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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    Administrator creates a project and assigns the project manager as the owner. When the project manager tries to change status manager to himself, he is not able to see his name or any other project manager names in the status manager column in project pro.

    Bala Bhavana

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  • 01/18/16--13:43: Enterprise custom fields
  • When creating an enterprise custom field inside Project server is it beneficial to keep the local custom field that holds the same information


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    I've been designing an desktop application that reads data and displays data in real time in the application, from a 24/7 server that gets its data from other devices(PC,machines, laptops) such as current status(online or offline), current location 

    so my question is what type of database is best used in this situation that will allow this type of data to be recorded and viewed in real time? 

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    Hi all,

    I'm facing a weird issue

    we have a client with ADFS authentication provider and they facing issue when they try to save and check in the project information it didn't take the update for the default description field of the project

    I try to add new multi line Custom field and its updates the value successfully

    any idea what is the reason and how to solve this issue please


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    Hello Experts - 

    Sub - Team Planner MSP 2010.

    1. Team Planner view is good tool , but with similar activities in the project , sometime it is confusing which task is it , so I want to add Task ID / ID in the Team Planner view ? Is it possible ?

    2. I find that only task name is visible in the Bar in the team planner view ? Can we add any other information on this view (similar to Gantt Chart bars) ?



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    We use Project Server 2013 and Project Professional 2013.

    I  would like to insert a master project as a subproject in another master project but this doesn't seem to be possible. I get an error message "a project cannot be inserted into multiple published master projects" when I  try to publish it. 

    What are my options?

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    We have an application that builds projects via the psi web services. The application:

    1. Deletes the existing project if it exists

    2. Creates a new project from a template

    3. Adds tasks

    4. Publishes and checks in

    Everthing has been working perfectly in our dev and test systems but on our production system the process dies with the following error:

    ProjectServerError(s) LastError=ProjectDoesNotExist Instructions: Pass this into PSClientError constructor to access all error information (Fault Detail is equal to SvcProject.ServerExecutionFault).

    Our code is designed to handle the fact that a project might not exist when attempting to delete, so this error should never kill our process (and it doesn't in our other environments). So it must be something environmental. 

    Any ideas if there is a environmental setting that could be causing this error to kill our project generation process?

    This is what I see in the ULS logs, no errors:

    • PWA:http://*****/PWA, ServiceApp:Project Server Application, User:*****, PSI: Start checkout of project 'a550fb68-161a-4a24-b5a3-02b95f469f64' by resource 'c8434eff-da3a-477a-9333-b3e2b67fb690' to store 'WorkingStore'.
    • request channel state after Close(): Closed

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    I need to block a permission to delete projects in Sharepoint 2010.

    On the Security Settings / Manage Users, I choose the user that I need to block this permission and I put deny in “Delete Project” on the Category Settings.

    But when I open the MS Project and select “Delete”, I can still delete my project in Project Server.

    Guys, any ideas on how can I block a specific user to delete projects on Project Server?

    PS: I only use Custom Categories. When I put in Native Categories, I can block this permission.

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    We have an ideation workflow that creates projects based on a SharePoint list. The list to PWA mapping includes the mapping of a Person/Group field in the list to the Project Owner ID in the PWA.  When a project is created using the create project from current item action in the workflow, the Project Owner for the new project is set to the workflow approver, not the person identified in the Person/Group field.

    We are also creating projects using PSI based on external data.  In the PSI code we set the Project Owner ID to a resource GUID.  However, the PWA makes the person running the code the owner instead of the identified resource.  This was working correctly middle of last year.

    Any ideas why the project owner is not being set correctly when programmatically creating projects either using workflow or PSI?  Thanks.

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  • 01/10/16--13:55: MS Project 2016
  • I am finding that the bar styles dialogue box and the bar height dialogue box does not help me when I try to create bars of sufficient height.  It looks like all of the bars I am presented with are pencil thin and, also, the start (of bar) and finish (of bar) shapes are tiny.  Any pointers much appreciated. I am using Windows 10 and MS Project 2016

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    We are using Project Server 2010. Resources are created manually, but they do not have special characters in their name. But every time someone opens a project file in the client version of Project, you receive the error "Invalid name for a resource".

    The names are in the format of "First Last" with no special characters or leading/trailing spaces. Multiple resources per task do have a comma separator, is that causing the issue? I tried to change my regional settings for Windows, didn't change the display though.

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    The owner of a project seems to bounce around from name to name when I want it to remain as one fixed owner - the one I set in the approval page. I think it changes to the last person to make a change or the person who has been viewing the project the most. Can anyone help to make it static?

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    I am looking to implement RBS for Project Center 2013. Do any of you have any recommendations for setting up RBS (Role Based Security) for Project Center and SharePoint?

    Ron Johnson Systems Administrator Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Office – (517) 333-2391 WWW.MSUFCU.ORG

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    How do I Unlink subprojects? 

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  • 01/22/16--02:02: SSRS Report - Programme ?
  • Hi, this is a continuation of a previous thread..I am trying to obtain the Project Type value so I can filter for just Master Project data only in a SSRS report.  When I add [Project Type] into a field within a row within a table in the report and then run it it returns the value of 0 for both projects and master projects.  My understanding is that it should return "6" for master projects, any ideas why it is not doing so?



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    I created a master project to combine two projects together. It was read only and intended as view to a total cost. The creation of this master project created issues with some reports and so I wanted to revert to my separate projects.

    I followed the steps to remove two subprojects from a master.The links are now cut, and the subprojects have become tasks within my (ex)master project.

    My problem is that these subtasks have kept the actuals from the subproject files and I cannot delete them from within the master. My subprojects have been unaffected and  kept their actuals and so I have a duplication of hours against shared resources.

    Is there a way I can stop this (ex)master project from sharing the enterprise resource?

    Or can anyone help me delete the master project!

    Help would be very much appreciated!

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    By querying the timesheet related tables in SQL, is there any way to determine the original date/time stamp of the submission of a timesheet that has since been recalled by the resource?

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    Summary of issue

    A schedule which has been saved and published has a custom field updated via the PSI. When the schedule is then opened using Project Pro 2013 the changed custom is correct; however, other fields have changed as well. Percent complete goes to 0. Duration may change which changes dates and so forth.

    The problems is that when I run the process of save, publish, update custom field, open project nothing changes. The versions of Project Pro 2013 are the same (SP1).

    Why would the issue only occur on certain machines and not on others?

    Mike Tichenor

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  • 01/22/16--13:43: Permissions job failure
  • this is the error in the logs: Transaction was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction.

    Class 13, state 51, line 55, number 1205, procedure MSP_WEB_SP_SEC_PSMODE_PERM_SYNC_ComputeCategoryPermissionDifferenceWithBaselineState, error code -2146232060, exception: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException

    Any help appreciated

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    Help! I lost my windows oem product key but I have every other bit of information!!!!!

    I have the info here:

    Label Part No: X18-45392

    Internal Part: WN7-00615U

    Work Order NO: 69843/1

    Build Date:06/02/15

    Made in USA

    Printer ID No: 799


    End Item PN: WN7-00615

    Carton No.: MMCA11506008910

    COA Barcodes: 02589078888108

    I just resetted my pc because of a problem. I NEED THE KEY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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