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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Hello All,

    Do we have any kind virtual lab free access for Project Server 2016(2013) where any user can login and do some kind of practice to explore features?

    I remember it was available for Project Server 2010 long time back.

    Intention is to learn and get a practical exposure of tool for the newly released versions.

    Inputs are appreciated.

    Ashish Tyagi,MCTS Project Server
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  • 02/01/16--00:32: view dropdown list
  • I use Project Server 2013 and Internet Explorer 11.

    I have an issue with the dropdown list in the views as I only see one value. For example in the Project Center, the only option that I have is the "Summary" view. For some strange reason, however, I see the whole list in the Resource Assignment view.

    I assume that there must be a setting somewhere as it used to work a few days ago. 

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    I use Project Server 2013.

    I view tasks in the Resource Assigments Summary View and would like to add an indicator so that I can see the status of each task.

    The trouble with adding a custom field as a Resource Entity is that it then gives the status at Resource level which I don't want.

    If I add a custom field as a task entity, it doesn't show up as a field in the Resource Assignment view.

    I'd like to add the following formula to a custom field: IIf([% Work Complete]=100,1,IIf([Finish]>Date(),2,3)).

    Any ideas?

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    Hi Guys,

    I have workflow with several stages and all stages have been marked for "Check In Required". What I need to know why some stages gets checked-in when project is Submitted. I built another sample workflow and used same stage and test and found that check-in was not happening with different set of stages. Means, if I have a same stages in 2 different workflows in one workflow that stage gets check-in and in another it won't. I can't figure out what causes it to check-in.

    Thanks, Kashif

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm having some weird behaviour with some of the projects. Once I'm in project the whole project ribbon is disabled. Not only project ribbon any ribbon whether Page, Task etc. are disabled. There's no permission issue as i'm check it with Admin and it was working fine earlier. This is happening with only few projects and I'm unable to find the reason for it. Also, if I click on Project Site from left navigation nothing happens, no reload or refresh. If I go directly try to access Project Site using URL I can access it. I'm using PS 2013 with patch 15.0.4787.1000

    Thanks, Kashif

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    We're on Project Server 2010. 

    The scenario: We are rebaselining a schedule (any schedule). The display is filtered to show only the tasks that are being rebaselined and the associated summary tasks that they roll up to. We select all tasks that are displayed and configure the "set baseline" form to look like this:

    Sample screenshot showing original baseline (baseline 1 included for comparison):

    After reducing the cost of "Task 1" to zero ($0) and completing the "set baseline" function, the baseline cost on the summary task(s) are null (ref post baseline screenshot below).

    The problem occurs in any schedule in which the summary rollup cost is 0 when the baseline is being reset. If the summary task had baseline cost previously, a rebaseline where the new summary cost is $0, will result in a null value after the  rebaseline.

    The problem does not appear to occur if the "set baseline" form is configured to "roll up baselines to all summary tasks"

    Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,


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    Hello PS community.

    In error, a former PS Admin inadvertently associated the Resource field of Team Name, with the lookup table of State, when they initially began their Project Server instance.  Fast forward a couple years to today and now they want to actually use theTeam Name field for their resources.  As we’ve been told, once an association with the Team Name field is made, it cannot be undone, but is anyone familiar with any method that can break this association?

    Short of creating a new instance, I am not familiar with any way do do this.  Normally we could just change the values within the associated lookup table, but because they made the additional mistake of using theState lookup table, those default values cannot be changed.  Thus the reason I need to break this association.  This is seasoned Production environment so creating a new environment isn’t necessarily an option.

    Any advice would be appreciated.  



    Chris Addis - MCTS

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  • 04/12/16--13:35: Project Viewer available ?
  • We are deploying Office 365 / 2016 to new laptops.  Is there a Microsoft Project Viewer available through Microsoft (or other I guess) that could be deployed on the image with Office 365?  Thanks.

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    I have one project (out of hundreds) that always crashes when scrolling on the "Resource Usage" view. I have had multiple users on multiple machines try this project, all with the same result. We are using Project Professional/Server 2013. Any suggestions for ways around this would be helpful. 


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        Is "DynamicWorkflow Solution Starter" for 2010 still available for download, somewhere?  We wil not be using 2013 anytime in the foreseeable future, and I would like to do some prototype workflows on my Test system.


    JAckson T. Cole, PMP, MCITP

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    I have searched this forum and cannot find a definitive answer to what I think is a fairly simple question.

    SharePoint documentation makes great play of the Recycle Bin and the ability to recover deleted items in lists. I am engaged in a large programme and a manager on one plan has deleted old risks from their project site and as a result we have missing information from an audit and compliance perspective - we can restore the information by recreating the risks from historic reports but this would be a manual intervention and would not have the correct dates for creation or updates applied. Hearing a colleague propose this approach for recovery I suggested looking at the relevant sites recycle bin, sadly it contained no deleted risks.

    What happens to deleted risks and if they do not go to the recycle bin are there any other painless options to recover such items?

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    I have created a Project Schedule Template & updated in Project Server 2013.

    I create a Project using that template, and then publish it to PWA (+ check in), but when I open same project from PWA, its formatting is vanished from Project schedule.

    Why it is? Or should I do something else to maintain its formatting?


    Noman Sohail

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  • 04/14/16--11:29: Task not showing
  • Hello,

    Do time sheets need to be created for Tasks to show up in the Tasks Quick launch View?

    Thank you

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    I am admin of EPM 2010 in our organization and we are experiencing a curious situation. The PM of one of our projects has noticed that remaining work was added on completed task and this was not a human error or something.

    I was first wondering if the resource added remaining work in pwa but he didn't.

    Could this be a bug of EPM ? Has someone ever notice something like this ?

    Thank you for your insights.

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    The tasks page worked fine for few days after we moved to Project Server 2013. Suddenly, in the tasks page


    the error "An Unknown Error Has Been Occured" is popping for every resource in the Organization.

    Could you please let me know the resolution for this issue?

    Thank you.

    Siva Chaitanya

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    When I approve the tasks in Project Server 2013, the updated % does not reflect in MPP.

    I Checked the history in "Approvals" page it shows, "There was an internal error applying the update".

    How to resolve this issue?


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    Hi, I have copied some rows of data into my existing enterprise project plan from a NON enterprise master project and it's constituent sub projects.  I then decided I did not want this information in my enterprise project plan.  I deleted all of the rows that I had copied in.   I now cannot save my enterprise project because it says I still have non enterprise sub project data in it! There are no sub-project icons in the indicators column.  There is no reference to a sub-project in the sub-project column.   On switching to the resource usage view I can see that certain resource assignments from the non enterprise sub project plan are visible.  I have deleted as many of these as possible but cannot delete all of them.  Project is telling me these resources are subject to protected actuals.  The resources in question are not enterprise resources; they came from a non enterprise sub project plan.  How did they get to a state of being deemed to be locked?  There is no work or actual work assigned against them.   My problem is I need to kill off this residual sub-project data so I can save my plan.   Any ideas on what the issue and resolution is for this scenario?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi , I am trying to Create a project using details from a list item. Is there a list column or site column that can signify if an enterprise project has been created from a particular List item. Any help appreciated

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    We wanted to migrate from Project Server 2003 to 2013.

    For that, we have installed the project server 2013 on a new system.

    we wanted to do it in the unorthodox way.

    I mean - 

    We have around 180 projects running in our Organization.

    1) We have saved each and every mpp (2003 format) in local, uploaded the existing projects to 2013.

    2) After upload, the local resources in a project became enterprise resources. But, the local resource name stays there. And for the project managers, it is very difficult to differentiate between the local and enterprise resource names.

    The resource mapping has become a huge issue while uploading an existing project from 2003 to 2013!!!

    Can you please let me know is it correct to upload the projects this way? 



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