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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    I have a master project in MS Project professional, to publish it to the server, I saved the sub projects to the server and then published the master project. 

    In the project center, when subprojects checkbox is checked, I can see the subprojects. But when trying to extract the projects in excel using OData, subprojects are also extracted as separate projects. 

    How to have the hieracrchy of master project and subprojects in the extract also?

    Please help me understand. Thanks in advance.



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    On Project Server 2016.

    Clicking on Project Name in Project Center takes me to the Project Detail page as normal. Of the 2 options in menu on left, Schedule and Project Information disappeard but project detail is in access.

    No Icon for clicking on Project Information , now just project detail is....

    Have Admin permissions . other user like me does not have project information Icon to load the schedule page.

    Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and knows where to start looking to fix!

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    Hi All

    we have started getting the below error since a coupe of days and not able to figure out the issue

    when the users try to create \ edit enterprise calendar they get the below error message :

    You need to have Microsoft Project 2013 installed and configured to connect to a profile for this Project Web App site. You can do so by opening Project Professional, and adding the URL of a site in your PWA site collection to the Manage Accounts dialog in the Info tab of the File menu. Then, close Project Professional, and open it connected to this profile before trying this operation again

    we have tried resetting cache , adding sites to trusted , IE reset etc.tried on multiple machines and were able to replicate the issue

     recently office O365 was pushed to all the machine version (16.0.9126.2259)

    project professional :16.0.9126.2259

    Any help in resolving this issue will be appreciated and welcomed

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    we have built a template for the schedule, and by clicking (in pwa) projects - new - name of the template, then fill in some defined custom fields and then save, we get a new project on pwa, with the schedule chosen from the template.

    Now, as i happens for many admins in the project world, there are some ideas about changing the schedule. Simple Example: They want to have the tasknames in a different language (we started in german, now they say we should have it in english). Another example: we have forgotten some task which are important.

    That´s clear: we can change the schedule/template, and for every new project which starts from now we have these changes.

    But we have already a "few" projects online (about 200) and the question is, what could be a smart way to have the changes. We are lucky because the schedules are not yet updated to the real world. The projects are online and the work which has been done is that for each project details page all the fields are filled in. That´s what we would loose if we say: new template and 200 times new project and 200 times fill in again the custom fields.

    How can we save this time?

    Is there a possibility to change the schedule, or to delete the existing schedule and fetch the new one? That would be great, but how does it work?

    If yes - there is a possibility - and in case if we would have already brought in the real schedule data - is there some intelligence available for the switch of the schedules? Example: if the schedule change is about the language topic, no new task, no less task, the new schedule/template is only a translated version of the old schedule - is the PWA able to match "task 1 german" with "task 1 english" and so on, and keeps the information of ressource, start/finish date and so on?

    Thanks for reading and your answers.

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    I create a project in MS Project 2013 and over there Resource over allocation was visible in indicator column.But when i create the project and published it on Project Web App 2016 then the resource over allocation was not visible indicator column in project web app 2016.

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    Hi Folks

    I have sharepoint 2010 site working on windows 2012R2 server (recently upgraded from 2008R2 to 2012R2)

    Here is how I am getting issue.

    Open the sharepoint site. Open any work document already uploaded. Click on Review in the Ms Word Document ribbon.

    Click Compare and compare specific version. It gets hang at that place for some time and then gets error versions cannot be accessed at this time because the server is busy.


    Can someone please help me if there is any hotfix for that ? 


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    How can I get the work assignments that show up on the Resource Availability screen to match those showing on the Resource Assignment screen?  In other words, what is the criteria that is needed to have an Assignment show up on the Resource Assignment screen.  I seem to be getting all of a specific resource assignment in the Availability screen, but only some of them on the Resource Assignment screen.

    Thank you in advance


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    We are using Project Online and the default Project Center view was deleted by accident.   No users are able to access Project Center now, it just displays "Loading" and never completes the process.    Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you fix it?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    In the Project Server Online Version, When trying to fetch the Project Details with the below endpoint - ( with required header details, We ended up with the below exception.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

    -1, Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.ProjectInstanceNotFoundException
    <m:message xml:lang="en-US">
    No rows in MSP_WEB_ADMIN table for the site collection. Possibly PWA was not provisioned or it is deleted.

    Eventually the Projects available as displayed in the UI are not returned and blocks for further configuration required to perform so. Appreciate, if I get some guidance here to deal with this?

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    When I enter search text into the "Find and item" box below the timeline on a SharePoint Tasks List, it does not refine the list to just show the task items where the search text was found. And it doesn't return 0 items. Instead it returns ALL items. The search box above the timeline (site search works as expected taking me to an osssearchresults.aspx page with results). How do I get the "Find an item" search to work? I did verify the appropriate columns were searchable in managed properties.

    Interestingly, "Find an item" works fine on the default Issues list that is part of the project site. So, maybe there is something with how the Tasks list is structured that is preventing this feature from working or something that can be configured in the webpart to get it to work. I haven't figured it out, yet, though.

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    We have a plan that is auto-scheduled with Finish Date. We have task updates from team members updating the project plan upon PM's approval. Consequently, constraints are set up by the plan against those tasks as updated by the TM.

    While we can have the PM preview the changes (how the future plan looks like) and either accept or reject the updates, can we prevent constraints being set up in the plan following the acceptance of task update?

    Many thanks!

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    Our security model makes extensive use of security categories and the ability to select/deselect which projects are to be included in the category.  Overtime, projects are closed and subsequently deleted from the server (they are in the archive should we need to access them), however we've found that the project name remains in the category's project lists (available and/or selected). 

    Is there a means to clear the non-existent projects from the category project lists?

    Thanks in advance,



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    I have team members who no longer work on a project that is still live.  Their former tasks are still appearing in their My Tasks.  How do I remove those tasks from appearing in future weeks of their My Tasks whilst still preserving the historic effort they spent on those tasks which I need for reporting?


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    We have Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013 configured in our Production Environment.  We have scheduled a full backup, now when I was trying to restore the backup just to Verify whether the backup taken is correct.

    When I try to restore the database its throwing an error 


    TF400990: Database Tfs_DefaultCollection exists on SQL instance VSS. Please drop or rename the existing database before the restore operation.

    TF400990: Database Tfs_T1E1Collection exists on SQL instance VSS. Please drop or rename the existing database before the restore operation.

    TF400990: Database Tfs_Configuration exists on SQL instance VSS. Please drop or rename the existing database before the restore operation.

    I would request request some one to please help me in resolving this issue at the earliest.



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    Is there any update on rolling out a Project Server 2016 Mobile App?  The last information I can find is from 2016.  



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    Hello All,

    We have 2 instances of Project Online, Prod and Test, and I want to migrate several projects from Prod to Test, so we have current data. When I open the schedule in Prod and select Project --> Project Information the custom fields are populated. I then save as an .mpp file.

    When I open the .mpp file connected to the Prod instance, the information is there, when I open the .mpp file in Test, it's missing all the custom field information. When I open the .mpp file without connecting to an instance, I can only see that the project information is missing from the first page, as for some reason I can't scroll down the page.

    I wanted to compare custom fields between instances, but unfortunately, don't have the permissions to be able to see Prod. Any clues for the clueless will be, as always, greatly appreciated. 

    Another question, I've just been opening the file in Test and then doing a Save As to the server instance, is there any compelling reason I need to do the Import Project process?

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    often I have the following fenomenon.

    We work with MS Project 2010 and Enterprise project server 2010

    When I try to save my project file, I get the error shown in the title of this thread. No reference to any error ID. The eventlog learns nothing more:

    Microsoft Project

    An internal error occurred.

    If this problem persists, contact your administrator.

    P1: 900001

    P2: 14.0.6029.1000



    I'm unable to save the project to the server. Of course it's impossible to check in or publish becouse these actions start with a save action.

    This does not happen always, but today I happend almost permanently.

    What did I already try:

    1. disconnect from server, save the project. This went fine. Close and restart project. Went fine. I got the status message "data synchronised to server" but when I tried to save the next time (in connected mode), I got the same error. Closed and restarted project. Got the message when opening the project. clicked OK, the project opened correctly afterwards. Tried to save --> same error. In the backgroundpanel>options>save>clean up cache...>projects checked out to you was empty. Howerver in the project center the same project was shown checked out to me.
    2. So I though it could be a caching problem, browsed to the cache location and removed the cache folder. but no result. Opening a project resulted in the same problem.
    3. renamed the office 2010 folder (14) from %Application Data%\microsoft\ms project, same result.
    4. recreated my Project server account: same result

    Does anybody have any idea of what is happening.

    I repeat the above is not happening all the time, it happens sometimes, but it happens to any project and any user.

    thanks for the help

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    CustomFieldRowDoesNotMatchCorrespondingDefinitionInDB still appears when updating some project details, and there is no clear logging information as to what field don't match.

    MSFT added a fix to JULY 2016 CU (,-2016)

    But i have updated up until November 2016, and still issue is not resolved.

    I'm wondering if there is a workaround to this, aside forcing the update from Project Pro Client ?


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    Dear Techie

    My org structure wise i want fetch the data, 

    Org Structure like





    like wise when i check msp_epmresoureuserview that top level of RBS and below resource wise not able to fetch the 

    data, please help me. 

    Great appreciate to your help.


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    Dear All;

    One of our people cannot open project in MSP from PWA 2016; I was thinking it's because of version of IE but after upgrade this, it doesn't work :(

    IE version 11

    MSP 2016 last update : 

    August 7, 2018, update for Project 2016 (KB4032238) 

    windows 7 sp 1 , 64 bit

    what can I do for this?

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