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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    I have 12 projects, I need to create a Burn down chart for these 12 projects in a single view

    Is it possible?


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    Hello Everyone !!!

    I want to change the UI for PWA home page and master page. So I have opened my PWA site using sharepoint desginer and trying to edit the copy for sharepoint designer master page.

    it is showing this error  "This site is not allowed to edit using share point designer.  PWA 2010 it was possible by making ONET.XML change, 

    Please suggest. 

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    I am new to Sharepoint and Project Online and am trying to develop an webpart with Javascript or REST but have encountered a problem with the Enterprise Custom Fields.

    I want to filter out the non-project level enterprise custom fields (i.e. the webpart should not show Task or Resource Custom Fields). I have been searching online for quite some time, but haven't managed to find a solution.

    The closest thing I have found was the code below, but it is for SET and not GET. I have tried to use an If to filter all custom fields, but that does not work. I believe that I am using the wrong method field.get_entityTypes() but cannot find any documentation for anything else.

    MY OWN CODe, Init is called from document.ready

    function Init() { var projContext = PS.ProjectContext.get_current(); fields = projContext.get_customFields(); entityTypes = projContext.get_entityTypes(); projEntity = entityTypes.get_projectEntity(); projContext.load(fields); projContext.load(entityTypes); projContext.load(projEntity); projContext.executeQueryAsync(GetProjEntity, QueryFail); } function GetFields(sender, args) { var listItemInfo = ""; listItemInfo += "<table class='table'>"; listItemInfo += "<tr><th>Title</th></tr>"; var fieldEnumerator = fields.getEnumerator(); while (fieldEnumerator.moveNext()) { field = fieldEnumerator.get_current(); if (field.get_entityTypes() == entityTypes.projEntity) { $(field).each(function () { listItemInfo += "<tr><td>" + field.get_name() + "</td></tr>"; }); } } listItemInfo += "</table>"; $("#message").html(listItemInfo); }


    var projContext = PS.ProjectContext.get_current(); var fieldType = PS.CustomFieldType.TEXT; var customfields = projContext.get_customFields(); var entityTypes = projContext.get_entityTypes(); var projEntity = entityTypes.get_projectEntity(); var resourceEntity = entityTypes.get_resourceEntity(); var taskEntity = entityTypes.get_taskEntity(); projContext.load(customfields); projContext.load(entityTypes); projContext.load(projEntity); projContext.load(resourceEntity); projContext.load(taskEntity); projContext.executeQueryAsync(QuerySucceeded, QueryFailed); CreateField("Test", "Test", fieldType, projEntity); function CreateField(name, description, fieldtype, entitytype) { var customfieldInfo = new PS.CustomFieldCreationInformation(); customfieldInfo.set_description(description); customfieldInfo.set_name(name); customfieldInfo.set_fieldType(fieldtype); customfieldInfo.set_entityType(entitytype); customfields.add(customfieldInfo); customfields.update(); projContext.load(customfields); projContext.executeQueryAsync(QuerySucceeded, QueryFailed); }

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    I am using On-premise Project Server 2013.

    We are planning for the new PWA creation. I was asked if same enterprise resources can be available with all their shared capacity and availability.

    For example - If one enterprise resource has an assignment in a project in PWA-1, Is it possible to see that resource's assignment in PWA-2.


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    Hello All,

    We haven't had a significantly long-term project with hundreds of tasks, yet.  We are looking at a 4-5 year project with over 5000 lines.  [My experience at a different employer over 10 years ago, lead me to the conclusion that MS Project couldn't handle a huge project maintained by multiple people over several years... The project "broken down" with glitchy errors, much like a Word file with lots of formatting, screen-shots, page breaks, and numbered bullets seems to break-down with weekly updates.]  

    Honestly, can MS Project 2013 handle a 4+ year project with over 5000 tasks, including weekly updates and timekeeping?


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    I have generic resources set up with the appropriate max units assigned but I am wanting to figure out an easy way to associate those max units to non generic resources. For example, I have Developers assigned at 500 percent is there a way to associate a non generic resource to a portion of the 500 percent or do I need to go into each individual non generic resource and assign max units?

    Our organization will have all similar resources at the same max capacity. (Example: All developers will be at 25 hours capacity for projects)



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    How to change master page for Project Site Template in Project Server 2013 using share point designer 

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    I  need to provide a time reference to a piece of hardware i am working with . I am allowed to use an SNTP Server as a reference instead of  a GPS clock. I have trouble setting up the server . Can someone help me with this ?

    I followed the steps described in the link below , not sure weather its working or not. All this needs to be done on windows 7.

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    We are currently on MS Project Server 2010 and have been for a while.  Previously, we had used the field "capacity" in an MDX expression in our OLAP Cube (Portfolio Analyzer). The field represented the number of hours an individual could work based on their max units (per day, month, etc. whatever your view was configured to show).  The report had worked fine, displaying an calculating additional values using the capacity field.  For a while the report that used the data was shelved and recently, taken off the shelf to be used again.  However, where noticing that the capacity field is blank from about June 2015 the capacity field is blank.

    Did I miss a replacement?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi, we have a new project server 2013 installation (not a migration from 2010 to 2013) and I am looking for a smoke test document.

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    I have seen many times that MS Project shows more hours, fi for one resource in a certain month. Now I see, that PWA shows more hours than MSP (directly after publishing, published version openen in MSP). Also, it is a strange number on a task level, fi 19.905 hours (19 hours and then 3 decimals).

    This happens on some projects, not all, and in these projects for some months, not all, some tasks, not all.

    Who has seen this happening before? What could be the reason?



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    I just completed an upgrade from Project Server 2010 to 2013. The upgrade process went smoothly and everything appears to be working except timesheet submission and timesheet status updates. We have single entry mode enabled and when I edit/save a timesheets, it appears to save fine.

    When a timesheet change is made, the Your timesheet has unsaved changes... message appears and the task process status changes toNot Submitted.

    After the timesheet is saved, the Your timesheet is open, You can send updates or turn it in... message appears.

    I am not sure it is saving properly though because there are no queue jobs (failed, complete, or processing) of typeTimesheet Update, only Reporting (Timesheet Save) and Reporting (Timesheet Project Aggregation).

    If I select the Send > Send Progress for All Tasks or Send Progress for Selected Tasks option, the Submit Timesheet Line dialog is displayed and I can clickOK. The process status for the task does not change to Awaiting Approval, but no error is displayed. The only queue task after the status update is of typeNotifications and I get the email notification that an update was submitted, but no approvals show up in theApprovals view.

    If I select the Send > Turn in Final Timesheet option, there are not related queue jobs (notification or timesheet submit).

    If I go to the Tasks view in PWA and use the Send Status > All Tasks orSelected Tasks options, the process status changes to Awaiting Approval, aNotifications queue job is processed, I get the notification email, and the updates show up in theApprovals view. I can then Accept the updates in the Approvals view and a Status Update, Project Checkin, and Project Workflow Check-in jobs are processed in the queue.

    If I disable Single Entry Mode and update a timesheet line, the process status changes to Not Submitted. If I submit the update from the timesheet the process status goes back to blank, a Reporting (Timesheet Save) and Reporting (Timesheet Project Aggregation) queue jobs are processed, no Notificationsqueue job is processed, and no updates appear in the Approvals view. I am able to submit the timesheet for approval though.

    Throughout the process, there are no failed queue jobs, no errors in the ULS logs, and no errors in the PWA UI. I am currently combing through the SQL transaction logs, but have not found anything yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi I am trying to build a workflow for demand management, using SPD 2013.

    The workflow is a simple 3 stage affair.

    It seems to publish ok, I applied it to the EPT ok, can create a project ok, but cannot submit to stage 2 as the submit button is greyed out?

    Newbie, any ideas?

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    A quick question - if I save a local version of a project server 2010 file, would I then be able to use that file in project 2016? Or would I have to recreate all my 2010 schedules in 2016.


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    I am working on Project Server 2013 SP1.

    In Project Centre, i can see the values in column filter for default field "Owner" (Image1) but filter isn't available for custom fields(Image2). Do not want to use the ribbon filter option. It seems so random as in Project start column dates appear whereas in finish column they don't.

    is this the out of the box feature? how can get this enabled for the custom fields?          



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  • 02/01/16--00:32: view dropdown list
  • I use Project Server 2013 and Internet Explorer 11.

    I have an issue with the dropdown list in the views as I only see one value. For example in the Project Center, the only option that I have is the "Summary" view. For some strange reason, however, I see the whole list in the Resource Assignment view.

    I assume that there must be a setting somewhere as it used to work a few days ago. 

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  • 12/02/11--06:35: Task Note History
  • Hi, I am sure this is a fairly common question..where is Task Note History stored?  How can I generate a report with all tasks in a Project or Projects that shows the full audit trail of task history ie why a change was applied?

    thanks in advance.



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    Dear Microsoft,

    I have tried to purchase "Microsoft surface pro 4", the "type cover" as well as "Microsoft Complete Extended Service Plan for Surface Pro" and had the worst customer service experience in my life!

    I have wasted 5 hours calling back and forth to Microsoft and the Loyd's bank and the issue has not been resolved and the transaction of 1718.09£ is pending and I am unable to use it for 5 days as a result of Microsoft's inability to comply with the instructions that the Lloyd's bank (UK) was giving. I even had a three way call between Microsoft and Lloyd's bank. However, in the end Microsoft customer service has been extremely inefficient and ignorant by being unable to follow the Bank's instructions given to them by the manager in Lloyd's Bank. Microsoft customer service also destroyed any trust that I had as a new customer, believing that a big company like Microsoft will be able to resolve the issue swiftly. I have also purchased "Microsoft Complete Extended Service Plan for Surface Pro" but now I am very worried, as my experience with Microsoft customer service has been extremely bad and I fear that if I decide to still trust in Microsoft I will receive the same terrible customer service as I did with this issue, which should have been easily resolved.

    I have spoken to multiple people from Microsoft including "Ken R" who was very unprofessional and was making mistakes and trying to guess the Bank name instead of checking the records, as well as "Jeff V." who completely destroyed all my hope in Microsoft customer service. The conversation where "Ken R" and "Jeff V." as well as the Lloyd's bank were involved is in the same phone call made on Sunday (28/02/2016) at 19:53 UK time, and since Microsoft records the conversations according to "Jeff V." I really hope that Microsoft could also review the conversation as it has been the most painful and terrible customer service experience I have ever had!

    Now I am left without my order since Microsoft's denies of any order being placed as well as no willingness to cooperate with my bank. I am also left without a significant amount of money (1718.09£) which I wanted to use to purchase a laptop, but now have to wait for 5 working days just to get the money back to my account.

    Something that had to be a simple process of several mouse clicks and 5 minutes of my time, has turned into 5 hours of the worst purchasing experience I have ever had! This experience has left me so disgruntled, that I have decided to create a blog and share this particular incident in detail with the rest of the world, so that other customers think twice before buying from Microsoft and won't have to go through the same horrible experience.

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  • 03/01/16--00:07: error
  • I'm getting this weird error in visual studio 2015 when I try to get the latest of the solution... The error I'm getting is in a Visual Studio 2015; an error popup that says "The dbType NVarChar is invalid for this constructor." I've been trying to look this up for hours with no luck

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    I know that department fields are not used as a security or for permissions and only for filtering custom fields in the project or resource level, but i was wondering if there is a few combinations that can allow the following:

    1. If for example i assigned "SW" department to a user (Project manager) and i assign SW to a few projects, can it control who will be able to modify those projects?
    2. If a user without "SW" assigned as department, but other department assigned, can this user not be able to update project custom fields that has "SW" assigned to the fields no matter what assigned to the department (meaning if the project is showing the field because it is a "SW" project, and user is "HW", can it block his access to modify this field?
    3. Can department fields be used in PWA to enable/disable from users to see and update fields that are not the same defined as the same department as the user's department (Project level fields, tasks level fields with department assigned...)?

    Will appreciate any ideas of customization.

    Ofir Marco , MCTS P.Z. Projects

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