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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    I'm trying to use Project Server 2013 REST APIs with Windows Azure access tokens but getting GeneralSecurityAccessDenied error.

    I have register my app in Azure AD on the Management Portal to get client_id, redirectUri.

    The permissions to the application are “Office 365 SharePoint Online” and “Windows Azure Active Directory”.

    I’m calling the authorization endpoint in the following URL, is this correct?<MyClientID>&redirect_uri=<MY Redirect URL>&resource=https://<mytestdomain>

    Then I’m calling token endpoint URL with the following parameters

    grant_type = authorization_code

    code = “Access Code Returned from the first call”

    redirect_uri= =<MY URL>


    This gives me Access Token and Refresh Token, but when I use the Access Token to do something it gives me the error “GeneralSecurityAccessDenied”

    My POST request is

    https:// <mytestdomain>

    Authorization = Bearer <Access Token>

    Content-Type = application/json;odata=verbose

    The request body is


      'parameters' : {

         'Name':My Test ',

        'Description': Test Project',




    The Error response is follows.


       "error": {
            "code": "20010, Microsoft.ProjectServer.PJClientCallableException",
            "message": {
                "lang": "en-US",
                "value": "GeneralSecurityAccessDenied"

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    In Project Server 2013 we notice that for some users tasks (from some projects) cannot be added to the TimeSheet. After the user selects the specific task the browser displays the message:

    Message from webpage

    __Error Loading

    The log files don't seem to mention anything and turning on the compatibility view mode for this web address doesn't solve this issue either.

    Hope somebody can help us out.

    Rgds, Frank 

    Frank Jutte Winvision ( Project Manager / EPM Consultant

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    I see a prompt saying "your action may result in actuals in this project becoming out of sync with the actuals updated from timesheets" when opening a plan using project pro. My settings are : 'Allow task updates only via Tasks & Timesheets' and 'single entry mode' in time & task settings.

    I clicked on 'sync to protected actuals' and tried to save the plan. Then i get a pop-up saying "The actual work is out of sync with the actual work updated from timesheets". What does this mean? Will the sync with protected actuals remain after save?

    One more issue, when users are trying to submit time sheets, they see actual hours in their time sheets which were not entered by them and when they try to submit by correcting them, MSPS is not allowing it and timesheet status is seen as error. 

    What should be done to sync the project with protected actuals?

    Bala Bhavana

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    Hello, we are on SharePoint 2013 SP1 and thus Project Server 2013 SP1 Enterprise Edition.

    I came on a few months ago and we are getting Project Server back online and in use.

    What do I need to do to get people to use Project Server?  When do we use it?  When is a SharePoint Team Site not good enough and when is Project Server required / recommended / needed?

    Is it that you can use Microsoft Project 2013 with it and so you can have it integrate?  Can't you just put that MPP (I think that's the file extension) into a document library and then use it?

    I am not trying to argue, just wondering and asking questions.

    I'd like to use Project Server more, I just wonder if there are recommendations for it.  Maybe if 10 people are involved, or if it will be planned to be over 6 months, etc.

    Are there best practices or recommendations that I might have not found / searched for?

    Thank you!

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    I've an annoying bug in Project Server 2010 when editing multiline custom text fields in a PDP: I wrote the value in the field, I click on Save and wait for the process to complete and the I click on another PDP or on another page. At this time, the pop-up that says there are unsaved changes in the page appears asking me if I want to actually Leave or Stay on the page.

    Is there any way to avoid this? If the save is actually complete, I expect the pop-up to not appear at all.

    Thank you,


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    Hi, i have a general question on those two field within PWA:

    Departments > Resource department

    Team Detail > Team Name

    Is my understanding correct that i can use on or both to group/split my resource into my companies organizational structure? For example:

    When we have in my company the following departments:

    - HR


    Than i could use both fields for assigning a resource to one of these department. In case of using "Resource department" i could use a lookup table.

    When i would have


        - DWH

        - WEB

    - SALES


        - EUROPE

    Then i could for example use the Resource Department for choosing "Development" or "Sales" department and the Team Name field for the Team (?) "North America" or "Europe" under Sales.

    Is my understanding correct?

    best regards


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    I have several projects in the pwa, all have common calendar . Part of the projects are Master.

    I would like to export into excel the resource assignment report for all resources  with their projects ,with the plan/actual work, with the scheduling.

    The report is heavy so the pwa can't issue it.

    Is the SQL query ? 


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    What rights does a user need to have in order to see the "Additional Workflow Data" link? we have a user who has Project Porfolio Project Server rights and full control in sharepoint but unable to see this link


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  • 08/02/16--04:43: Lookup to resource list
  • In PWA schedule page, like we have Resource Name field, I want to add other field to store stakeholders for that respective task. I can create a new Text Field for resources but how can it lookup to the existing resource list in resource centre.

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    From PWA 2013, one is opening a project. On the " Schedule “ menu, this error is displayed:
    View Failure
    The view failed to load. Press OK to reload this view with the default settings. Press Cancel
    to select another view.

    The common cause is a "bad" content of a field on the view. This view has a lot of fields.
    Does exists a way to quickly identify the wrong field (using a SQL query for example)?
    At this moment I remove one by one the fields from the view until the view is working.

    Thank you in advance
    Pascal Jean

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    Hello All,

    I want to understand the difference between Submit, Checkin, Save and Commit in Project Server 2013. I want to understand in all aspects espcially what happens in the backend. Any good reference on this would be good enough.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • 08/08/12--09:05: Actuals - method of entry
  • Hi there

    I need to start looking at EVM in project but I have some issues and wanted some advice from the experts.

    My team are unable to record their hours as their flow of work is so fluid.  They have been giving me the % of work complete against their tasks.

    Can EVM reports be run from Project when % work complete is entered?  Or do I have to enter Actual work?

    Can someone please tell me what I need to have in place before progress is entered, and how I need to enter progress for EVM to work successfully?

    I'm probably going to start the schedule from scratch to achieve what I need, so I really want to do it properly so I can get the correct data out of it.



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  • 08/04/16--04:05: Timesheet Planned Work
  • In a Project I have assigned 4 hours each in 2nd & 3rd Aug 2016 to a resource (total 8 hours).

    In Timesheet, there is planned 4 hours for both days are shown, but when resource submitted their progress with 6 hours on each day (total 12 hours). It has changed Planned Hours as well.

    How do I know what was the Planned hours initially? (I can check from Baseline, but in the same window/Timesheet, how could I know)


    Noman Sohail

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    Consider the following scenario for Project server 2010:

    • A team member is assigned to a task  having a custom filled (Ticket) value (eg IR123).
    • The task is published to the team member.
    • The team member opens their timesheet and updates the Ticket value as IR1234.
    • The team member submits their timesheet.
    • The project manager approves the timesheet with Ticket Value (IR1234)  from the team member.

    In this situation, the task in the schedule of manager still shows the value of Ticket as IR123.

    How to fix this problem so that manager should be able to see the updated ticket value?


    Anika Gupta

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  • 08/05/16--00:49: Project Server 2013 Workflow
  • Hi,

    I want to create a workflow in Project Server 2013 that behaves like:

    Business Development fills an initial form (that details will be required in PDP) and save to some repository.

    Project Manager would have access of that repository and by using that form, PM will create the Project and automatically filled details in PDP from the data of Initial form, and Schedule will be created via Project Template by using EPT.

    How to achieve that?


    Noman Sohail

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  • 08/05/16--02:36: Approval Center not loading
  • Hi All,

    We are using Project Server 2010 SEM. When I am clicking on the Approval Center, it keeps on loading but there is no output. Neither it throws any error.  I have tried it from other laptops, but facing the same issue. It is specific to the user only, rest all can see their tasks in the Approval Center. I have also re-published all the projects whose tasks were pending for Approval.

    Has anybody faced this issue?

    Cheers, Amit Wairkar

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    I want my Sharepoint Designer workflow to read task level information stored in project. Is there a way to achieve it. I am able to access project level custom field byt not the ones at task level.


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    Project plans are subjected to change over the time. Any changes to project schedule should be approved before it is published. Is there a way to achievie this in PWA.

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    I am not able to find Publish in task views field list.

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    Hi Folks

    I would like know if is possible create status of projects using SSRS?

    Thanks in advance!

    Wilsterman Fernandes

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