, Readers, Admins...) are also created. My assumption was that the groups specified with "(PWA Synchronized)" suffix were synchronized with the AD group associated to the PWA Setting for Team Members under 'Manage Groups'. After 3 days of nightly synchronizations, the site group remains unchanged, and has only the 4 non-PWA users I invited or shared-with.


    I opened the project, added a resource, published. Then, it synchs and wipes out my 'invites' and 'shares' and replaces with Synched users.

    Considering adding users to non-synched groups via a scripted process to add and AD group to the Readers group.

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    I have a series of tasks completed by the same user on the same project and appearing for approval with the PM.  When any of these is selected and the approval check selected, the following message appears and the task is not able to be approved


    An error occurred while processing one of more items.  This was caused by one of the following"

    A timesheet job is failed and blocking correlation in the queue.  The approval item no longer exists or has already been approved. The host severs is unavailable.

    I have checked the project and the user tasks for these entries and all seem to be OK.  Any way to figure out what is causing this and how to resolve the issue?



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    Hi Experts

    Is there any way to disable / hide the below highlighted option in Time sheet (PWA 2016)


    I have denied the permission create new task and self assignbut no luck

    Any help would be appreciated 



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    Hello All,

    I'm doing a portfolio analysis for some proposed projects, and when doing my what-if's, I want to change the Start Date. Some of the projects allow me to provide a new start date, and others are greyed out, and these projects schedules are very much alike for demo purposes. Any clues for the clueless are always greatly appreciated! 

    Cheers, Ray

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    There is one PWA in PS2007 and one PWA in PS 2010. I want to migrate the PWA 2007 to 2010. Migrate like it needs to come on to the existing PWA in 2010; not another PWA instance.

    So after migration I will have projects from 2010 and from 2007 as well.

    How can I do it?

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    I am using Project server 2013 online and i am not using ms project pro 2013.

    My question is that can i use the "status date" field and Reschedule the uncompleted work after the status date using project online.

    Thanks in advance..


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    Hi Team,

    I have set-up task due notification for my team using this option “Managers: Set up notifications about your team” under PWA setting in Sharepoint 2016 and it works great until below issue came up

    Environment: Sharepoint 2016 on-perm with project server enabled

    Permission Mode: Sharepoint

    Project Type: Enterprise project (with connected Sharepoint Site)


    Team members are getting task due notifications even they have completed

    1. Completed the task (100%)
    2. Manger has approved the task
    3. Manger has re-published the project

    Any help (idea, fix, troubleshooting steps) would be greatly appreciated.



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  • 09/09/18--22:27: Project online
  • how i can view notification in page , when I add new Task in project online not in email

    Please Help me

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    I use PWA and I have a master project with only sub-project lines and 8 quite large subproject (1 of 40Mb and 7 of about 8Mb) linked to each other via a milestone (sub) project. But since some time if I save the whole system or if I check the whole system back in, MS-Project crashes without saving and without leaving a message. I already don't use the option to "save all the subproject in one time". Can anybody help me solving this problem 


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  • 09/11/18--03:08: Build Server timing out
  • When triggering a new build in Visual Studio our buil runs for 25 mins + and then returns with a time out issue. 


    ".... \react-scripts\node_modules\lodash\isWeakSet.js: TF400307: The download operation timed out after waiting 599 seconds for a response from the server."

    Exception Stack Trace:    at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow.Activities.SyncWorkspaceInternal.ThrowIfErrorsOccurred.Execute(CodeActivityContext context)
       at System.Activities.CodeActivity.InternalExecute(ActivityInstance instance, ActivityExecutor executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager)
       at System.Activities.ActivityInstance.Execute(ActivityExecutor executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager)
       at System.Activities.Runtime.ActivityExecutor.ExecuteActivityWorkItem.ExecuteBody(ActivityExecutor executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager, Location resultLocation)

    If i trigger the build 4+ times it will go throw. 

    Any Ideas ? 

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  • 09/11/18--07:14: Can't ping domain joined VM
  • Hello, I have a domain with around 15 VMs joined to it, I have one machine (VM1) that can't connect to another machine (VM2), what could be the problem. 

    Firewalls on both machines are disabled, I can ping VM1 from VM2, I can ping VM2 from all the other machines on the domain as well. 

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    Hi Guys,

    In 2016 Project Server, there is a new feature for resource request.

    I submitted the request through MS Project, but I don't know who receives the request. On search, I found that the resource manager will receive. I need to know how to set resource manager and from where he will approve or reject? 



    Thanks, Kashif

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  • 09/13/18--01:33: Access Denied
  • Hallo,

    When i try to connect whit my client app (Windows 7) to my server app (Windows 7) i have return this error: DCERPC86Fault: call_id: 2 Fragment: Single ctx_id: 0 status: nca_s_fault_access_denied . When app server is on Windows XP i don't have this problem. Can someone help me?

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    Is there any update on rolling out a Project Server 2016 Mobile App?  The last information I can find is from 2016.  



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    Hello All,

    We have Project Web App configured for our Enterprise Project Management portal which uses Microsoft Project Professional 2016 to open schedules of the projects hosted on PWA.

    We use Google Chrome to access our PWA portal and open project schedules in MS Project 2016 and the entire flow was working fine till last month or so. Now, we could not open schedules in MSP 2016 through PWA as MSP fails with error "Sorry, we were unable to open your project. Please try again. If this happens again, contact your administrator"!!

    Please suggest the solution for the same. One thing we observed was the process is still working in older version of Google Chrome (51.*), where as failing with mentioned error in latest versions(65.*, 68.*)

    Thanks in advance.


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  • 09/18/18--07:06: Custom Fields Sharepoint/PWA
  • Dear PWA Friends :)

    I was wondering if it is possible to create a form in SharePoint using enterprise custom fields in PWA? 

    I was hoping for a drop-down for project name or to simplify registration of expenses using a regular SharePoint form.

    Any help is greatly appreciated,



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    I wanted to know if and how can I add the week details to the Resource timesheets. Currently, the resources are logging intime on various projects and the Timesheet view has only totals by day. We want to be able to see a week total as well. Our workweek has 40 hours and it would be easier for the resource to check if they've met that constraint with this on display as well. 

    Any help is appreciated. 

    Thank you, 


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    The dialog box says that the entity is not checked out to me but in the Project Web App, I cannot force check-in the project as it was not in the list of enterprise objects. I also tried clearing up cache in the Project 2016 but still did not solve the problem. Any advice on how to resolve this issue? <o:p></o:p>

    Thank you.

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