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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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    I have a project in Project Server 2013. When I open the project in MPP, I receive the following message:

    " This project has inactive enterprise resources with remaining work.

    Inactive enterprise resources such as:

    Resource Name

    have remaining work in the project. Inactive resources will be unable to report status so their remaining work should be assigned to active resources."

    But when I open the plan I do not see this resource in Resource sheet.

    Please let me know how to resolve this.


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    Let's figure out this scenario: Person A and Person B are users of EPM.

    Task 1 is assigned to Person A. He/she is the resource responsible.

    Person B is delegatee of person A, in other words, person B also has the required access to update the task 1 using his delegation (representing person A).

    Task 1 is updated and we can find in the table [MSP_ASSIGNMENT_TRANSACTIONS] the following fields:


    How can I discover if the task 1 was updated by Person A or Person B, once that the field [ASSN_TRANS_DELEGATEE_RES_UID] is filled with NULL in most part of the lines?

    Note: No matter who updates the task, the field [ASSN_TRANS_SUBMITTER_RES_UID] will always be filled with Person A.

    Is there another table where I can find information about the delegatee (person A or B) that actually performed the update?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • 10/11/15--23:16: Unable to read body of mail
  • Iam not able to read the body text of mails in Lotus Notes. 
    Mail is not encrypted.

    I have $Abstract property for mails as follows:

    Field Name: $Abstract
    Data Type: Text List
    Data Length: 62 bytes
    Seq Num: 1
    Dup Item ID: 0
    Field Flags: SEAL SUMMARY 

    "p{margin-bottom:1em}p{margin-bottom:1em}  Hello Tony,"

    $Abstract value prefixed with some invalid charecters.
    Is my problem with invalid abstract property?

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    For a few weeks now I can not save anything in Project Server.

    Even if I create a new document, when I try to check it in - it does not go through. There is no error, but when I try to open it the following message can be seen:

    If I try to open this file, after a few seconds the error is shown (you can not copy text using ctrl+c):

    I have tried clearing the cache (both from Project and manually from %AppData%), but this does not help. The problem happens for all documents: both existing and new ones.

    Here is what I see in PWA:

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    Hi Experts,

    Is there any way to auto-complete the other linked tasks when one of the linked task is marked as Complete?


    Best Regards, Anuja

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  • 10/12/15--02:12: Import project to enterprise
  • Hi, which permission do I need in my group to allow me to do this? Is it simply "New Project" in Global permissions for the group?



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    How can I disable finished projects folders from showing in Outlook?

    After a project is finished all of it's tasks are locked to update and publish field for them is set to 'No'.

    What happens next is that project folder in Outlook is showing with additional description 'ProjectName:Tasks' and you can easily delete it without sending request for removing assignment from project.

    Problem is that even after deleting this folder from Outlook is synchronizes back again after couple of hours.

    Is there any way of permanently deleting folder for finished project from my Outlook tasks?


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    Hi All,

    We have a server configured with project server 2007 and SharePoint 2007, a site and site collection exist with PWA.

    I have a new server with Project Server 2013 and SharePoint 2013 installed and configured. I have a requirement to create PWA site under project server 2013 and also the existing contents to new site.

    Can some one please guide me :

     1. how can i create PWA from the scratch in Project Server 2013 with SharePoint 2013. 
     2. how can i copy PWA site contents from old server to new server. 

    I have zero knowledge in Project server and this is my first task in Project server. 


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    Hi ,

    We have sharepoint 2013 3-tier architecture in this case we have 2- application server (application server has installa CA and all other services and and second server has installed sharepoint without center admin)

    On second tier we have 2- web server with NLB for facing all the user request in these servers we have install only sharepoint email services,web application.and workflow services,

    on 3rd tier we have 2-database servers with Failover clustering.

    now i want to install Project server 2013 on our same environment and i didn't find any suitable POC or SOP for the same.

    i just want to clear some of my doubt regarding the same

    1.should i need to install project server on each application server and web server. per my research on project server only need to install on application server and it has no connection with web servers.

    because on project server 2013 change their functionality and now it is directly interact with database servers.

    that is why there is no need to install project server 2013 on web servers. please correct me if i am wrong........

    please share your suggestion if any one have experience about to work on same environment.    



    Amar Singh IT Analyst , Consulting

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    Hi there,

    Hopefully the brilliant minds here can help me!  I've been struggling with this issue for nearly two days, to no avail.


    Environment: Project Server 2010 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Enterprise, Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise

    Farm configuration: 1 app server (running central admin), 2 WFEs, and a clustered database (SQL 2008 R2 64)


    I have followed the installation documentation precisely, but for some reason, though the PWA site appears to provision successfully, every time I try to browse to the site, I get the dreaded "Unexpected Error has occurred," along with a correlation ID.  I look up the event via the correlation ID in the ULS, and this is what I find:

    10/25/2010 14:37:20.51     w3wp.exe (0x233C)                           0x2308    SharePoint Foundation            Logging Correlation Data          xmnv    Medium      Name=Request (GET:http://sbaspapp01:88/PMWEB/default.aspx)    656ecfcb-64c0-4590-88d0-b1bc63f9751d
    10/25/2010 14:37:20.53     w3wp.exe (0x233C)                           0x2308    SharePoint Foundation            Logging Correlation Data          xmnv    Medium      Site=/PMWEB    656ecfcb-64c0-4590-88d0-b1bc63f9751d
    10/25/2010 14:37:20.53     w3wp.exe (0x233C)                           0x2308    SharePoint Foundation            Monitoring                        b4ly    High        Leaving Monitored Scope (PostResolveRequestCacheHandler). Execution Time=7.30334440203964    656ecfcb-64c0-4590-88d0-b1bc63f9751d
    10/25/2010 14:37:20.53     w3wp.exe (0x233C)                           0x2308    SharePoint Foundation            Runtime                           tkau    Unexpected    System.InvalidOperationException: Could not get the application proxy object    at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Administration.RoutingContext.InternalGetProxy(Guid siteUid)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Administration.RoutingContext.InternalGetRoutingContext(String address, String& endpointUri, Guid siteUid)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Administration.RoutingContext.GetRoutingContext(String address, String& endpointUri, Guid siteUid)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.AuthenticationHelper.AuthenticateUserByName(String userName, Guid siteId)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.PJContext.AuthenticateUserForPWA(Boolean needToValidateUser, String username, Guid siteId)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.PJContext.AuthenticateUserForPWA(Boolean newCookie)     at Micro...    656ecfcb-64c0-4590-88d0-b1bc63f9751d
    10/25/2010 14:37:20.53*    w3wp.exe (0x233C)                           0x2308    SharePoint Foundation            Runtime                           tkau    Unexpected    ...soft.Office.Project.PWA.PJContext.GetContext(Boolean isWebServiceCall, Boolean newCookie, Guid siteId, Nullable`1 zone, Boolean useCache)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.PJContext.GetContext(Boolean isWebServiceCall, Boolean newCookie, Guid siteId, Nullable`1 zone)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.PJBaseWebPartPage..ctor()     at ASP.DEFAULT_ASPX__1514027361..ctor() in c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files\root\a27c60b3\4022744d\App_Web_default.aspx_-1514027361.fm8pumhq.0.cs:line 0     at __ASP.FastObjectFactory_app_web_default_aspx__1514027361_fm8pumhq.Create_ASP_DEFAULT_ASPX__1514027361() in c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files\root\a27c60b3\4022744d\App_Web_default.aspx_-1514027361.fm8pumhq.1.cs:line 0     at Sy...    656ecfcb-64c0-4590-88d0-b1bc63f9751d
    10/25/2010 14:37:20.53*    w3wp.exe (0x233C)                           0x2308    SharePoint Foundation            Runtime                           tkau    Unexpected    ...stem.Web.Compilation.BuildManager.CreateInstanceFromVirtualPath(VirtualPath virtualPath, Type requiredBaseType, HttpContext context, Boolean allowCrossApp, Boolean noAssert)     at System.Web.UI.PageHandlerFactory.GetHandlerHelper(HttpContext context, String requestType, VirtualPath virtualPath, String physicalPath)     at System.Web.HttpApplication.MaterializeHandlerExecutionStep.System.Web.HttpApplication.IExecutionStep.Execute()     at System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStep(IExecutionStep step, Boolean& completedSynchronously)    656ecfcb-64c0-4590-88d0-b1bc63f9751d
    10/25/2010 14:37:20.53     w3wp.exe (0x233C)                           0x2308    SharePoint Foundation            Monitoring                        b4ly    Medium      Leaving Monitored Scope (Request (GET:http://sbaspapp01:88/PMWEB/default.aspx)). Execution Time=25.8203943929162    656ecfcb-64c0-4590-88d0-b1bc63f9751d
    10/25/2010 14:37:20.67     w3wp.exe (0x1F6C)                           0x2884    SharePoint Foundation            Topology                          e5mc    Medium      WcfSendRequest: RemoteAddress:


    I have tried everything imaginable to get this to work, but to no avail.  I currently house the PWA site on a dedicated web app (port 88, as you'll see in the logs).  Any suggestions?  Let me know if you need more info from me...I"m banging my head against my desk!

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    This is for Project Server 2010.

    I understand that Task level enterprise fields can affect overall system performance.

    Project Server performance is reduced if there are very many enterprise custom fields. Project Server is tested for acceptable performance with up to 1,000 custom fields.

    Is this referring to project level enterprise fields, task level enterprise fields or both?

    Is there guidance on how many task level vs. project level fields can be used before performance will suffer?

    Edit: Also, does a task level enterprise field adversely affect the performance of a project that does not surface that field?


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    Hi there,

    I planed a task for 30 hours,  now I finished it in 20 hours, marked it completed in 'Task', Pm approved.

    Now the question shows: I still can find the task in timesheet , and 10 hours be filled in the next 2 days automatically. Also I can edit Actual hours now. 

    I use time sheet to record working hours.  In my  mind , if the task be finished, it will not be shown in my timesheet, it there anything miss-understanding? and is there any best experience ?


    Jou Chen

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    I wonder if it is possible to make tasks updates to be published automatically after the user accept/reject them.

    I think its tricky to have to take 2 steps to make task update visible in project center. Any idea?

    Thanks in advance! :D

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    Hi All,

    My customer don't want to enable "Remove Task" for all the users in the Project Online.

    I went through the below thread, and came to know that we have to teach the Project Manager, not to approve the "Deleted" tasks.

    At which situation will the user use the "Remove Task" feature. Thank you.


    Set your expectations high; find persons whose integrity and values you respect; get their agreement on a course of action; and give them your ultimate trust. - John Akers

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    Dear Forum,

    I have migrated a Project schedule to MS Project Server and Project Server applied the Standard Calender which was different than the one I had locally. Then I created a new Enterprise calender that matches the local calender but each time I Change the Settings (see Picture) to the newly created calender and click ok nothing happens and MS Project Switches back to the Standard calender.

    What could be wrong in this case?

    Thank you for your help.

    PS: I tried then to assign the calender on Task Basis which worked out fine but which causes Problems when working in the PWA (does not accept calender on Task Basis)

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    Hello All,

    I have a Project which exist in PWA and there are task and assignments in it. When  I try to retrieve data from SQL and write select query on MSP_EpmAssignmentByDay_UserView, data is perfectly coming from this view then to get the resource ID I write a select query on MSP_EpmAssignment_UserView.

    I am surprised to see there is no data exist for that project in MSP_EpmAssignment_UserView.

    Can anyone please explain me the reason.

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    WE have a PWA project center with over 800 sub sites, each containing one synchronized task list with PWA, all these projects are NOT enterprise projects, we want to automatically schedule a republishing of all the projects to have accurate data, what we encountered is that although team members are reporting in the SharePoint task list that is not immediately synchronizing with PWA and our reporting is not accurate.

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    I am updating Task Status (Custom Field) for a project through PWA, however the latest value not get update into the reporting database.

    But if I open the same project from Project professional, just publish it, then the task status gets updated into the reporting database.

    Please let me know the solution for this.

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    How do you capture the task update (approved) date by status manager. Which table in the database captures this information in project server 2013?

    Once the team member updates the task progress, it goes to the status manager's approval. After status manager approves the task update, I need to capture that date when the task was approved for reporting purposes.

    Please suggest.

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    I can't seem to find a definitive feature set list and software prerequisite.

    Is Sharepoint 2013 required or is IIS sufficient to access PS2013 using a browser.

    Thank you! Caesar.


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