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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    I have a list of inactive users to be delete and remove from the PWA for clean up purposes as not to shown in the resource center.

    Trying with the approach of delete it from "Delete Enterprise Objects", but this is just allowed to delete one by one user when we search on the particular user. Is there any way for us to delete the user in bulk?

    Thanks in advance for the advice and truly appreciate it,

    Best Regards,


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    I am trying to display the WBS column from Project in the associated Tasks list on SharePoint. When I am outside of Project Web App I simply use the Map Fields option in Project Pro under Info. I cannot find a similar function when I am inside Project Web App.

    I am aware that the list is supposed to sync automatically, but I would like to be able to actually see the WBS alongside the tasks when on the SharePoint site. Since WBS is a standard column in Project, I don't think I need a custom enterprise field.

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    In our company we have over 70 project templates each with their own settings and I want to know how we can have user fill out a PDP page and based on their selections we pick which template they need to use. I haven't found anything definitive on the web but wanted to know which of these options would work best or if there is a better way.

    1. Project Server workflow - I have never used these so i don't know if we can apply a template to a project plan based on user input

    2. Event Receiver and override the template - Not sure if this is even possible

    3. Custom SharePoint list with a workflow that creates projects.

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    I am facing an issue where i need to know how report authors and report viewers authentication takes place when any users access a excel report. We have two groups in our organization ( Report Author and Report Viewer). User who creates report are added in Report Author and those who view reports are added in Report Viewer. I need to know how the users credentials are verified when they access a particular report because both groups(Report Author and Report Viewer have dbreader rights on the database.

    Excel service and secure store service has been configured as required by Project Server 2010.



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    Hi guys,

    I am running project server 2013 and am noticing an issue with custom field values disappearing after publishing a project plan. The custom field that gets removed have a look up table associated with it. When we publish and then re-open the plan, we noticed that the values that were previously there are removed. This doesn't happen with all project plans but for now it seems random. Has anymore encountered this issue/know what we can do to solve this issue?


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    Dear All,

    As mentioned above I am facing an issue regarding Project Server 2010 workflow on my Production environment only, same workflow which I have created in development environment & UAT environment, is working fine.

    Version of Project Server & Nintex workflow are same in all environment.

    Yours help is very much appreciated.


    Many Thanks,


    Haseeb Ali Chishti  

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    We are using SharePoint Designer 2013  to create a site workflow on a Project Server 2013 Project Detail Page. One of Custom field is having values delimited  by period like US.Region.East. The workflow is capturing only the last part of this value i.e. East. How can the full value for the custom field i,e.  US.Region.East  be captured in the workflow!!

    it is a enterprise text field and it has a look-up table going to 3 levels.

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    Hi All

    I've got a 2010 Farm to which I've just added in 1 new WFE and 1 new APP box (total is now 3 of each).

    The visualization web part shows up just fine on the existing boxes but not on the new ones, instead it just says "No Defined Stages" on them.

    Have checked the following:

    [1] Central Admin > Manage Farm solution shows it as successfully deployed onall boxes

    [2] Checked local "assembly" (compared original to new boxes) to ensure solution files are present

    [3] Other things such as; a) Site Collection Features show it as enabled; b) Stages all defined correfctly with images hooked up correctly to stage ids. I would expect these to be fine however as it a web app deployed solution and therefore issue 'should' be the same across all if not.

    I've seen a few posts about this where the only solution (I've seen to date) is to reinstall the original solution but this is not really an option in our production environment (as don't want to cause it to fail on existing boxes which are fine still).

    ULS logs show nothing (even with heightened diagnostic logging set)

    Anyone got any ideas please...?

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  • 12/31/15--04:00: START UP
  • I had some difficulty with my PC in that the system wanted to update but it would appear I cut it off ----- it has now updated 31 Dec 15 but the 4 square Microsoft icon on the bottom hand left corner is not working --- I have tried several time including re starting my PC [ to do so I have to cut the power off first after closing any program ] --- but I cannot get the icon to work which concerns me somewhat -- for I cannot get into the systems or log off in the normal way.

    How do I rectify this [ bear in mind that I have only a basic knowledge of computers and the way they operate?

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    I have created a few reports with the Fiscal time field dimension. When we try to change the filter values in the browsers (IE11 or chrome) it won't allow me to open the filter menu (other field's filters are working fine).

    It gives this message:

    An error occurred while attempting to perform this operation. 

    Reload the workbook, and then try to perform this operation again.

    Click OK to return to the workbook.

    If I open it in excel it allows me to edit this filter.

    Any idea about this issue?


    Ofir Marco , MCTS P.Z. Projects

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    Hi Experts!!

    I am a small query. I have some project managers who will be using Project Online and Project Professional as well for day to day operations.

    What exactly the licences I should assign for these user?

    I know its pretty bad query, can I get a clearance please.



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    Hi Experts

    I am using Project Online 2013.

    I am facing a really weird situationas none of my Team Members are able to access respective Project Sites. Even to raise issue and risk it not happening.

    What could be the issue??

    Your help will be appreciated.



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    My client is looking for my Primavera P6 v8.3.2 file in MS Project format.

    When I attempt to do this via using a MPX or XML format, MS Project 2013 rejects it and simply states that it doesn't support this file format.

    Is there a way around this i.e. use of a conversion software or would the solution be to

    simply get an earlier version of MS project that will accept these file formats - MS project 2010 or 2007?

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated!



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    I can't seem to figure this out.  Is there a way to pull in specific projects and only their associated tasks?  If I have a Metadata field in the Projects table that I want to filter on to pull in say 10 projects and then I want to return only the tasks associated with those projects (to help limit the amount of data I am fetching from the server), can this be done?

    I looked into some Odata documentation and think $expand might be what I am looking for, but I am new to Odata reports. Any help?  Also, could it be $links?  I am going off of the information on this site:



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    I am having difficulty changing the project owner for a particular project.

    Full permissions have been granted to the new project owner on the project. When I change to the new owner in the project PDP and select save, it saves but when I go back to project center and check, the old owner is still assigned.

    When I try to change the project owner on other projects it works OK.

    What could be the problem? How can I fix?


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    I have few tasks in MPP which are partially completed by a resource who left the company and a new resource is going to work on that task from now on.

    Example: Task A - duration - 5days - Start Date: 5th April, 2015 - Finish Date: 9th April, 2015. % complete - 60.

    A new resource is going to work on that task from today, since the start and finish dates are already over and the task is not completed yet.

    Note: In that 5 days duration the old resource worked only 4 days, so my requirement is the new resource has to work only 1 day on that task. If I split the task the duration will extend(the start date and finish date of the summary task will show longer duration)

    How to proceed on this?


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    I am trying to get values from Lookup Table which is used in Projects PDP forms .I need to fetch that data and need to bind on html control.

    I am using Project server online.

    Guide me how to query Lookup Table.

    Amey Pusalkar

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    Hi All, I have a requirement to close the time reporting periods so that All the timesheets are freezed. I am looking for some documentation that can provide some help in implementing this and also the impacts of doing this on project plans. Also, We donot use timesheet submission we only use status submission so most of the timesheets will be in Progress state when I close the period.

    Any Help greatly appreciated!

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    We have Project Server 2010 with latest Cumulative updates and i am the administrator to it.

    When we try to view the preview update of the task by clicking on the preview update it loads into a new page and we get "Access Denied" message in the page.

    We tried to login with Admin account even then we get the same "Access Denied" message.

    Please do help us to resolve the issue.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks and Regards

    Naveen V

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    I have tested the ability for non-PWA subscribed users to access Project Online team sites with their Office 365 Enterprise (SharePoint Online) subscription.


    We have Project Team sites that need to be shared beyond the PWA licensed user base. These non-PWA users have Office 265 (SharePoint Online) subscriptions set as part of our Enterprise agreement. I was told that user access is restricted to PWA subscribed users only (Lite, Online, Pro...), but have tested and found that is not the case. i.e. I can Invite a non-PWA user to a team site and they are placed in thesitename Team Members (PWA Synchronized) Group. They can access the site, contribute content, etc. all without a PWA license.

    When a  project team site is created, several default groups (Team members, Readers, Admins...) are also created. My assumption was that the groups specified with "(PWA Synchronized)" suffix were synchronized with the AD group associated to the PWA Setting for Team Members under 'Manage Groups'. After 3 days of nightly synchronizations, the site group remains unchanged, and has only the 4 non-PWA users I invited or shared-with.


    I opened the project, added a resource, published. Then, it synchs and wipes out my 'invites' and 'shares' and replaces with Synched users.

    Considering adding users to non-synched groups via a scripted process to add and AD group to the Readers group.

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