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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    hi ,

    I am working on project server online 2013.I want update  lookup type customfield using csom in project server 2013.please suggest me.


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  • 06/07/16--02:37: MPP Export to PDF
  • Hi,

    I have a project in MPP, I would like to save that as PDF file.

    I want the entire (Gantt and Timephase) view in 1 page in PDF.

    (though I need only critical tasks and I filtered it)

    I tried Zooming "Entire project" but still it goes to the second page.

    Also in PDF file, below there are bars shown (like "Task,Split,Milestone,etc....."). I don't want those symbols. How to remove those?


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    For one resource's timesheet, I have noticed that one task (which has a 5/30 start and 6/1 finish date in the project plan) shows in his manager's status approval history as having a 6/6 start and 6/1 finish.  I am not aware of any other status updates that are showing a finish date earlier than the start date.  I'm trying to find out if it is something that the resource is doing when submitting his timesheet or if it is something in the plan.  The actual hours are correct in the plan.  Any thoughts?

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    Hi there

    I work for a large organisation who currently runs SharePoint 2010 with the intention of running SharePoint 2013 alongside Project Web App.

    We are struggling currently with the PWA security permission settings and how they work with SharePoint permissions - in particular when setting up a sub site for a project and granting someone project ownership through Site Settings / Site Permissions.

    If anyone has any good links to guides or video tutorials covering how to do this correctly, they would be gratefully received.

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    Would you let me know the ways to upgrade to Project Server 2016 from Project Server 2010.

    ( Is there a way where there is no stopover at project server 2013 to migrate from project server 2016 from project server 2010)

    Thank you


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    Hello -

    Is there a way to download all files resident on Project Server 2010 without individually opening and saving each one?

    I don't know how to use SQL, and hopefully that isn't the only way.

    Thanks in advance for help!


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    I am in the process of automating our employee on-boarding process and want to write some sort of powershell and/or SQL script that creates the user in Project Server without having to do though the PWA as its a bit clunky to add a bunch of users at one time.  What tables and fields are modified in the back end SQL?  

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    Is there a way to open multiple projects at once -- not inidividually, but select and open a bunch.  I need to open 50 projects to create a temporary master project shedule.  It takes a very long time to do this individually.  Short of creating a macro, is there any other way to do this?

    Trish :)

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    We are facing the following concern in PWA 2010.

    In " Settings > Server Settings > Manage Users ", select the " Export to Excel " from the " Actions " list.
     A pop-up window is prompted: "Do you want to open or cancel this file?"

    we are unable to Export the user data into Excel

    Giving the below error:

    "Sorry, we couldn't open 'https://server/pwa/site/_layouts/pwa/admin/manageusers.asp'"



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    Sorry, something went wrong. Try the Refresh all Connections option.For additional support on this problem, please contact your helpdesk with the following information: ActivityId: 841bc370-538c-401f-a4c3-c622306257fd

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    i am a team lead and we are using Microsoft Project Server 2013. My team members have in many projects many task assigned. How can i view the tasked assigned to my team members within SharePoint?

    best regards


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  • 09/13/13--09:34: Export to Excel in PWA
  • I would like to export a project list from PWA 2010 to Excel 2010 accessed in IE 10.0.9.  When I hit "Export to Excel", I get a pop up that says "Would you like to open ProjectCenter.xls?"  I click yes and a blank excel workbook opens called "ExportGridExcel.aspx"  Thoughts?

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  • 12/19/09--07:36: Driver Library
  • Hello,

    Is it possible to add a different sets of drivers to a different department from the same company ?



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  • 06/09/16--00:46: Task is Milestone
  • In my project plan, there are few tasks which have marked as milestone and all tasks are of 5 days duration each.

    When I publish all projects, sometime tasks drops the "marked as milestone" in some of the projects (say 4 out of 10 projects) - why it is behaving like?


    Noman Sohail

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  • 06/09/16--01:23: Task Rejection Cycle
  • A resource has submitted a Task and it was Rejected by Status Manager. This task shows 100% Complete (with Process Status: Rejected) in Task Center in PWA but 0% in MS Project.

    What it is all about?


    Noman Sohail

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    I have designed a flow in system that Project Initiation Team will create a Project and enter relevant Project Information.

    This creation includes:

    1. Project Name (will enter the name)
    2. Owner (will select from Active Directory list)
    3. Department (will select from lookup table)
    4. Project Schedule Template
    5. etc

    Project created and checked-in.

    Now, I see "Status Manager" is the user who created the Project not "Owner" in Project Schedule.

    I want all tasks' Status Manager should be the one who is (selected) Owner of the Project. How can I achieve this automatically for all new projects?


    Noman Sohail

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    Is there a way in Project Center in Project Online to either

    • Make the the master and subprojects the same color


    • Group The Master and subproject together

    This is very useful when you have multiple Master and subprojects and you want to tell which projects belong together on the gantt chart in the Project Center View.




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    After did Project Server 2013 to 2016 upgrade, I saw MSP_EPMProject_UserView missed in content database, I have a other new PWA instances in other content database, on these this view is available, I tried to migrate another PWA Instance from PS2013 and the same result, this view missed, any idea?

    Thank you!

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    I'm experiencing an issue with Project Server security that relates to using RBS. It seems like a bug but I'm unsure.


    User Ais assigned to one Project Server group. That group is associated to one Category. The user has no other permissions assigned; all permissions are via the group to which it is assigned.


    The category has no projects selected but has the following options ticked in the Projects section.


    • The Project Owner is a descendant of the User via RBS


    • The Project Owner has the same RBS value as the User


    There are 33 projects that are owned by a user with an RBS value matching “User A”. There is one project owned by a user with an RBS value that sits under “User A”’s RBS value.


    However, User A will see about 75 projects in Project Center with the ability to edit them in the browser and in Project Professional. All the expected projects are granted access but there are a number of them where permission has been granted unexpectedly. The projects where permissions are being unexpectedly granted do not have permissions set on the project individually; i.e. Open Project in Project Center and click on Project Permissions button.


    Lastly, when navigating to PWA Settings>>Manage Users>> Select User A >> click on Check Effective Rights >> select Category Permissions – Project >> Select a project that is listed in Project Center (for User A) but is NOT owned by a user with a matching RBS value, it states no permissions has been granted. So it correctly states the user has no permission to the project but the user can access it anyway!!!!


    It seems like a straight out Project Server bug but perhaps I am misunderstanding something?

    Any assistance will be appreciated.

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    Hope I'm in the right forum.  This is a pretty generic question when it comes to software versions.  When integrated with Project Server, TFS User Stories show up as summary tasks with a resource assigned. Has anyone dealt with the DCMA on government projects where the schedule can be audited?  I know how they feel about resources on summary tasks. Is the fact that the summary task is actually a user story explanation enough for an auditor? Do they even know what that means?

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