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General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server.

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  • 09/28/15--23:23: Queue job and Alerts failed
  • Hi,

    After configuration of alerts and reminder in project server 2013.The alerts and reminder working fine but some time it gives error specially for status report alerts.

    • Notification message processor failed:
      • NotificationEMailDeliveryFailed (16080) - Fail to deliver the email using the SMTP server '' on port '25'.. Details: id='16080' name='NotificationEMailDeliveryFailed' uid='61e5326b-6d66-e511-acde-00155d971e05' EmailTypeUID='2a0d9f9d-33a2-4be4-b6c7-39739fa9a7a3' Error='Fail to deliver the email using the SMTP server '' on port '25'.'.

    • GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) -NotificationMessage.StatusReportRequestChangedNotificationData. Details: id='26000' name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='7b1a8171-6d66-e511-acde-00155d971e05' JobUID='9f8ab860-6d66-e511-acde-00155d971e05' ComputerName='aebb40c1-11ae-4e0c-acd3-1132343cea59' GroupType='NotificationMessage' MessageType='StatusReportRequestChangedNotificationData' MessageId='1' Stage='' CorrelationUID='fc9c329d-d1ed-f0fd-cea5-95e554de8580'. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine aebb40c1-11ae-4e0c-acd3-1132343cea59for entries with JobUID 9f8ab860-6d66-e511-acde-00155d971e05

    Please help me as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advanced

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    I need help in "Task Actual Start/Finish Dates"

    One Task is assigned to two resources [50%] each - duration 4 days.
    14/09/2015 till 17/09/2015

    1. Resource A has changed date to 15/09/2015 till 16/09/2015 & marked 100% completed (with approval accepted)
    2. Resource B has changed date to 17/09/2015 till 18/09/2015 & marked 100% completed (with approval accepted)

    When I see back to Project Schedule, it shows 14/09/2015 till 18/09/2015 - The "Actual/Start Date" hasn't changed as Resource A has updated but Actual/Finish Date is updated as per Resource B has updated.
    * I have published project when Resource A has updated his task and also after Resource B has updated his task.

    Did I miss something technically/systematically? OR this is the way EPM serve?


    Noman Sohail

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    Dear all,

    i've developed, tested and implemented a formula for an Enterprise task field in Project Server 2013. The text field calculates the deviation from baseline as well as if task is manual or finish date is in past and "% Complete" <> 100% and gives an according text message which is translated into an indicator. The field works fine and is used in several views to focus on tasks that require maintenance.

    I recently switched my Office language settings from EN to DE and was suprised to see, that the resulting set of tasks for maintenance changed because the field delivered different results for some tasks as when running in EN. Can you validate this? Is this due to date format Settings or wrong calculation of date differences ? What should be done to make the formula "language setting - proof"?

    Kind regards


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    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to receive a notification every time a new project is created in Project Server. I tried in different ways however I didn't find the way to do it.

    Can you show me how?

    Thank you in advance! This forum is always very useful! :)

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    I see some other questions/discussions for that, but I cannot resolve my problem with their answers. I copied the file\\\PMOStatus\Statusreporting Data Connections\AllStatusFields.RSD, changed it with an editor. I changed something and tested. After unsuccessful testing, I renamed the copied file to its origin.

    Now I get the (sorry in German)  



    Der Berichtsserver kann den Bericht nicht verarbeiten. Der Verweis für das freigegebene Dataset 'AllStatusFields' ist ungültig. (rsInvalidDataSetReference)


    Does someone know what I have to do that it works without error.

    The picture is from Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder before getting the error


    Thanks and kind regards


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  • 09/30/15--03:44: Task Percent Complete
  • There are two resources assigned in one task.

    Resource A [50%] & Resource B [50%]

    Resource A has completed his task, sent for approval and accepted.

    How Resource B could see the Task is 50% completed?

    Is there any field that can show Task progress/% Complete in Assignment view column?


    Is this possible that remaining 50% Task will appear in Resource B's tray when Resource A will complete his 100%?


    Noman Sohail

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    one of the users in my company has installed Ms Project Professional 2013 in his computer and he doesn't find a way to connect to Project Server 2010, are this two different versions compatible?

    I send him a document explaining how to connect Project Professional 2010 with Project Server 2010 (Manage Accounts) but he told me that in Project Professional 2013 this option doesn't exist (¿?). I don't have this version in my hands and I cannot check this point.

    I'm thinking that probably is not a good idea to use Project Professional 2013 and Project Server 2010 together.

    Can you help me in this issue?

    Thank you for your help,

    José Espases

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    I have an enterprise resource that I need to change from the Material Type to the Work Type. I don't see an option to do this in PWA. When I edit the resource through Project Pro 2013, I am able to make the change. BUT, when I click Save, an Import Resource Wizard (Errors Saving Resources) opens with the text "An internal error occurred." What can I do to change the Type? Do I need to delete this Resource and input it with the correct Type?

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    Hi all,

    Since I do not use this all days, i have question regarding the Committed planned (start/end) dates. They are set once you commit your portfolio analysis.
    I do not find a way to make formulas with those dates, i.e. i would like to make a custom field to calculate if the committed planned start date is different to the start date, and display this flag on a Project Center view.
    Also, is there any way of deleting this date (cancel portfolio commitment)?


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    Hello all,

    I have been searching for an answer but I didn't find one yet. I think is very logical but can make it work.

    When Project Manager receives an assignment update notification the comment field appear empty when it should show the note the team member wrote. 

    Can you help me to make it work? Thank you in advance.


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    Hi All,

    We have Project Server 2013 on premise. There's a particular project for which a user(belonging to Project Manager group) has been granted all project level permissions ( Open,edit,save,publish etc). When user tries to open project from PWA -> project center, he gets an error : 'this site has not been shared with you' .

    When I delegated her account, I could open the project in edit mode.   I did a quick check and fount that :

    1. Project is in checked in mode

    2. The project Manager group has sufficient permissions to open and edit the project

    Please help..!!

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    PS 2007

    I've seen where I can display my own tasks in a calendar by browsing to the My Work page in PWA.  Is there a similar view for the entire project in PWA for all tasks?  I haven't found one.


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    What will happen if I remove a existing state of work item (example : remove Committed state in Product Backlog items workflow).  

    Will TFS throw an error while publishing customizations since some PBI's are associated with that state, OR Associated PBI's will fall back to some other state?

    I am using SCRUM template.

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    What is the best configuration if a consultant (in the security group Team Member) gets also, on an occasional basis, a project to manage:
      In all scenarios the consultant is set as Owner of that project.

      Scenario 1:
      - we add the default "My Projects" category to the Team Members security group, and give it the similar category permissions as for the Project Managers security group.
      - HOWEVER: You'd need to assign some extra global permissions (=to ALL team members), which can be unwanted: e.g. as "Log on to Project Server from Project Professional" is a global permission, you would need to give ALL team members the right to login with MS Project .

      Scenario 2:
      - give 2 roles to the consultant: Team Member & Project Manager  (as there is no FULL overlap from Project Manager over Team Member)
      - He gets all"permanent" extra global permissions from a "full PM", which can be too much.

      Scenario 3? (e.g. creating a dedicated security group à la "PM Lite" for this role)

      Thanks for your brainy feedback !

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  • 10/02/15--00:45: User Sync Jobs are damn slow
  • Dear Experts

    I am the admin for Project Server 2010. When ever i modify any existing user in Manager User it triggers below jobs and taking lot of time to completing the job (approx 20 minutes per user). Its impacting other Save and Publish jobs as well

    Above scenario is for single user. If remove / add any user from the Groups (10 users in the group) it triggers 10 * 4 = 40 jobs.Its impacting the performance on manage queue jobs

    Please make a note that jobs never fails only issue with taking lot time than expected.

    Any Idea how to resolve this?



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    Dear community

    I need aid to solve one issue. Where I can enable monitoring how many users access my EPM Infrastructure?

    Project Server and SharePoint Server and SQL Server.

    Specifically users that access from of PWA

    Thanks a lot.


    Gorki P. Pinheiro

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  • 01/31/14--00:59: Backlink Nasıl alınır?
  • Merhaba arkadaşlar, çok uğraştım fakat bir sonuca ulaşamadım. yaklaşık 2 gündür araştırıyorum ama hep saçma sapan sitelerden gereksiz yorumlar görüyorum. Biz kurumsal bir şirketiz ve web sitemize pagerank puanı yüksek sitelerden backlink almak istiyoruzi ama nasıl yapabileceğimizi bilmiyoruz. Bu konuda yardımcı olabilecek kimse var mı acaba? Web sitemizin adresi yardımlarınızı bekliyorum.

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    do I need to expect issues if we install a Project Server 2013 and some users have Project 2010 some others Project 2013 working on the same file?



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    Hello all

    I posted a question on Powerquery forum. would one of you already dealt with such issue. please reply on the powerQuery post.


    Jérome Charlon - Senior Project Server Architect - MCP-MCTS

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    I upgraded my system to windows 10 from windows 7 Professional recently,

    When I installed my Primavera P6 standalone version using oracle XE database the program goes directly to Microsoft SQL as a database server in-spite that I have Oracle XE installed on my PC, the problem I never face with windows 7.

    Anyone could help??

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