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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    When linking documents to tasks as related items I notice that the icon won't show up in the Gantt view, however it does with issues and risk. Do you know why?

    Thank you in advance

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    Users find a bit annoying to have to take a second step for linking the related item to a task while creating an issue/risk or uploading a document. 

    Is there a faster way to do this? I

    Might be possible to have a custom field with the tasks names in the risk/issues/documents creation window so users can jt select the task? If it not get item-related, at least I could open a column with task name in the Project Site view.. What are your opinions?

    Thank you in advance

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    Here is the question and its more of a learning thing for me at the moment in hopes that I can understand the proper setup.

    I have a network setup with 4 DHCP servers, 2 DNS server on 4 different subnets. The IP adress space from the ISP is divided into four groups, they are "wireless for customers", "wired for office staff", "wired for warehouse","not used".  How many proxy servers would need to be setup to support four lans with four scopes?

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    Recently we are having some problem with timesheet view failure happening for a no. of resources.

    The logs shoot the following error:

    Error is: GeneralUnhandledException. Details: General Unhandled Exception in _TimeSheet.GetTimesheetForGridJsonFromViewUid_ Attributes:  System.InvalidOperationException: GetDataForAssignment: Did not find data for assignment. ProjUid=************* AssnUid=*******************

    In some cases, republishing the Project resolves the issues but this is happening over and again.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I know of creating a new project and publishing to PS2013. I can ostensibly copy my tasks to the new project and publish it.

    But I want to publish it directly from PP2013 to PS2013. However, opening an existing .mpp file and clicking on File -> Info doesn't yield a Publish button.

    What to do?

    Thank you, Caesar.


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    Does anyone have a simple example interating through tasks, interating through the custom fields in that task and updating another field custom field in the current task

    pseudo code would be

    foreach (var task in tasks)
    var cf1 = from s in task.customFields where == field1 select s;
    var cf2 = from s in task.customFields where == field2 select s;
      if (cf1.value == "foo")
        cf2.value = "bar";

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    Hi Team,

    In project server 2010 a user is able to grant permissions via Project Permission Tab in project center for many of the projects for which he is not the owner. I tried re-saving his permissions but it didn't resolve the issue. I removed user from the manage group, save it and then again granted same access to group. There is no additional access granted to him.

    Please help me in resolving the issue.

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    Below the description for the issue we faced because the Project server site is relaying on the ADFS(Active directory Federation Service) for authentication.

    Problem definition:

    The Added Users to the Default EPM Groups cannot access the Project server site and they get Error Message (the site is not shared with you) when they trying to login to it.

    Trying Cases:

    Case 1: try to add the user manually to the EPM users, we get four available suggestions to the same user (UPN, SID , Role and AD) if we select the UPN will get the following error (the site is not shared with you).

    Case 2: sync the EPM group with the AD group it adds the AD users Item to the EPM and the users will get the same error when they try to login to the system (the site is not shared with you).

    NOTE : When configure the Synchronization to the EPM Groups we try to select the AD Group with Role Description but we get the below error

    Sync EPM Group with AD Group( Role Descriptyion) Error : The People picker field contains unresolved or local entites, please correct this


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  • 10/20/15--12:44: Resource Level Custom Field
  • Hi every one,

    i have this issue right now. A user wants to add around 23 resources to one task in project professional and end up getting an error message saying that

    "The Section is too long and will be truncated to 255 characteristics” end up adding only 5 Resources. But she wants to add all the 23 resources Combines '' work" and "Material resources".

    is there any way where we can work around or can we increase the characters ( Resource name is a resource level custom field and its an OOB)

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    I have created a new EPT where i want to restrict users to edit the PDP's according to the stages that the project goes into. and  i also want to restrict the users to edit custome fields in that particular PDP according to the stages that the project is in

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  • 10/20/15--22:42: Invalid Product Key
  • My old 32 bit computer running on a windows 7 platform had Microsoft Office Professional installed on it and had no problems at all. When my old computer failed catastrophically I had no option but to buy a new PC. The new PC was a 64 bit machine, I installed and activated my copy of windows 7 but when I installed the 64 bit version of the Office Pro software I got an error message saying 'Invalid product key' when trying to activate it. What could the problem be?

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    Hi every one,

    Please let me know if I am not in the appropriate forum.

    I am trying to understand a control our clients have in regards to user creation monitoring in AD. They want to implement a control that will notify a specific team with the complete list of new accounts created during the last month. My question is the following:

    Can I consider this report complete if I get it from AD, or is there any risk that Domain admins can alter this information in the AD data set? I am not concerning about the report being changed during transmission, only at the source.

    Please let me know if any further details are required.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Project Server 2010

    The current owner of the Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization job is no longer active in Project Server which has caused some issues. I am the new Admin over the system and thought if I ran the job manually it would reassign the ownership of the task to me. Since the job runs under the credentials of the owner, we're getting some errors.

    Let me know if any more information would be helpful!

    Thank you

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    We have Project Server 2010 and have the timesheet function set up as Single entry mode.  I have seen on a number of occasions where a timesheet is entered and the Timesheet and Status Updates are approved but when checking the schedule some time later, the actual hours in the schedule are different to the hours entered via the timesheet.

    I can confirm that the schedules have not been subsequently updated manually to enter different hours.

    In a current example, the planned hours are based on 40% units for a 40hr week which spreads the hours as 3.2 hrs per day (16 hrs per week).  The user actually works 2 full days per week (eg 8hr on two separate days - although the actual days varies from week to week).  He enters these hours in the timesheet (does not enter 0 hrs for the days he doesn't work), however once the Status Update is approved, in some weeks, one or two of the other days have the 3.2hrs recorded as actual hours.

    This does not happen every week and is not consistent regarding which days the incorrect hours appear. Has anyone ever seen this behaviour and if so, do you know how to resolve it?

    This is not an isolated incident and I am losing faith in relying on the schedule for the actual costs that are driven from this data.


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    We have a Project server online solution, when creating a new project we can access the advanced project information and add Title, subject... to a project

    Document information

    but after saving the project to the server this menu is not accessible, so when project is saved to the server we can not change or add these information.

    how do we add theses informations to a project when it is saved to the server?


    Torben Nielsen

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  • 10/22/15--05:55: Resource Center Error
  • I am receiving the following error when viewing resources on Project Server 2013. Any suggestions what it might cause it? I have set up quite a few views and not of them are working.

    View Failure

    The view failed to load. Press OK to reload this view with the default settings. Press Cancel to select another view.


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    I have a collection of projects that are in the proposal phase, and have their resource requirements populated in the Resource Plans by FTE for each year. I would like to level these resources across all of the projects using the assignments in the resource plan, and the priority defined by the strategic value as calculated in the Portfolio Analysis. Is there a way to achieve this in Project Server 2013? 


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    We are facing issue with one of the resource where we are seeing the over allocation.... even after the time was assigned between the task

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    we had resource in a schedule whose status was changed to inactive. the remaining work was moved to another resource using the replace function (this was verified). the PM was still getting the "inactive resource" popup when opening the schedule. The PM subsequently did a full replacement of all work, including work that was in the past moving it from the inactive resource to the replacement. The inactive resource warning continued to popup. The PM then removed the original resource from the project team, but continues to get the inactive resource popup. 

    This project does have some external links (predecessors) on other schedules that have the same inactive resource with assigned work in the future.  Would the inactive resource message be associated with the external "predecessor" project?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi I HAVE TO remove CERTAIN INACTIVE USERS From the site collection.

    would be appropriate to use the

    Remove SP-User powershell command?

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