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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    How can I give permissios for all project sites to Portfolio Viewers to edit any list in any Project Site, in the past the PV can do that, after hotfix for Project Server 2013, don't work, any idea how can I do that?


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  • 04/05/16--07:20: Project Server
  • Hello!

    I'm trying to open project in Project Proffesional by clicking this button  ( also by Open - Edit in Project Proffesional)

    but nothing happens. Please, help)

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is tasks page and a timesheet page in Project Server 2013.

    Resources are supposed to update their time in tasks page or timesheet page? Please clarify.

    Thank you,

    Siva Chaitanya.

    Siva Chaitanya

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  • 04/05/16--11:23: Reports using Odata Feed
  • I am new to Project Server and my manager has asked me to create some basic reports. I have heard about Odata, but havent been able to really figure out how to use it. Can someone guide me ?​


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    We have 2 PWAs in on-premise project server 2013 environment. We want to migrate around 200 projects from one PWA to another with their project site data. What is the best easy way to migrate projects? Both PWAs having different set of custom fields and look-up tables.


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    We use timesheets for tracking projects progress in Project Server 2013.

    I couldn't find it anywhere: in case if we have got no Timesheet Manager, no one assigned to this group, how approval route is setting? I mean, who should approve Project Owner timesheet (He is team lead and also developer himself) ? Administrator?

    If we have got a few administrators, how timesheets for approving are devided between them?

    Can I set the approval route as desired?

    Thank you

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  • 04/06/16--02:39: MSP server 2016 architecture
  • I came across a diagram of Project 2013 server architecture (pl find the attachment). How different is Project 2016 architecture...? Pl. do let me know. Thanks in advance..

    Ulhas Samant

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    Hi Sir

    After deploying my Project PWA, i have this issue below:

    Erreur du serveur dans l'application '/'.

    Erreur d'exécution

    Description : Une erreur d'application s'est produite sur le serveur. Les paramètres d'erreur personnalisés actuels pour cette application empêchent l'affichage à distance des détails de l'erreur de l'application (pour des raisons de sécurité). Cependant, ils peuvent être affichés par les navigateurs qui s'exécutent sur l'ordinateur serveur local. 

    Détails: Pour permettre l'affichage des détails de ce message d'erreur spécifique sur les ordinateurs distants, créez une balise <customErrors> dans un fichier de configuration "web.config" situé dans le répertoire racine de l'application Web en cours. Attribuez ensuite la valeur "off" à l'attribut "mode" de cette balise <customErrors>.

    <!-- Fichier de configuration Web.Config -->

            <customErrors mode="Off"/>

    Remarques: La page d'erreurs actuellement affichée peut être remplacée par une page d'erreurs personnalisée. Pour ce faire, modifiez l'attribut "defaultRedirect" de la balise de configuration <customErrors> de l'application, de sorte qu'il pointe vers une URL de la page d'erreurs personnalisée.

    <!-- Fichier de configuration Web.Config -->

            <customErrors mode="RemoteOnly" defaultRedirect="mycustompage.htm"/>

    Please, can you help me?

    Bset regards


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    HI ALL,

    I want to know why do we see MY Timesheet row in Resource availability page.

    I have selected 3 resources and found that for each resource we have different number of My Timehseet row in Resource availability page.

    I want to know the reason behind it also how we can control it as for few resources i have more than 50 My Timesheet row

    For ref see the attached Screenshot.


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    Hi , I am trying to Create a project using details from a list item. Is there a list column or site column that can signify if an enterprise project has been created from a particular List item. Any help appreciated

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    How to change master page for Project Site Template in Project Server 2013 using share point designer 

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    We are currently working on our requirements regarding a project and portfolio management solution. Sharepoint 2013 is already in place with customized projects sites, its own metadata etc. One of the challenges we see regarding implementing project server is the information governance. When should one for instance use the project sites in Sharepoint vs the project sites in project server? It will be a challenge with so many different project sites with their own document libraries and task lists. Are there any articles or guidelines with some best practice regarding this ?

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    I am not able to see all the 'Templates' to create New Project in Project Center. But my Colleague is able to see all the templates.

    any idea what i am missing here.

    Thanks! Palani K

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    Is there a way in Project Center in Project Online to either

    • Make the the master and subprojects the same color


    • Group The Master and subproject together

    This is very useful when you have multiple Master and subprojects and you want to tell which projects belong together on the gantt chart in the Project Center View.




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    Hi, I have copied some rows of data into my existing enterprise project plan from a NON enterprise master project and it's constituent sub projects.  I then decided I did not want this information in my enterprise project plan.  I deleted all of the rows that I had copied in.   I now cannot save my enterprise project because it says I still have non enterprise sub project data in it! There are no sub-project icons in the indicators column.  There is no reference to a sub-project in the sub-project column.   On switching to the resource usage view I can see that certain resource assignments from the non enterprise sub project plan are visible.  I have deleted as many of these as possible but cannot delete all of them.  Project is telling me these resources are subject to protected actuals.  The resources in question are not enterprise resources; they came from a non enterprise sub project plan.  How did they get to a state of being deemed to be locked?  There is no work or actual work assigned against them.   My problem is I need to kill off this residual sub-project data so I can save my plan.   Any ideas on what the issue and resolution is for this scenario?

    Thanks in advance.


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    There is a weird issue that views dropdown in project center page is not working. Anyone aware if it might be IE11 issue and what might be the resolution to it?



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    Copied Production Project server 2010 databases to the Test 2013 project server environment. All the other steps were completed  successfully but got the following error.

    Error Received on running Upgrade-SPProjectWebInstance powershell command

    Upgrade-SPProjectWebInstance : Post Provision setup failed. PrepareDefaultAdminUsers failed

    Not seeing any solution anywhere online except somebody mentioned to move Project server security mode first to SharePoint and then move back to Project server and it will resolve this error. By doing this, we will lose Project server custom securities and need to add manually which is a hell of work.

    Any help is much appreciated


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    Hi -

    My organization uses Project Server 2010. 

    I need to provide users with the ability to status using Physical % Complete.  However, nothing I have tried has worked:

    -Physical % Complete is read only on the My Assignments page and cannot be entered.

    -I tried to create an Enterprise Custom Field entitled _Physical % Complete.  Although I could capture a number, whenever I opened the source file in Project Professional, the data was not present in the Enterprise Custom Field.  I reviewed both the Gantt Chart as well as the Task Usage view.  I checked the selection toRoll down, unless manually specified.    (Please know I did accept all of the status changes before opening the file.)

    No dice.

    Is it possible to capture a user-defined number value in the My Assignments view in Project Server 2010 and then have it populate the source file when opened in Project Professional?  If so, how do I do it?  I could use some specific instructions.

    We're trying to 1) have resources status and 2) use % Complete the way it was intended (to show time elapsed rather than work completed).

    I should also mention that we are an organization that is growing its planning maturity and not yet ready to status using work hours.  (We're working up to that, but not there yet.  Just having resources status is a big step up.)

    Help is appreciated!

    Thank you in advance -- Eve 

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    Hello All ,

    Did anyone face a similar issue like this :) , and do you think is a bug ?

    Issue Description

    When Project End user try to change start Date of a project and then saves the project , Project start date does not change and stays at it previous value,

    Note:- Project detail PDP contains a lot of ECFs

    Issue Investigation and Analysis

    During issue troubleshooting , I have found that when creating new project in the three Project server instances (QA, Training and PWA) , (with new Projects)

    1-    Start date is updated successfully if there is info in all other ECFs
    2.if ECFs with lookup tables, numbers is updated First when all ECF are empty

    2-    Start date is not updated if ECF with text field is updated before ECFs with lookup tables or number,

    3-    If end user will need to fill ECFs , then he should fill ECF with numbers or lookup table first then save, then he can change start date afterwards

    4-    Updating ECFs at the same with start date will not be considered and one of them or both will not be saved
    1.Updating ECF with (lookup table) with start date at the same time, ECF update will be ignored , and start date will be updated
    2.Updating ECF (text) with start date at the same time, ECF update will be ignored , and start date will be updated
    3.Updating ECF (number) with start date at the same time, Both updates will be ignored
    4.Updating ECF (lookup table) with start date at the same time, ECF update will be ignored , and start date will be updated
    5.Updating ECF (lookup table) with start date at the same time, ECF update will be ignored , and start date will be updated


    1-    Start date is updated successfully if there is no info in all other ECFs or if ECFs with lookup tables, numbers is updated.

    2-    Start date is not updated successfully if ECF with text field is updated before ECFs with lookup tables or number,

    3-    When updating Start Date with other ECF’s one of them or both will not be updated successfully

    4-    When updating start date with a number ECF, both updates will be ignored

    5-    When updating start date with any ECF other than number ECF , start date will always be saved successfully and other ECF update will be ignored

    6-    To overcome this Start date need to be updated alone in a save session

    7-    Project start date does not work with manual tasks , so project owner will face an issue where project start date will not get changed if there are manual tasks in the project schedule

    Repro Steps

    1-    The Repro Steps for this changing start date issue
    1.Create a project
    2.Update any ECF with text field
    3.Try to change start date,

    Result: it will not get changed


    Workaround 1:-
    1.Remove your ECF updates
    2.Update first ECFs with lookup tables like (Revenue Country , Deal type, Bid Status)
    3.And then update other ECF

    Workaround 2 :

    Access the Enterprise project using MS Project 2013 and then change the start date from there , followed by Publish

    Workaround 3 :

    Put Start Date in a separate New PDP and remove it from Project Information PDP (tested and problem disappeared)

    Karim El Zarka, MCTS Sharepoint 2010 , MCITP SharePoint Administrator 2010 Whenever you see a reply and if you think is helpful, click "Vote As Helpful"! And whenever you see a reply being an answer to the question of the thread, click "Mark As Answer

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    So I found quite an annoying bug or issue with Project Server or Project Online. When I add a calendar exception to an EnterpriseResource and I check the resource back in, I can verify the calendar exception was added and saved for my EnterpriseResource.

    I would expect that projects where this EnterpriseResource is assigned to a task, that the schedule is updated accordingly and delayed. In Project Server Online, it still shows the schedule of the project as it would be before I added the CalendarException to my EnterpriseResource.

    When I open the project using MS Project 2013 SP1, I see the schedule is updated in the project. When I publish and check in the project and then refresh the page of the project's schedule in Project Online, the schedule is finally updated with the delay.

    Is this a bug? As far as I know it shouldn't be happening and require me to check out, publish and check in my projects to see the change in Project Server...

    Jonas Hendrickx If I helped you, mark my answer as helpful.

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